Sticks and Stones, Bones and Names,

Good Afternoon,

I finished reading this article a short time ago:

Author and former police detective Mike Rupert in “Crossing The Rubicon,” tells us Al Qaida was an American invention (and others tell us so, too). The Guardian author Cohen, goes on to write: “The promise of an attack on the liberal values of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience produced a united front.” Is he admitting he is willing to let go of his rights? He’s telling us openly it is a promise to wreck freedom. Is this a back door admission that the people who pay him to write articles are in favor of removing our rights? The British arrogance knows no bounds. Does such a coalition of “people who would never have worked together in the past, and who indeed killed each other in the past – are fusing ideas and creating a new ideology,” portend something sinister? Obvoiously it does to his handlers. Maybe it is called humans growing up and Von Brunn is a growing pain. It’s an American issue, butt out Brit!  Besides, even Obama says we must forge new coalitions and work in a non-partisan way together to solve our problem, which is globalism versus localism, or agri-Culture versus industrial kulture. The problem is over 200 years old. The modus operendi has always been divide and conquer so I can see how British hegemony must be threatened by a new coalition. America is a coalition, complete with all the necessary growing pains like Korean businessmen standing armed in their businesses and homes during the latter day Los Angeles riots. Cheery Oh! Second Amendment saved the day.

Author Nick Cohen, then demonizes “nutty geeks with wild eyes, who constantly film public meetings, in the hope that a member of the establishment will admit to being part of a global conspiracy in an unguarded moment.” I admire the young people who are searching for truth amidst the deniers of free speech and a free conscience to practice responsibility as voiced by Russell Means. If the establishment  have nothing up their sleeves, why don’t the members of “the establishment” speak with those brave young people? How often do we hear that it is okay for us to loose our right to be secure in our papers and dealings from unreasonable search and seizure if we have nothing to hide? Okay, Mr. Establishment Nick, if the members of the establishment have nothing to hide, let them grant the interviews and let’s be done with it. Open the Fed’s books if there is nothing to hide. Show us the birth certificate if there is nothing to hide. Show us the torture pictures if there is nothing to hide. What is the “establishment” afraid of?

Cohen, is this another Jewish name revealing a dominance of New World Order Zionism in MSM? Cohen then quotes David Aaronovitch (is that yet ANOTHER Jewish name?) who writes the coalition is “anti-globalisation, broadly anti-modernist and anti-imperialist – with imperialism being inevitably and solely associated with American power.” Of course it is, and should be, Americas are colonial nations built on the genocide of Indigenous people, still going on to this day under the hegemony of Modernity (see reports on Peru and Amazonian Indians).

I would point out that Modernity died with the 20th Century Postmodernity, broadly. Forests of neatly planted rows are more vulnerable to disease than diverse naturally selected tracts. Imperialism is the American Way, as the Mayans had their pochteca, our armies bring home “the grease” that makes the bacon that now Mom and Dad have to bring home. Searching H. Kissenger quotes (is this yet ANOTHER Jewish name?), reveals how Imperialism worked to force Freidmania in economics into countries around the world. It was the only way to make the economic theory workable; kill the locals, steal and devalue. They called it the Chicago School. And biggest of all, especially with the Chinese refusing to buckle under the foot of Carbon demonry, I hereby declare Globalism dead! Excess shipping containers make good houses, and when buried California style, make good year round grow houses for your tomatoes. Growing tomatos is pro-life. What the Aaronovitch paragraph suggests is to be anti-those-things (the antis) is to be anti-American, and that in a British news source is a quandry all on it’s own. Cohen is as guilty of misperception as Von Brunn. What would a Brit really know about anti-Americanism, unless we factor in 1776! In case you’re wondering what I might know about it, let’s go to Saratoga NY where I can find my family name and my ancestor on the “anti” British role call, a member of a well organized militia, not to mention a family line that goes much further back in the surrounding New York and Vermont hills.

We shall witness the death throws of this culture imploding in its finality of electronic blips and recorded paper ownerships. God owns the planet and all that dwell therein.

 What Cohen mentions as a Freedom of Conscience is unusual. In the United States Bill of Rights, something I don’t expect Cohen to know from his English perspective, there is not mention of a Freedom of Conscience. What could that be? Is Cohen talking about the Freedom of Conscience the Wall Street rip off artists seem to demand with their bailout checks? Is he talking about Freedom to Ignore the plight of the poor? Is he telling us we don’t have a Freedom of Conscience because some Von Brunn whack job shot someone? What about Basra? Do we have Freedom of Conscience because Britian maimed and killed a whole city to protect it from its home growing political party that was “unconscienceable?” Baa, Baa, British Sheep, you have plenty of black wool, sleep the deep sleep and kill William Wallace all over again! Perhaps I shall include in the Nineth Amendment Freedom of Conscience as a Right of the People not mentioned in the Constitution, and just because it is NOT innumerated in the Constitution does not mean it is not a right of the people or the states, so now I can exercise my conscience and vote for slave and American Indian reparations. To be fair, some of the slave money must be apportioned to the Southwest American Indians because of the complicity of the Buffalo Soldiers. We have made one race of people with basic degrees of tan into quite a mess of misunderstanding. Wow! McChandless intellectualism, the antithesis of Rosa Parks.

I think I have a fair, religiously approved, domestically beneficial solution of the ages; Jubilee! Scrub the slate clean. let those who can earn their way to the top do it again. I’ve heard all the “Secret” stories about the “Millionaire Mindset.” The sons and daughters of the original carbon products families seem to degenerate into “Tommy Skakel.” Without their grandparents classism they are easy to compete with on the “level playing field.” They’ve got a lot to hide and work at it very hard.

From an article written by author … Jack Batten (most likely), Timothy Dumas, or Mark Fuhrman (see the website, you tell me) comes the kind of inbreed truth of a fearful elite who see themselves as a separate race, “A family friend, speaking against the notion that Tommy or a brother might have committed the murder, said, “The reason the Skakels couldn’t have killed the girl is that they’re too stupid to get away with it.”” (
I know from whence this comes. I am a transgender child product of Eugenic actions. My mother went to college with Tommy’s aunt. I lived in Southwestern CT at the time of the Martha Moxley murder and know the area very well. Since my mother suspected something was up with her Eugenics viewpoint and the actions of her elder child, my high IQ (higher than Von Brunn’s), and “behavioral problems,” according to public school judgements–mostly my questioning beyond the box and rejection of abuse–early on I was taken out of the private schools and sent to the public offering. For sure Weston Ct and Westport CT schools were seen as an almost equal alternative schooling to private as the whole area was being run by Globalist CFR managers. My first girlfriend Melanie, was the daughter of the artist who designed the UN logo. Come to think of it, I believe she was Jewish, too. Her house would not have been the first place I was invited to Seder. My father, a well decorated WWII pilot (he beat your Pappy’s record GW), used to tell me my model of the world wasn’t the only one. He told one of his stories to point out world view confusion, about how he was mistaken for a Jewish Officer candidate by his Army Air Corps instructor who was Anti-Jewish, until Dad was seen in the local Catholic Church. dad said it was unfair Jews were not allowed to be pilots, only bombadiers. I always thought it a good lesson in just how close the behavior of Catholics and Jews really is. Armed with my father’s martial training and my mother’s intellectual insistence, I would eventually find NLP–Neuro Linguistic Programming– which further stipulated the unique feature of everyone to have their own world model. My world model began an irretrievable descent into postmodernity with Jack Kerouac shortly after my mother died in an alcohol induced car crash. Too bad she wasn’t driving, as she probably should have been. Later my father’s choice for a religious college was a poor one ill fitted to me; it would take me a little over 30 years to go back and “prove” my worthiness with a degree from my state’s university. Free choice based on LOVE allowed for un-Eugenically approved union for me to produce an elder child who’s IQ is higher than mine. The younger faired well and I suspect his slightly lowered performance to teen age rebellion. Perhaps it was a superior ethics which made my family such that none of us would ever consider harming Martha Moxley, especially over petty jealousy. This ethics often placed me at odds with the pampered spawn of Fairfield County. Perhaps my family has Freedom of Conscience to be conscious that our acts have consequences, and that unlike Skakel and Von Brunn, who both exhibit elitism in the execution of death, I have been taught–despite my high IQ– that letting the other live and experience Freedom to Live might bring greater benefit to ourselves in the long run.
The dead make poor customers.

To wrap this Sunday up, Cohen wants us to believe that his salary won’t pay his bills–he is poor– so he can pontificate about “The nice, middle-class organisers of the Oxford Literary Festival [whom] had invited Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon who is – and you are going to have bear with me on this – a former winner of the BBC’s jazz album of the year award. He declared that “Jewish ideology is driving our planet into a catastrophe” and “the Jewish tribal mindset – left, centre and right – sets Jews aside of humanity”, but at least he acknowledges there are Jews with descenting views. What is that line supposed to mean; “you are going to have bear with me on this?” Reads oddly, unless he is trying to make a classist comment. And am I to guess that because a person is an audio learner and good with instruments so as to win awards are “less than” bankers and securities brokers who couldn’t win the company sack race if they tried?

My difficult questions of the day: If there is but One God, then why do we always break down our miscommunications over our world models into religion? Consider how pissed off God may be about us. If there is One Big Bang, it will be when One human accepts the Freedom of Religion, the Freedom to Speak, the Freedoms! Illuminati, illuminate thy Grand Work of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Shirk not from thy path to the Freedoms! Enlighten the humbled masses and raise them up. Suffer the natural adjustment to 500 million people without complicity of murder, maiming, and bio-manipulation. Let go and let God.  Human mind is smart and can see with eyes, hear with ears, and know with Gnosis what is the right path and which is the wrong path. Be with thy brothers and sisters in the circle. Walk the center path. Before One World Government, One People with as many world models, all equal before the Living Universe, the Song of God, diversity.

I’m waiting for Planet X to show up in the sky. No adventure seems greater than seeing a new scene in the sky with the power to flip our planet’s magnetic poles. Whatever the wave coming my way, I’m ready to ride, to fly, like an eagle. Be ready, with Nick Cohen telling you how it is, you better be ready for anything from his sacroscantimonious protection of the establishment’s Freedom of Anti-Conscience. Now shall I rip into Glenn Beck? Do you know what a shill is? Do the shills remember riding the rail, with tar and feathers? Get thee from me Satan!

Robin Marie Ward

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