What Does Being Awake Mean

     I was having a conversation with my friend Llan a few minutes ago. He gave me a print out of a Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence; The Disclosure Project. Part way down the front page is a reference to something called “The Majestic Group.” The “DP”, or Disclosure Project, explains that a shadow government exists.  Llan and I had a further discussion of how Majesty related to another of his favorite extraterrestrial sites www.Zetatalk.com . The producer of that site’s materials claims to have been part of a  group called MJ-12. When I came in this noon to write this piece in planning since I mentioned it back a couple of weeks ago, this social interaction over extraterrestrials helped me with my last hump, that of the opening paragraph. What I was working on for an opening had to do with the material about antiquity I will be providing below. This fits right in because it underlies everything we know, the Shadow Workers have always sought rabbit mounds, have always worked for those who walk in the light of day with pretensions of power. These people are real occupations that have been bastardized, folded, spindled, and mutilated over the last 5000 years. Especially the further from the truth we are. Greedy people steal the metaphors and reframe them for their own use. On the web, the corresponding boogy gov’ is the Illuminati or the Bildebergs. A pyramid is not a metaphor for power over, or as a process of building phony wealth. The Pyramids exist like the Mayan Pyramid of Kulkulcan which shows precise shadows on the Solstice. They are ancient clock pieces. This is confirmed by the Masonic watchmakers who always put their minute and hour hand in a specified way for advertising. You can tell who knows the code by how they publish their pictures.

A Shadow Government is the part of an ancient society that marked time by light and shadow to get the most precise and easiest to replicate way of marking precise time, an absolute necessity of agricultural science. The Shadow Shaman was the one who stayed awake at night to observe all the movements of the heavens, something humans began to lose touch with when civilization went from being one of wonder and expansion to one of the few seeking power over the many for the few’s leisure and sense of self-importance. More modern indications of the process I am writing about are indicative of the way the Roman Church treated the Shadow Shaman Galileo. Eventually Shadow Stories began to take on “negative” reference and opened two of my Hermetic Philosophy books to find feminine as described as shadowy; dark; negative. Masculine was described as light; positive; generative. It would form up in any society that those servicing the Shadow Shaman would also be awake, as no process of science or knowledge can be achieved if the assistant doesn’t become the Shaman. The knowledge disappears and terms like Shadow Government become applied to things they never meant to be tied to. Next thing We The People find ourselves facing is a neighborhood full of people who think they are special, working together to prove they are special, creating Shadow ways to take We The People’s production from us. piranha wound first to slow their prey, then they eat it alive; doesn’t that sound like a compound interest story of Bankers Delight? Let me share with you — a Secret. If you fear the One Eyed Pyramid by Night or Day, remember to use all your three eyes to look back its way, and it will go dark, the Pyramid will throw its shadow, and you will be now fully in your own time. can you handle that? You are a human being, you have nets to catch piranha, or you can do it with hooks and eat them to extinction, shat thar bones on the cold hard plane.

To be awake means to know that since humans have been creating civilizations, various groups of greedy self-service seekers get together, promise to watch each other’s backs, seek the vulnerable Lone Wolf, or set traps for unsuspecting sheep, then right from the start they murder each other, give reluctant wives acid splashes, fight other groups with car bombings, et tu Brutus? To be awake means there are Three Eyes for which to see.  You are Human, the top of the Tree. If we behave more civilly, There is no reason all can’t live more harmoniously. That is a local project, and in itself is a disclosure project. I have no experience with alien contact other than a few Guatemalans, that I know of. Given my seemingly  ill fit with the society I was born into could possibly indicate I came from outer space, but I never heard my mother talk about an abduction story. I had experiences crawling around under adults at cocktail parties where they were all so sloshed they didn’t see anything around their feet, like we children sipping martinis and old fashioned. By the time I grew up I came to believe the alcohol to be something especially sinister (not as in left or the Roman implication of Hermetic, feminine and evil). The stuff in the containers was a Spirit and needed to be left alone. It’s good for cleaning things and powering automobiles, but alcohol doesn’t have any function in providing life. The grain did before it was malted and fermented, and some of my farmer friends would touted the higher protein value of brewer’s mash. alcohol is an excellent byproduct of commercial flint corn, but GMO waste is as dangerous as GMO to start with. Being awake on this issue means I eat as much organic or wild food as I can find. In that regard, things look pretty good from this perspective in America, there seems to be plenty of organic food and a First Lady who advocates growing it. It’s good to see somebody was listening over the years. Now if we can wake up the industrialists.

Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas co-authored a book titled “Uriel’s Machine.” Two important world dates are isolated in their research. One is a cometary impact hitting seven places back in 7640 BC, which almost completely wiped out all of humanity with impact waves. This created a flood story history among the surviving people who were lucky enough to be living in places where the first emense splashes failed to reach, or the ones who knew enough to be in good boats. They report that the temperature of the noosphere raised 4.5 degrees C.  Then again, in 3150 BC, a smaller comet was discovered by the “Watchers,” a name given to them by “Enoch” in a Jewish flood tale of Noah. The Watchers were tall fair-skinned people who built structures like Stonehenge, Newgrange, Avebury, and a whole trail of calendar sights primarily to keep precise records of time for agriculture, hunting, and animal husbandry, as well as issues of human fertility. Those time keeping efforts, Lomas and Knight speculate, related to another important purpose, to make sure children of the Sons and Daughters of Light were born as close to the  Winter Solstice as possible.


On the basis of this [paragraph preceeding] and many other fragments of ancient belief, Chris suggested that perhaps women were inseminated at festivals held at certain times of the year that reflected the status of the potential offspring — royalty, priesthood, mason, or humble drone. The heavily pregnant women of high-status individuals, such as the priesthood, may have been taken into the chamber [Newgrange] with the remains of the recent dead to await the coming of the light of Venus, whose ghostly light would have been deemed to reincarnate the spirits of the dead to the birthing infant; minutes later the warm glow of the life-giving sun would celebrate the resurrection of the deceased person in their new form as a child. Perhaps The bowls found in the alcoves of the chamber were to contain the ashes or bones of the dead.

It would have been difficult to ensure that the women gave birth at just the right moment, so they may have remained in the ‘womb’ chamber for several days until the birth occurred. The remains of the dead could then be taken out and discarded. p. 289; Fair Winds Press 2001

Knight and Lomas profess to be Freemasons and at one point act a little miffed that all Freemasons don’t embrace their version of the why of Enoch’s Book. This reminds me of how Max Freeman Long, whose research I feel covers the same people Lomas and Knight were looking at as stone builders, couldn’t get over that the Catholic Church was unhappy with his assertion that he and others had found in the language of certain holy books and the stories of the Polynesians, a secret code to make prayer more effective. Long wrote “The Huna Code in Religions, The Influence of the Huna Tradition on Modern Faith.” 1998 DeVorss. Long’s research brings the Kahuna to Egypt about the same time as Lomas and Knight notice a cultural change. Lomas and Knight have the benefit of more precise science since the time of the 1950’s when Long was assembling his research from Hawaii and Berber country in Africa. Long’s research follows a process described of  “initiate/master” and maintains that Jesus was a Kahuna. He linguistically compares:

 “in Hebrew the word for “priest” is given as kahan, kohen, and kahen, while kehunnah ( which most nearly matches the Hawaiian word for a priest, kahuna) is “priesthood.” From this similarity of words we may draw the legitimate conclusion that the kahunas were known at the time of the writing of Genesis, and it follows logically that some of the Huna lore or “Secret” must have been known in Hebrew inner circles. The word, kahuna, means “Keeper of the Secret.” Long

William Sullivan wrote “Myth, Astronomy, and the War Against Time; The Secret Of The Incas,” and published it through Three Rivers Press in 1999. Sullivan’s work documents the Inca Shadow Shaman [my phrase], the time records that were kept via placement of celestial object, and a priesthood who designed the myths to keep the history alive for initiates through solely oral means. The process harmonizes well with the multidecades projects the Alban and du Danann people of the far north and what musy have been their extensive mythological and oral histories. My study brought me deep into those myths as well and I can guarantee can be interpreted as easily as the scientific information Lomas and Knight used in their evaluations. Sullivan maintains that the Andes were not physically flooded 5000 years ago, but that there was a procession of the equinoxes noted in the constellation of the Fox dipping its tail below the horizon. This gave strong evidence that the myth was tied to an actual celestial event. The Incas horror date, their apocalypse was precise with Pizarro. What Williams showed me was that events are recorded and passed down, and the game of whispers has to be accounted for however, complex scientific data about the timing of events exists buried in myth around the world. A priestly class would discipline the initiate harshly to learn the oral lessons as hard as an Inman or Monsignor might; as task orientated to perfection as the craft would demand, over time to freshness of the image fades and the technical story sometimes becomes overlain with new interpretations until the original is lost as when the anthropologist shows up and doesn’t have a clue about overworld, real world, and underworld imagery. My personal journey put me in front center with an old midwest historian at a religious school. He made me sit up front on the first day because I was looking out the window when I answered to my name. He told me, “I may not be able to get you to learn my lectures, but by God you will hear them.” Interestingly, his challenge set me on a path of paying attention to history and what its effects were on the now.

Long offers us some important lines from the bible that have  as much connection to these times as then. If we consider exploring the subjects above, we must open our minds. Do extraterrestrials exist? Do angels exist? Does Max Freeman Long’s Higher Selves exist? Were there Sons and Daughters of Light who chose to mix with the Daughters of Men and then migrated through the Mediterranean out into the Pacific to colonize Hawaii, Easter Island (with its misguided stones), and Perhaps Mayan and Inca, truly the earliest time scientists and the calculation of that was their deepest secret because it gave impetus for a belief in reincarnated rulers?

Quoting Long:

“And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath ( the key of the Huna code ), to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance; but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not, neither do they understand. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias which saith, By hearing ye hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive. For the people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their hearts, and should be converted [to know the secret code], and I should heal them.” Jesus continues, “But blessed are your eyes for they shall see; and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see these things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them” pg 118 Ibid Long

Some internet pages claim that Israel is warring against the Christians through the Mossad. My material above indicates a complexity of story needing to be understood.  If Lomas and Knight are right, that the Sons and Daughters of Light taught Enoch how to give Noah the knowledge of time after the Mediterranean version of a mega-Katrina caused by a fast travelling muddy snowball, then as some of those internet authors proclaim there is a natural alliance between the subsequent Druid/Freemason peoples and the Israelis, yet it doesn’t often seem so. Other and some of those same authors say it is because the Jews think they are special of God, holy as it is. Others say it is because a converted group of protojews coming from the Urals area have taken over the Zionist Movement. I think the closer we get to Nimrod’s dream of a One World Government, the more crazy all these intersecting mythologies will make us. Lomas and Knight point out research that I’ve seen before, that 200,000 years ago, there was One Mother with the mitochondria DNA that All Women today possess. It is what I would call a distillation point. I believe we are at a distillation right now and that there are so many chattering monkeys we cannot hear, there are so many brightly colored distractions, we cannot see, and that there is so much death and destruction our common human hearts cannot feel.

Do you really think it would be safe for passive advanced beings of Light to come here and try to deal with us? I would warn them, SICK PEOPLE PLANET, GO AROUND.

How do we see? With the eye in our mind. If you can’t hear, don’t bother to believe. If your heart isn’t feeling, take the blue pill.

5000 years ago, Barry Fell of Harvard anthropology claims stone builders came to southern New Hampshire and build a monument circle of calendaric marking, I went there and I saw occult initiatory chambers. 7500 to 5000 years ago, there were a people called The Red Paint people who were sailing and living all around the northern Atlantic from New Jersey at least to Brittany France. Fell used linguistic evidence to support his claims just like Long and Lomas and Knight. If you cannot hear the language, the Secret is preserved.

Jesus got in trouble when he went home to his former teachers. Llan’s daughter told a story a few nights back about her struggles with her doctoral thesis and being relegated off to a task not in her focus and watching her suggested task given to another student. She met the intractable kahen as did Jesus meet his intractable synagogue when he quoted Isaiah, according to Long:

“A spirit of the Lord is upon me, by which He has appointed me to tell good news to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken-hearted; to proclaim freedom to the enslaved, and restoration of sight to the blind; to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the year honored by the Lord.’

“And having rolled up the book, he returned it to the attendant, and sat down. And the eyes of all the synagogue were fixed upon him. Then he began to say to them, ‘To-day this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.'”

Max Freeman Long’s book is about a psychological system coded into religious writings. Sullivan, Lomas, and Knight affirm that codes are written into religious writing as well as in oral histories. that special people are trained to understand. The concept of Discipleship is like a Lodge Apprentice. What we have in the reading Jesus chose to speak to his synagogue is the ancient system of taking compassion and giving care to the “oppressed” which in itself indicates the Oppressor. There are those today who seek to oppress their fellow humans, others who are waiting to deliver a wounding blow to the public body We The People, and as we can see from Jesus’ choice to quote that scripture from Isaiah, that the best path forward is to give the good news to the poor, heal the broken-hearted, restore freedom to the enslaved, restore the sight to the blind, and I take this in its spiritual content, set at liberty those who are oppressed, and a very curious one about time, not the sabbath, but the YEAR. Establishing the true year is what Lomas and Knight say the Sons and Daughters of Light, Enoch’s Watchers, are all about. Easily now to deduce it is, there is an Oppressor, who wants ignorant and poor, who shuns and condemns the broken-hearted, who enslaves in many ways, who baffles people to be blinded and dumb. The Times Square ball, flashing pentagrams, hexagrams, and spectacular star like patterns has blinded to people to the eight points of the sun, thereby only the day is holy not the year.

Get yourself a staff, and go out into the Shadow of the Earth which we call night, and measure and study the stars, moons, and planets. play with sticks and the sun’s shadows. If you stand up straight and hang a string with a weight, it is known as plumb. That means the weight hangs straight toward the earth’s core with a small amount of motion for your instability and the constant motion of the Earth. And get over the notion that you know whether or not there are extraterrestrials and assume that until you know for sure, you can hold to a benign and peaceful attitude toward beings whose proof of existence would also be a proof they know more about space travel than we do.

To wrap this up, I want your eyes seeing and your ears hearing. The date of December 21, 2012 that comes up, is the last date star-moon-sun patterns can be determined precisely as we start around the other side of the galactic plane of the ecliptic. The Mayans were the last frantic builders of encoded architecture ( Maurice Cotterel ). They were working with the Shadow Shaman science and found that once the curve was met, the Zenith, they would really have to be around to relocate the time posts. Their whole culture may actually be a message to that effect, mixed in with the troubles of daily life on this planet, and the prayerful, ritual, meditative, and psychedelic experiences of the underworld. And then, there are those ( Jose Arguelles ) who say the Mayan were space/time travellers. The Mayan knew of the time event, they simply had no sight to see beyond it and they couldn’t hear the threats of the real world at their door.

Any space aliens who want to stop by here and share with me how I can better do good things needed by the oppressed and enslaved better and more effectively, of how we can spread our wealth out thinner and ALL have a better lifestyle, to see our planet as a garden again with everything we need right here, with reward for being exemplary, and a base level existence when all sight, and hearing has been lost, broken heartedness and depression consume; convert, ask for the Comforter, the Liberator.

Go ahead, Dare to Ask for The Liberator, The Comforter, the Shield of Heart against the Oppressor.

My prediction of 2010, We The People will see, hear, and feel with our hearts.

There, spell checked … 1-26-2010 8:10PM (c)

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