Hey Mr. Deadman, Congradulations!

Anyone who reads my little old corner of a great big world deserves to check in on this man’s site:


If you read my blog a couple back, you understand that I have some viewpoint differences with Mr. Deadman Walking. We have completely different viewpoints of many things, and hallelulyah, Mr. Deadman has made a victory happen of We The People, and I will always be one to salute the efforts of the mighty pen over the smiting sword.

Mr. Deadman’s blog will speak for itself, all I am going to quote is this:

Now a word about Sgt. Jeff Nigbur, the arresting officer. We will be keeping a close eye on this man and if anything at all happens to him, his career, his family or even his pet goldfish, I will personally launch a phonebank and online campaign  that will make my previous successful efforts look like a child’s birthday party. In fact, this officer should be commended and promoted for what he did.  “

I will join you, Sir, in that watch and effort, and doubly salute the bravery and honesty of arresting officer Sgt. Jeff Nigbur.  Now if we can get a set of attorneys with the same dedication to truth and justice in this corrupt of all Empires, this blood thirsty frat boys run scramble of a Marx Brothers Show that used to be America, in this place where blacks were created and paid to kill “reds,” and where the Irish were abused into saddles and sent against anyone handy, this Colonial mess of special privilege, if we can get an honest trial justice might yet be done.

Wake up yourself, Mr. Deadman, become born again. You see, there is a baseline paradigm shift going on, you can see that at www.thunderboltsofthegods.com ,  God is still there, only our window into how He runs the universe will be a lot more clear any second now. Await on the criticism of others, perfect thyself, keep after the rat’s nest you discovered. Follow the money and never assume you are free from harm, “they” deliver poison soup in Haiti, and all those evil things.

Also, Mr. Deadman, beacuse of what you have so bravely done, you are clearly out here now, with the rest of us. Be smart and careful about arrogant offending, you’re soul will profit more from accepting than commanding. isn’t what we are seeing just a natural cycle of “commanding over” competition between rivals as it always has been and if we have half a brain left, may always be, though willfully with sticks and stones instead of depleated uranium. Doesn’t that uranium stuff come from out there? Don’t you guys kill Indians with it? Now the world is getting a microdusting from armor piercing rounds. When the elite get whacky, they do things thinking it only happens to us, but lo and behold! Microdust Depleated Uranium will slip in under their cute little blonde haired daughter’s bedroom and because the guy married his cousin, from a line who maried their cousins for three generations, oops! little cutie has the Uranium Dust Disease. Too bad we didn’t make a meme, survival of the wisest, which if you think about it, is exactly the way it has always been–forget the fitness center, forget your material world, there is a Spirit War and simply, those who I call of Christos, who want to be and do good and leave this world with a beauty mark called their life, walk in peace in the wisdom way while the madness of the Evil chasers, like Gay guys who blow off their partner’s head during sex, or Vice Presidents with special hit squads, and press show interviews bragging of “the Dark Side.” One can dance the Maypole, seek light, and not be after the evil rewards. Somehow I think Sgt. Jeff Nigbur, knows that.

Thank you guys, lift a glass of clear spring water to you and your campaign for justice, in Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, for We The People.

We all win today. There are a few more Senators and Congress people who need to be brought to the bar. Everyone’s hiding the open hand.  It spits on my honest life!

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