Gasoline cans on the first floor

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There is an older television fire safety ad which depicts the problem with gasoline in a closed house. Vapors are shown drifting down the basement steps to a water heater flame or spark. Many an early user of gasoline found exactly how this works by loosing their homes. To be safe with gasoline one must put it outside in a sealed container, or at compromise, in a fire proof cabinet in a garage. Many a cigarette burned down a filling station in the past. Other liquids like methanol alcohol usually used as is in race cars of the Indy class, also have explosive and flash tendencies. With methane (natural gas) the volitility actually helps disperse the material before explosion can happen, otherwise the next time somebody lit a cigarette the air might go pop with all the methane in it. If you are going to use a survival generator, be smart about the fuel and the exhaust, both are deadly. A reasonable alternative would be an in house bicycle driven generator that everyone in the house can take a turn at until the clothes are dry, or the dishwasher is finished. Don’t forget to provide air to the bicycler because exhaling carbon dioxide at the rate of pumping a bicycle can cause self asphixiation.

When police persons come to the door, there are certain Constitutional protocol that are to be observed. Police are supposed to give you a rational chance to submit willingly to Warrant (could you come down to the station). Warrants are supposed to be issued solemnly, with motive of criminal indication. Self Defense is an Inalienable Right. In as much as The Right To Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed, Self Defense is naturally assumed. Therefore, strick protocol for search and seizure was Constitutionally written to maintain a lawful society of free people, constable and citizen alike. Don’t put the gasoline in the house. Use proper protocol; is one domain of the Public Safety Departments usually administered by the fire departments. You’re call for help is for lawful officials–even volunteers– to enter your property to potentially save life and it. The protocol of a lawful society says a police person must knock and ask–in some Warranted form– whereby a fire person is assumed to be on a mission of mercy–which they are! A common disfunctional police behavior is to adopt the view of existing on the outside of the community they police. With that kind of disfunction alliances can be bought in many ways. Since fire firghters are on the life and property saving mission, what they say seems pretty important to me (<link to FDNY Union). I would hope this kind of Safety failure would be of interest to the constabulary for investigative purposes. They are talking about hundreds of New York Firefighters sacrificed for a shady contract deal on the purchase of the FDNY radios. And when you think about it, if this video is in You Tube, the gasoline is on the first floor. I’m feeling too old to believe it could work, but I might just do a doctoral thesis on investigating fire fighters deaths for extenuating circumstances of potential prosecution.  Remember to store gasoline in appropriate locked containers if there are children around, and secure the wooden matches, young teens love them to play with.

Nineteen nickles make a hexagram of touching nickles. When the consciousness of a human gets caught in the base chakra, the animal lust gives rise to childhood prostitution. When the consciousness is in the belly, warrish drives of scarcity possess the being. When consciousness begins to touch the stainless consciousness above the crown, one individual at a time comes to the civility of living a life of just and appropriate lawfulness. First though, a person must have been initiated through the heart chakra to all flowing compassion and the exercise of unconditional love. Those that cannot, will not, create through self guided lawfulness with fellows in community, need to be surrounded in non-violence and shackled to the prisons of their own making, a Cultural Revolution of Wisdom Mind. It’s not the pot head children sitting behind bars that are social misfits, it is the contabulary who would let firefighters be sacrificed while chasing down pot head children. Now, if you believe in a shadow government, you might be thinking this is being saved for a future date when to let it out could ruin even other political aspirations. That kind of conspiracy needs true mastery over the throat chakra, because there must be hundreds of lesser minions who participated in the event that if there were any real on the scene journalists working for media that was visible, instead of old hack information peckers like me, who just happens to have been especially motivated by a history professor in the city of St, Paul, Minnesota, United States. Perhaps they are all mind control experiments like the rest of us.

As the unfolding incident in Fort Hood is active, and that the soldier perpetrator was supposed to be a psychiatrist, the unravelling of control over the mind is evident. So many living in the First Chakra, pulling down the Crown Chakra kinds of guardians of mind that psychiatrists are supposed to be. I can understand his having to deal with hundreds of broken souls as a reason not to go to war, but to murder one–God, forgive him; to murder 12–God Damn him, unless by the Holy Blood he be forgiven. I hope the Army uses all issue of protocol at their command, as well as the civil authority, to make sure he has time to repent long into his sorry ass future. There. I just joined my First Chakra with my Crown Chakra–or so I’d like to believe. 8 Swords to guide him, a ring of rememberance to bind him. The bipole duality of violence/nonviolence has been out of balance to the violence side for a very long time now. I implore thee and ask it of God to grant me, to walk forth out the door with peace and love in our heart chakra–where we unite in vibration every day. In the States of United, the people are supposed to be living toward a better governance based on We, The People, the citizen activist seen as the best government agent.

I know why the Governor gets caught with the ladies of the night, when they are stuck in their Second/gut chakra, all day doing what their heart chakra knows is dirty politics, they want to see if they can get the worm of the First chakra clean in youthful yin. Some do boys, some do girls, some do both; I can tell you, nobody goes for the old ones, the illusion of conquering hero also strokes the sword. Keep in mind, you never hear stories about fire fighters getting caught in sex scams or child porno rings. They’re ready to carry your daughters out of a burning building into the subzero night. If the information in the video link above is correct, somebody has atonement coming. Someone, like the hero legend Laquardia, needs to start writing warrants and asking people down to the station. If we can’t back up our fire fighters, we’re in a whole world of flaming trouble, don’t put the gasoline on the first floor.


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