Hey Mr. Dead Man, musing; I have to say some things about your point of view

This blog is in direct response to the point of view expressed here: http://www.moneyteachers.org/Deadmanmusings11.htm 

I thought I would introduce you to a third point of view in the Great Struggle of religions. I hope you are smart enough to know that there are at least 6 Billion points of view on religion, and Paul A. Drockton, MA, here goes your initial match-up with The Thunderdancer.

 May I … oh heck, this is the internet … Paul, first of all Paul, you have chosen your schism of Christianity based on the teachings of Paul, a johnny come lately Roman tax collector. The light struck him and he fell down on the road, and hallelujah!!! we have televangelist. Then there are those Christians who go into their closet to pray.

 Check my last blog for details, dive in here and look around Paul, I’d safely say I am coming out of my closet now. I am going to address certain points you elucidated upon.

You Wrote (P):I have been a fan of

 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle since childhood (the author of the original series), and I doubt he would even recognize the movie or its hero.

Paul, my mother told me Sir Conan Doyle was part of my family tree. I was made to read his works by my war hero father. The minute I glimpsed a partial of the trailer, I knew it was another “Illuminati” myth bastardization that would be full of the current Masonic-Zionist fantasies, symbols, and mind controlling nonsense for people like my 36 yo and younger 30, and decided my reading of it was the best memory, especially with vapid Downey in the cape. So I say, since I’m unemployed for two years now, why bother to hustle a few bucks to see more pyramids, crosses, hexagrams and pentagrams — don’t you get the symbolism? America id = Pentagon, Israeli id = Hexagram, and in cabalistic lore the Hexagram (male) sits over the open legs of the pentagram (female), so yes Paul, America is Israel’s Bitch. That seems to be the game on the table. I think you could have found that symbolism in the old Conan Doyle flicks too, as photo angles are based on degrees. Why don’t you run a second blog, Paul, and give children history lessons, like Joseph Smith giving the Masonic distress sign just before he was mob-murdered.
Let’s jump into Crowley.
1. I believe in one secret and ineffable LORD; and in one Star in the Company of Stars of whose fire
    we are created, and to which we shall return; and in one Father of Life, Mystery of Mystery, in His
    name CHAOS, the sole vice-regent of the Sun upon the Earth; and in one Air the nourisher of all
    that breathes.
[(T):One God, got that. I prefer Father over LORD — lord being too anthroregalia. Whats the problem with this? Sounds like Catholicism to me. Sounds about like all one god Holy One. How about Mormons Paul, didn’t you say you knew Mormons? Or do you have a set of funny underwear? I don’t. I remember a knife to the throat and water on the forehead. Anyway, what I read above I can accept.
2. And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten,
    and  wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.
(T): I’m with this one right up to the last phrase, in Her name BABYLON. We are a multicultural family composit Americans and have backgrounds with different names for the Mother. This brings me to the simple, God cannot be divisible by human understanding of gender, so simply for me Mother-Father works. What’s the problem with that, Paul? I’m evil because I believe in a unification of All Power in All One God I choose to call Mother-Father? Maybe I should be a parliamentarian and leave it right here. Nope, failed program, there are others who would say what I can but feel limited.
3. And I believe in the Serpent and the Lion,
  (T): He’s telling me he believes in Jewish symbolism. Pick a piece. The Lion is Leo of the Solstice calendar. Take a flight over to England and look at Stonehenge. Take a slow ride down through Central America, find people who will show you the Black Lion, the cougar. Those out of touch with the Earth fear symbols of the Earth, but we know there are metaphorical ways to speak of things, so Earth as a name for the physical planet, then earth as the stuff of farms, and earth as an alchemical term like in mining salt with its saltness intact, but if the salt looses its salt, as He said, it is worthless. And all depends on what part of the cycle we are in as well as the individual sets of knowledge inculcated into our brains for everyone else’s benefit but our own. Throughout the ages, the metaphors have all been toward the light. As the planet exists right now there is a rift letting strong solar ions in. That’s going to change a few things and all these hasherdabbery religious musings — OH WAIT< there’s more  — The Muses, Paul, were Three Young Women. And since you started this whole thing about corruption and I believe sex scandal, though with so much of the innuendo going around its hard to know which blogger is actually chasing that down or participating, like, with three young women? Musing around, is it? Now I do apologise if you have a wife and two daughters and were putting those thoughts that way. As I said, with so many stories about these days, and since I intuited Jimmy Swaggart way back when, you could be anyone.

 I don’t see any real problems with Crowley’s “Catholic Gnostic Church”.  Most of his behavior was soup de jour, and he did cross a few borders of ethical behavior so he would fall short of the original Illuminati creed to be a self-governing person, mush like the Mormons and Catholics like us to be self-governing. Crowley was rebelling against the Oppressor by acting like the demons serving the Oppressor, and we both know he needed conversion.

 At least three realities exist in any tramp toward religion. I delineate religion from spirituality, because I have witnessed atheist instant conversion to God — as in I have seen the light. Paul the Roman claims that experience and then went on the self promotional tour. The Christians who were in Alban and Erie before the Roman Christians got there were quite the different type, those that you smudge in with new world religion as near as I can tell from your words. Sorry Paul, I’m not letting you. God is Good because he had a Great Mother! Old Irish saying. And that religion has been around many centuries before the modern-day poppies. One thing we can all witness with Truth, is that humanity needs no excuses to raise the neighbors in angry war against another neighbor. What’s the truth of the cross? It’s the cube unfolded.

 You missed a key ingredient when exposing on the history of Babylon. Nimrod was the idiot who tried the last One World Religion with a tower reaching up to heaven. I bet father smacked the Tower, and Mother shook the foundation and Rumpelstiltskin! It all fall down. There is a line I picked up from Steinbeck, about the plans of mice and men.

 My final word, Paul, relax into it. You are doing what Crowley wanted for himself, that of being a free agent in your spirituality, claiming to be from the Land of the Dead is occultist, too, isn’t it Paul?

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One Response to Hey Mr. Dead Man, musing; I have to say some things about your point of view

  1. dublinmick says:

    One other thing Drockton claims the gnostics were satan worshippers. Crowley and his catholic band may have been but that has little to do with the gospel of Thomas and it was recently dug up.

    When Thomas says be wise like the serpent he is inferring coil together and remain motionless-tantra. When he says man must be born again to see heaven, to be born again you must re-enter the birth canal. Further all who understand these words will see heaven. It is pretty simple to me and it is has nothing to do with anything satanic. It is generally the satanics who attack and distort gnosticism.


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