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Thunder of Prayer

We live in a Thunder of Prayer. Prayer doesn’t always take the form of a ritual before an altar or on a prayer rug facing Mecca. The hole in Mother Earth is commanding prayer and has made a Thunder of … Continue reading

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Beast, Yeast, Rise Twice, Put on Ice

I’m waiting for the second part promo of ThnderboltsProject to download. I was thinking of how the Christos sites are struggling with the Judea connection, and how the Judea connection was attempting to bash down gophers, having very real concerns of persecutional pogroms against … Continue reading

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Impulse to Imagery

What depths do my images take me to? I have had fun researching all the crazy doomers, now here it is lurking in the deep. Today on Rense there are headlines about the “Oil Monster” languishing below the surface of the … Continue reading

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Can I Know the Mind Of God

Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine,” handily shows how we humans can tear down and destroy each other and sheepishly grin and bear it. Her opening chapter deals with electroshock abuse and mind control experiments carried out in the United States … Continue reading

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Comprehending Complexities The Roman Way

there are ample reports of other shipmates receiving their bonuses; I expect mine any day now, if this journey on the good ship the United States of America is drawn to a conclusion as other attached documentation indicates the dry docking of this ship. Continue reading

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