Ahriman Conspiracy — Escaping Overconsumption

Cosmic CookieI lent my copy of “The Secret” to a friend. In the mean time I can refer myself to the numerous websites I am aware of where that basic information keys to the workings of “The Secret” are stored. This afternoon I went back and viewed “Thunderbolts of the Gods,” searchable on Google Video, to reconnect with concepts I am presenting here. I am also pulling back out the Luciferi Tales and as the title indicates, something knowable as the Ahriman Conspiracy. This is not one of those unproven theories, quite the contrary, the named substance of Ahriman and the conspiracy have existed in open knowledge for thousands of years. I had planned a quote from Herr Rudolf Steiner, to indicate it was still discussed between the two World Wars, but that book in its thinness has slipped about somewhere. I will be consciously avoiding Albert Pike type make up degrees for Scottish Lodge inculcation, for the internet is awash in Luciferian Conspiracy. I cannot free myself from my subconscious inculcation without illumination of an inner flaw of my world model. For personal cosmology I believe in and have experienced the elctromagnetic universe.

My base reference comes from “The Mark of the Beast — The Continuing Story of The Spear of Destiny,” Ravenscroft and Wallace-Murphy; Weiser Books, Boston 1990.

Biblical text Revelation describes two faces of evil. Ravenscroft and Wallace-Murphy build off of that with ancient Persian writings of Lucifer and Ahriman, the older versions of the two faces of evil. They claim

“that the Luciferic danger threatens us inwardly from the sea of emotions, as the beast who comes out of the ocean; the Ahrimanic danger threatens us from the environment of earthly life, the beast that arises from dry land. p33 “‘The Spear’.”

“The Spear” further presents us with a guide to know how these forces will affect us with their evils:

“The temptation of the hot Luciferic demonry assails man in his inward personal life, whereas the cold Ahrimanic corruption operates more in the form of a social evil in the impersonal relationships of civilization. pg 33 Ibid”

My opinion is that when a society as a hegemonic code, adopts universal innoculation as a way to raise profits for one class, a class that condones pollution of innoculants as a sloppy way to further increase profits, the Beast of Dry Land has arisen. Consumerism was the last form of Ahrimanic dirt lust. We ever consumed the planetary dry earth in the form of do-dads, shamwho-s, and spot suckers, all looking for the dry land golden jingle of real coin and paper money. So entranced we have been, that to merely suggest the property has lost value has billions of people roaming the earth like junkies without their fix. Understanding the electric universe, as is depicted in the movie ‘Thunderbolts of the Gods,” depends on observing the way plasmic electricity winds two cords together to move charge. The full package of Evil has two faces, two serpents, two dragons, and works on us in two ways. The deeper we get into the Ahrimanic Conspiracy, the deeper our lust for trinkets of the dry earth, the sooner we forget the Unity Factor expressed in the wet earth production we know as our daily bread. There was a place I went to recently where I heard, “having come to a Spiritual Awakening… .” Spiritual Awakening is seeing the inner place of my own weaknesses against the two faces of evil. One face wants to tell me egowise that I am brilliant, intelligent, beyond compare, at the same time that force is pumping me up it is done through a mirror of fear that I am not those things, I am pretentious; fluffed. That is the Luciferian force. Herr Steiner says it pulls us up away from ourselves to achieve, to reach for cosmic understanding, as long as we can handle the fear of the plasmic feelings that pull up out of us, I’m sure it can. Having had a Spiritual Awakening is a process of seeing the fear. When I realized there were two faces of evil, and one was still there in the Black Hole, I knew I would have to own it with the aspirations toward Light.

The Ahrimanic force eats seed by corruption and rot. Only the most enduring seeds can stay in the soil through a prolonged drought. Its coating will be corrupted or encouraged to sprout will whither and die. To enjoy the whole of a Spiritual life, I found it necessary to study this force that would rule me in comfort of couch potato heaven, not having to be concerned with the way my trinketism was affecting the cosmography. At that moment, the fear became apparent that the Luciferian Conspiracy had called me out of my acorn to grow into oak, left me in a rocky cravasse, and now I had to deal with seeking proper nutrition for my roots. I had to deal with the Ahriman Conspiracy.

“Ahrimanic powers step in to persuade man that there is only one reality–the reality of the sense world out of which the whole universe can be explained in scientific terms. pg 34 Ibid”

“Thunderbolts of the Gods,” scientifically blends mythology with electromagnetic plasmic science to create a sensible and wisdom orientated cosmology to fill the failing nuclear cosmology currently slipping off the proving board. At about the same place in the flow of the movie, the discussion mirrors “The Spear,” in that “The Spear” tells us the nuclear explosions were the new capping of a Luciferic Dynasty, and “Thunderbolts” tells us it was a capping of the nuclear scientists. In the roping aspect of plasmic discharge, the twisting of pairs, we know that if there is and as it should be by all ancient cosmology, two faces of evil, we know that as the Luciferian attempts to be the Dominant Face, it cannot escape Ahrimanic equanimity. Our ego lust, ye Americans, of being the holders of Luciferic Power, are rooted in our fears and our economic bubbles are Ahrimanic Power torturing us for only believing in the duality. We live deeply in the materialism, even to the affect that we demand effect from our Spiritual Pleasure and Self Righteousness. I have read authors of Buddhism who call this “Spiritual Materialism,” but know it as a different view as the effect of ignoring the Ahriman Conspiracy. “The Spear” innumerates the Ahriman consequences thus:

“The Revelation clearly reveals that the Ahrimanic powers will hypnotize mankind into accepting the phenomenal world as the whole world, creating the illusion of materialism. Under such an illusion the conscience of men can be undermined leading to a state of moral degeneration in which human life is so undervalued that man himself becomes totally subservient to the ideology that rules him. In this milieu the ideologies of both left and right {Democrat-Repuiblican} will develop until the State has total control not only over the individual but also over the way in which he thinks {television?}. This amoral condition insidiously created by Ahriman leaves mankind totally vulnerable to the Luciferic powers awaiting humanity as their prey. This is why the Revelation informs us that the second beast does not itself come fully into sight but remains in the background in order to betray mankind to the first beast. It does not take much imagination to see that this is the condition in which humanity finds itself today.  pg 35, ‘The Spear”

Do you see how the power of materialism is being worked out at the “highest” levels of our society? Right now in Greece, a group of materially rich executives and owners,  The Bildeberg Group, are mapping out our future like we were pure dumb beasts. We have allowed them that privilege by being pure dumb beasts, clinging to the materialistic dreams someone else thought up for us in an advertising agency in Bonn or Manhatten. Leonard Cohen says, “First we take Manhatten, then we take Berlin.” He is talking about the fashion industry. How many slaves to the Land of Dry Cloth do you know?  Get on board the Trump Card, take a bath in The Secret, and get the wealth you want, easy. Before you can live the chosen life, you have to watch babies die on television and not be affected by the Darth Vector. I don’t know about you, but my cosmology of good as a way forward has definately been scrambled by the modern day materiality cults. Sure, you can use The Secret to get what you want from other areas of life, like a good parking place, the lover you want, the dog food your dog wants, once you become dog telepathic and can whisper to them. It’s about getting, all of it, and fast becomes a credit card challenge. No problem, just see those bills as paid off, besides, inflation is in the works, that part of the paper money agreement which states you don’t need to be worried about your physical connection to metabolic life, you can leave your dinner to the Ahriman Boys who produce off dry land, Poof! Ahriman is where we go to find the blood rituals. Lucifer is where we go when we burn people or let their blood on the tables of ritual sacrification. The sacrifice of blood spills on the dry land. Lucifer is the fear of swine flu, Ahriman is not noticing they classified us as swine. Psychology is the science where the elite use a system of conditions and phrasiology to activate your twin faces of evil: desire of the things of dry earth, social stability, protection from harm, survival of the least fit, a great big screen and a willful enslavement; and your fears of death by disease, war, crime in the streets, a bullet with your name on it, flu for swine and birds made especially for you;  so that they, the elite, can perceive that they have conquered their very similar sets of evil. In self perception the elite feel the right to rule under the hegemonic paradigm of their two faces of evil. What makes an elite different from a regular person is the intensity of hate and self hate they bring to ruling you, by making their pain your pain so that they can believe they are elite just in their power to do that. I came to a Spiritual Awakening, that to the elite, I’m simply a place for them to project their self loathing with their marriage to the faces of evil that manifests itself in their power orgy to fill the coffers of blood soaked dreams and wretched body murder.  The larger and more powerful they system, the more blood and wretchedness the people endure, be it the Americana Genocide, the Armenian Genocide, the eastern European Jewish Genocide, the Soviet Genocide, the Chinese Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, Los Angeles and Chicago, the stronger the hand of the elite on the Ahriman power, the more the march to the Luciferic power. The true conspiracy is Ahriman, because we will not prove it so. By pointing at only one face of the evil, we allow the shadow to hide what Ravenscroft and Wallace-Murphy tells us wants to be hidden, Ahriman. Ahriman is our connection to the industrial process. The industrial process designs your fears for you. It gives you a guide on avoiding fears by giving up your soul at the crossroads.

Some think Luciferic power is represented by the sun and photosynthesis. The Christian churches accuse Lucifer of being the Diablos and Satan, two similar concepts of a dual face based on the same roots. I listened to a tape set published at Nightengale-Conant where a Rabbi said Satan was “confusion.” Confusion exists across the weak science of climatology, a science that can’t get out of the way of its own rainstorms. And by the way, the elite are using your emotions of fear–their Luciferic knowledge of you–for quick fix schemes of global wheather change. Global weather changes all the time, especially way back, way back and way back. We little understand what and how the material earth works, so we are going to approach it from the dual face of evil; scare the people and profit hansomely.  Either way a new crisis can be manufactured to profit again. It’s called leveraging.  The Christian churches were used to leverage President Bush into office. About now some of the devotees of Bushdom have lost their belief. Those that take from the poor and middle class and give to the rich are using the dual faces of evil to keep you pinned down. Funny thing is, once I had a Spiritual Awakening, I found The Secret was in knowing it was my own culpability I must wrestle with. If I cannot be tempted by the dry earth, nor made fearful by the emotional power over me, I find a new dual pillar also running alongside the two faces of evil.  Part of the trickery of the dual faces of evil is in branding women as the evil face. Since both biological modals man and woman, contain the dual faces of evil, and the dual faces of good, we begin to go into an area I call Performative Individuality (c).  It is the Ahriman power that insists on the costume of the day for a certain modality. Gender and sexuality are both performed by and performed upon the individual. Inculcation is what Leonard Cohen was attacking in his quote I used above. The Socialist State is like a 1980’s Janet Jackson music video–perhaps it was precognitive or encoded messaging–where all the dancers were in uniform and lock step perfection behind the elite Janet showing them how it was done. Am I correct in thinking that it was her “immoral” display at a football Super Bowl of a pertial breast flesh? All this fits nicely with the hegemony of Ahriman power. Why don’t we stir up Chicago a bit by suggesting that all those catholic School uniforms and repressive laws against weapons may have a correlation to the high numbers of student deaths the city is now experiencing. Perhaps what Chicago needs is Grandmothers with Shotguns Against Thugs. Can we call this weaving a thread of good in with a thread of evil? Is “Thou shalt not kill” a cardinal aspect of the cosmos? When I got to languish in the suburbs of Chicago the saying was you can never get a cop when you need one, and too many when you don’t want them. Law Enfocement is not Legal Protection, nor is it Citizen Protection. In today’s world of material Ahriman power, the corporate prison/metropolitan complex needs its workers, too. You can see that prototype in at least one Schwarzenegger movie. Photosynthesis is the power of Hunab Ku, the central power of the Universe that pushes through the Sun. View the totality of the hour long “Thunderbolts of the Gods,” to begin your understanding of this Mayan concept of cosmology. The Sun is a focal point of incoming energy, not an industrial furnace that will eventually burn out. Modern scientists are making half measure guesses to the true nature of things based on a window if viewing no longer than 100 years at a time. That’s why it is so hard for us to consider something like oil depletion and must try to deal with it as “global carbon,” even though the scientific window on that is only about 50 years of contemplation. “Pauly, we don’t know shit! What are all these coffee cups?” Power junky, oil junky, heroin junky, the three main economic forces of our time, are the triplicate of junky denial.

Dazed believers in the “Yes We Can,” mantra, are now wondering where their houses are going while the Financiers ride off into the sunset. What? Did you think there was another plan?  I believe it is pretty simple actually. There are so many people about to wake up to the fact that the dual faces of evil are being consciously used against them by another group of humans who have happened to learn a few tricks about money and psychology, as a power over them; an irrational power over, based on the elite’s very same and similar fear of being just another Bozo on the bus. Can you imagine having to feel special like a Bildeberger and sitting next to Tex the Bull Rider at a Holiday Inn, or GI Joe the homeless veteren down at Dunkins? At such times as these, leaders get executed, intellectuals get rounded up, executed, used, abused, brains rewashed, union leaders are corrupted or disappeared, speakers of truth are suicided in the back of the head at their typerwriters– under conditions of war–war not having to be so terrible anymore because the Spectacle itself has become terrible on the small scale and we can use our technobots for the sacrifices. And we have all sorts of Luciferian wars to scare your emotions to half death; easy prey for Swine flu or their contaminated vaccines. Having problems being awake? Take your seritonin uptake prohibitor, you’ll forget the faces of evil.

“You can take the red pill or the blue pill,” Morpheus offers Neo in “The Matrix.”

Never does the question arise as to what happens if you take both. Besides, I think that must be marijuana, a big natural no-no. Of course! Not industrialized, nor very domesticatable.

I read on the internet that Daniel Estulin has stated the Bildeberg Group is deciding if the US recession will be short and brutal, or long and drawn out. The hidden face of evil works through them exactly as it works through me. If I can be wrong about something, they can, too. What happens if it turns out they really can’t shut the reactor off in time and we get a short and brutal recession, with a very long depression following as another writer predicts; James Howard Kunstler’s “Long Emergency.” Or did I confuse titles there.  In the position of the incidence of both as happening, it is truly the dual faces of evil we must see. Allowing the Ahriman Conspiracy to remain in the dark is not an option. The dual face of good is the Mother-Father, the En Sof of unrealized potentiality; Elohim. Performative Individuality allows us to be in the Creation like a deck of cards, where the pack is within and outside of us, as if we are all Sufi. A flowing river of good and evil approach us every day. We MUST know the faces for our own stability, and until we can achieve stability, we will still be searching for the true path of Light when in factual, we are always Light to begin with. Light thou art, and to Light thou shalt return. We are the electromagnetic expression of a plasmic anomaly known as human. The differences we cling to between us are the illusions of faces on a card deck. The holograph of our plasmic expression, with its fixed and mutable world models is only controllable from our consciousness in the NOW. “The Secret” cannot work toward a material face of evil because we are all graced with the second pair of twists (at least!). The Mother-Father influence of good awaits our truth of “The Secret,” that balanced acceptance of our guided path is the real attractor factor, and not some lustful imaginings of satisfaction by means of emotional freedom from fear in accepting the material benefits of fiat money.  To discharge the fears we need rituals, to instill evil we need rituals. Rituals of fear are being worked against us for someone else’s benefit. To free yourself from slavery you must first accept you are a being free to make the free choice toward the faces of good. Since the only model you can have is your very own, no matter how many others attempt to inculcate your consciousness, you must make the final choice in your model about what good you demonstrate and what evil you demonstrate. You and I either do that with consciousness, or our subconsciousness absorbs it into a vacumn and the results work out between the subconscious and the Mother-Father, perhaps and also maybe with the two faces of evil.  The wonderful part of choosing to do good NOW is that there is no guilt or self doubt in the demonstration, it leaves peacefully behind on the tracks it’s own ripple. While evil carries forth a conscious or subconscious guilt and doubt, Satan to my Kabballah Rabbi on the tape set,  the good travel lightly to the scales of judgement.

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