My Covered Wagon

My Covered Wagon

Fanciful thinking sets the mind a conscious to creativity. 

Instead of wind turbines sticking up in the air, how about pipes that gather the wind and vortex it down, and create a bernouli, and spin the turbine out of bird’s harm’s way. Instead of selling brand new super efficient air conditioners, how about buring the houses up to the windows and covering them with three feet of earth and no air conditioner. Instead of war and violence, maybe we should think about love thy neighbor as a most important rule in a crowded planet.

 Instead of Earth, how about a migration to Mars, and planet making. To heck with nation making. Survival of the fittest is out there. Around my neigborhoods it has always been survival of the cooperative. Survival of the fittest is a family values destroyer. It is un-American and evil. The last person out at Donner’s Pass was the survivor and none too fit.

When I moved from Massachusetts to California, I reaffirmed how large America was, yet I saw so much more evidence of expansion than on other trips years passed. It is all homogenized white bread spread suburbian hegemony from coast to coast. America has entered the Hegemonious Sanctimonium. When Rome entered that, it fast began to crumble. Today’s world things move faster than Rome, so if crumble happens, it’s coming with supersonic speed. There was a wierd time movie not too long ago. As the time shifts got further and further out of hand from a butterfly effect cause, they rippled around the earth with a ferocity instantly altering all DNA to a potential future evolution. The movie artists had some pretty wierd things come out of the dark. Hegemonious Sanctimonium comes when the very process of national self identity begins to believe itself to be a version of God. Kipling coined the term “White Man’s Burden.” The Chinese have had multiple cultural time frames of Hegemonious Sanctimonium (HS), the latest being Mao and the Cultural Revolution. HS is the projection of the national ego in a way that insists HS is the cultural reality, which maintains a self inflated and self important hegemoniuos normative experience of culture.

It is sad to think that some humans believe the answer is to confine and control other people for a so called stable end product. It is the very instability and wrecklessness of humans that makes a fit individual. Yes, some people get crushed, emotionally, physically, nutrively, and have sucky circumstances. I believe we can collectively take their care in hand rather than blow each other apart with bombs and uranium bullets.


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