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Codex Alimentarius

Who it was that pulled the economic plug, wants you dead. Who it is who drives the GMO business, wants you dead. The solution the financial elite has come up with is you die, their families live, what’s left of Earth lasts longer and they get to keep their family privileges and whomever is left, you serve. Continue reading

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Hey Mr. Deadman, Congradulations!

Anyone who reads my little old corner of a great big world deserves to check in on this man’s site: If you read my blog a couple back, you understand that I have some viewpoint differences with Mr. Deadman … Continue reading

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Just Sit With It

I was talking to some people, about being hungry, angry, lonely, and tired, which we used the meme HALT! I’ve been hungry, and the more the years, I’ve learned to trust a Higher Power, and just sit with it. As … Continue reading

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What’s Coming is Here

The Main Stream Media is ignoring Goldgate because this is the biggest hiest ever: Just like the movie where Bruce Willis was “saving” the gold, a group of theives didn’t have to blow up the street, they were “Insiders,” as they usually are in big crimes like this. While the traders play with your gold, they cram a 60% transportation increase into your budget. And if the gold wasn’t enough, they want a carbon tax from you, too. Continue reading

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What’s Coming On

In one of my earlier blogs here, there is a quote about how Americans don’t generally believe in an evil force. There is a growing concern with the confusion over the false flag events of late, denials such as Rudy … Continue reading

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Hey Mr. Dead Man, musing; I have to say some things about your point of view

This blog is in direct response to the point of view expressed here:  I thought I would introduce you to a third point of view in the Great Struggle of religions. I hope you are smart enough to know … Continue reading

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What Does Being Awake Mean

     I was having a conversation with my friend Llan a few minutes ago. He gave me a print out of a Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence; The Disclosure Project. Part way down the front page is a reference … Continue reading

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