Just Sit With It

I was talking to some people,

about being hungry, angry, lonely, and tired,

which we used the meme HALT!

I’ve been hungry, and the more the years,

I’ve learned to trust a Higher Power,

and just sit with it.

As I do, someone comes by and says, “Robin, come to dinner, my friend.”

So when the bums of California, begged me for a dime,

I gave a few a twenty, and their smiles were a good time.

I’ve been angry of late, about robbers, barons, and, dweebs.

And in patience I have learned to sit with it.

I pray and meditate and sure enough, it’s they who have the problem,

not me, for I can give my anger to my Higher Power.

At times i think I could get Lonely,

but with friends who will talk with me of HALT,

I can never be lonely incarnation in this our time in the All,

All is eternity and a crowded place, and how could I be Lonely when Now is eternity?

So that leaves Tired. Yes, I have been tired. Sooner than later, tired will put us down, and we will have to sit with it.

Cross bearing, Star flagging, Cresent moon of Diana, black boy white boy slave girl toy,

how many ways to be hungry for flesh. Blood sacrifice, soul put on ice, my people better than yours.

how many ways to be angry and fight. Panty bombers, high school slammers,  car trunk snipers,

poor children without clean diapers, congressmen with ladies galore, anthrax letters with fangs and more, what fearful secrets,

what fearful secrets do we carry in our Lonely bag? What fearful secrets in those moments past.

“Be not afraid, I am with you.” Sit with it. Stop where you are and sit with it.

Tired of the looting, tired of the mass shooting, one million here, one million there,

drive my car, don’t be aware, the best business entreprenuers plan for the setbacks,

sit with prayers to end the violence, visualize harmony and serenity, my more powerful than peace,

God One, God Two, God Three, God Four, either there is One God, Holy be Elohim, or there is one, two three, four, and more.

Don’t like this church? Find the door, thank you for coming, I bow to you flesh of a Living Universe.

Nothing new under the sun, but this too, is vanity.

Nothing new under the sun, and this too truly vanity.

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One Response to Just Sit With It

  1. This is a awesome write-up, im happy I came across this. Ill be back again later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

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