The Evil Twins

In the cultural stories of my upbringing, is the story of First Mother who falls to the back of a turtle and is given a world by the creatures of it. First Mother gives birth to twins, one good and one evil. If I open the lodge door to sing this tale the words will consume your modern time so I will save my adorations for another time. The evil twin’s job was to make the tares and thorns of this world while the good twin made the flowers and fruits. Both created, both made healing medicines, things of value, thus the story blends between what is good and what is evil by characterizing that both are really unified in the whole.

 Two Gentlemen, T. Ravenscroft, and T. Wallace-Murphy have written a book called “The Mark of The Beast.” The Two Gentlemen have written of :

 “Lucifer and Ahriman, the names they bore in ancient Persia[Iran] where the twofold face of evil was first perceived.  This is also in agreement with the pictoral wisdom of the Revelation: the seven headed, ten-horned beast is the Luciferic power; the two-horned beast, the Ahrimanic. And from this pictoral detail in the Revelation we learn that the Luciferic danger threatens us inwardly from the sea of emotions, that is the beast who comes out of the ocean; the Ahrimanic danger threatens us from the environment of earthly life, the beast that arises from dry land. The relationship then is this: the temptation of the hot Luciferic demonry assails man in his inward personal life, whereas the cold Ahrimanic corruption operates more in the form of a social evil in the impersonal relationships of civilization. (pg. 33 Weiser Books 1990)

I haven’t flown for a long time. What I am hearing occasionally is how impersonal and harsh the airport experience can be. I measure the value of my human experience in the exchanges between us like what is happening in airport sercurity. A cold and impersonal airport is a preflight deterrent to someone like myself, who was brought up to be personal and gregariously loving, in touch with the Mother. I think that might classify me as being on the wrong team.

The inward assault I know about. I have done the steps. I have walked the paths, made the sacrifices, earned my years. The inward assault is being purposefully orchestrated through the fear mechanism. Doesn’t Dr. Dyer have a presentation where he uses a story about death going by and a witness asks, “Where are you going?” Death answers down in the Valley, the Valley so low, I’m gonna knock over a bunch of Seven Elevens and kill 5000. On the way back, the witness asks again. Death, you said you were only going to kill 5000 and 50,000 are dead.  Death said I didn’t kill them, Fear did. As a result of this story, I like to root out or manage fear whenever I can.

For Profit Colonization of Consciousness

When I worked for Prudential selling life insurance, I quickly became aware as I was being instructed, the selling depended on making the client believe in the life/death insurance method of wealth accumulation. Once the client was tagged with penetration and belief, we really didn’t have to worry if the competition was getting a client because a few years later when the client was tired of the other company, or had lost the insurance through nonpayment, they would be back to us stimulating our most profitable return, the new policy. Our efforts were always with a new policy, especially if we could re-write with newer terms. The process was one of colonizing the mind of the client into believing that owning a piece of the rock extended their control of life’s functions for their loved ones after the primary’s death. Many modern day male American dream of controlling their wealth after they are dead. The attitude arises that a principle party is more intelligent and knows better how their worth can be used later when they don’t need it than just leaving it to their survivors. Sales of life insurance relies heavily on the ego personality of the client. Once I could colonize the thinking of the client, I could come back for a review every year and I was seen as a benefactor of future needs. The purchase of a life insurance policy seems to add security emotions to the client at the time of closing. At all times I believed I worked on the edge between the good twin and the bad twin. On the good side was the support to families the insurance brings at a critical time of transition, on the other hand, if the silly people would simply start wealth accumulation in a purposeful way, they would have more than any insurance company can deliver. The facility of an insurance company allows for someone else to discipline you. Truth is the foil for evil. If you know the Iroquois legend of the twins, your mind and mind are now one.

Creating demand with life insurance is different than colonizing with fear as in the aftermath of 9-11. What is being revealed through the use of fear based national management is the bankruptcy of leadership current in the world. As some cast about Peak Oil, perhaps we have also reached Peak Human Creativity. Perhaps our efforts to colonize the mind of the other has done nothing more than erase the needed pool of knowledge and experience that could give us the tools to deal with over population in an intelligent manner. Who cares about intelligent solutions when there is profit in destruction? The rise in depression is an indication of submission to negativity, fueled by sterile uncontrolled consumption of useless plastic junk, and no meaningful answers to the oil dependency culture. “Luciferic danger threatens us inwardly from the sea of emotions.” Covering our fear emotion with trivial consumption and without a national image to draw us forward into a positive self expectancy, we are easily manipulated through fear and this force of the Evil Twin. Our ego’s role in this is to consider rational explanations to diffuse the fear and allow us to stand in the place where we’re at. The colonization aims to capture the rational ego, or Middle Self. If the low self is allowed to continue to run the whole of the body material from the colonized possession of the Middle Self, there is no escape from the prison of colonialization and its pharmaseutical chemical relief. You may fear the talking head, but if you face your fear, you can pull back the curtain. The monster’s not so big.

 The Iroquois, the Persians, Egyptians, Mayans, everyone had stories about good and evil, and most of it all is pretty easy to figure out what is good and what is evil, to make a personal choice to resist the incoming efforts at mind colonization is actually what our Divinity seeks from us. Our participation in this soup of particles and waves, has always been predicated on our Divinity and our practice of well being in our communities. Regardless of how you believe, there is always a Higher Power than humanity, just ask any scientist if Global Warming is a Higher Power. It certainly is a Higher Bargain than what we sought. I like to have a globe in hand to demonstrate this concept, the depth of the atmosphere on the planet is less than the ink depicting the geometry of the globe. It’s like having a barrel of water that you expect to last your lifetime, and you keep urinating in the barrel, dumping your trash in there, and converting the water to acids and poisons. Humans are easily fooled, our minds easily colonized, I keep driving even though I know the seemingly invisible air is fast becoming something I can’t breathe successfully.

“Ahrimanic danger threatens us from the environment of earthly life, the beast that arises from dry land.” And we are trapped here. In the dust of the Earthly life, we are trapped between our impulse to be and do good, and the lazy and destructive path of exploitation and environmental rape. A good example of this is our Bible based society, holding up the black covered books, thumping on righteousness and their form of moral code, and within that book it specifically states that to take care of the Lord’s world, a field must be fallowed every seven years. About two Christian professing farmers I have  met fallow any land anywhere. The ego in this regard has attached itself to the evil arising out of dry land. The greed of profit, of sucking wealth unpaid for from the Mother Earth, creates a deficit which creates a negative karma, and chaos always fills such inbalance with first a pulse of extreme, then a slowing of wave pulses until the principle events disturbing the norm are counteracted. And so the rising of Ahrimanian evil is witnessed in the greed to rip the Earth to desert. It is, the evil arising, and self perpetuating vice of the Evil Twin manifested in  two faces Janus style. Removed from the Earth, the brokerage houses that treat food as just another industrial product, are passing on depleated nutrition knowingly. Any chemical contamination is seen merely as future profits for the pharmaseutical/medical complex as cancers and immune diseases. The greed factor introduces psychic thorns supported by the Evil Twin through the two faces of evil depicted above.

We cannot ignore evil. Somebody blew up the Twin Towers of New York. Given the nature of the situation, it would almost be adequate to name the Towers Lucifer and Ahriman, except that a third building was also blown up. The third building clearly did not result in blowing up because of the jets crashing into it. Therefore we could dismiss the third building, except it is the big question mark in the reasons behind the destruction. Who, really, is behind the whole mess matters little for this discussion. I was returning to work about 75 miles north of New York City, after an idillic and romantic long weekend, to be greeted at my coffee stop with the image of the first tower smoldering. Just after punching in I got a call from a housemate that the second tower had been hit. Whoever did it was under the influence of the Dark Lord. Many such deeds are done by first convincing the perp” of a greater good to come from an act of evil. Don’t believe it. Propagation yeilds tomatoes from tomatoes, there is no genetic modification to transform evil into good, that’s why the Persians, The Iroquois, and every culture I know says you must act toward the good directly. There is no evil that leads to good. The statement “something good will come of this” refers to the patterns of chaos and how they tend to support the good act for the development of the whole, only because the Life Force opens the door to good.

The stories are to alert us to our own nature. Good and evil penetrate deep in the psyche where Lucifer and Ahriman take up residence. Our imaginative facilities enable our image making capacity to personalize what the words mean in thought pictures. The more we fear, the more those who consciously use Ahrimanian and Luciferic attacks on our ego, hope to control the Low Self in a direct colonization of the mind. The only way to avoid this is to do that pollyanna thing, face to the good and get walking. When I can struggle out of the pit of my depressive negative influences from the evil of the Twin, I no longer have to struggle and I see the Good Twin automatically. Therein lies the root of the concept that good will arise from evil. It won’t arise from evil until we recognise the evil we hold and let it go. We have to turn toward the Good Twin and his open arms of Love. We have to rise up from the evil in us and create, not destroy. Creation adds to our experience, destruction takes something beneficial away. It is winter, all the people need to come into the longhouse. May our minds be one.

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