New Yorkers and Railroads

James Howard Kunstler is an interesting figure. In some of the last few blogs of his I have read, he mentions spending on railroads. I don’t get it. He ought to watch the History Channel that way he would know that once a week a big old “produce train” rolls into Schenectady NY, just south of his stomping grounds. He would know that old Union Pacific 844, the last steam engine running, needs to be stopped and greased every 100 miles with 14 pounds of grease. The objective reality is that the trains are running and they are the most efficient trains to date. You might consider your viewpoints that there is a more efficient way to do things, if there were, wouldn’t “costs” have directed it so such as with railroads? The big fat point is that we don’t have the investment capital, and especially we are a people of no vision driven from atop by investor class choices.

I can excuse him though. He lives in New York with all those fluffy smarty pants investment people buying his books. Bernie Madoff with Cash carry so the TARP could be pulled over Rubin. Anyone else smell a scapegoat? When the media dazzles, search the back pages. What do you think it implies that there are no more investment banks? Somebody believes there is no more need for investment. Is this insider information? An aquaitance mentioned he was “wierded out” by the Armegeddon Week this week on the History Channel. I’m weired out that I can be shut down, forced out of business, chased for back taxes, charged ursurous interest on loans that were being paid above minimum until the Cash got Carried.

I’m beginning to believe the “Illuminati” conspiracy. Government under Clinton caused these problems by dropping the regulations put in place after the last Great Depression to avoid such things. Immediately the private money machine encouraged the excesses with deep subliminals and concentrated advertising designed to penetrate beyond your defenses. Against such powerful mind control, you are not completely at fault. I sood next to a mortgage broker and my Hispanic laborer when the broker told him, “breathe on a mirror, no income verification.” Once that happened, I couldn’t keep my laborer, he was suddenly much more important than working with a small time contractor who wouldn’t buy a house so close to the peak of the market. Only the foolish and greedy ignored the signs. Now the government will rewrite the bad loans, people will be locked out of improvements, construction of the private sector will die and only government sponsored companies will exist. I’m probably all done anyway. At 61 the probability of building a business to retire on, especially construction, is knocking up against the acutary tables. And to think I was on a curve that would have made $10 million in 10 years before the whole thing took a dive in December of 2006.

Railroads? California approved a high speed rail between Sacramento, SF and LA.

Have you ever felled a tree? There is a point when the hinge section of the directional cut goes crack. The tree starts down very slowly at first. Industrial civilization has cracked and I just want to find a place outside of the footprint of the fall. I usually felt a joyous success when I could cut through the hinge just when the tree was ready to snap it off anyway. The tree really lurches down once the butt hits the ground while it’s in motion. A hung tree part way fallen is called a widow maker. Checking the news I see some widow maker incidents happening today.


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