Comprehending Complexities The Roman Way

I am a Roman freeman, a sailor enjoined in a voyage, an expedition for the purpose of commerce and accumulation of wealth. I am a Roman of the Angles, Gauls, and Formorians. I accepted my commission to the voyage at birth upon the water near Albany New York. Since that time my station aboard the good ship the United States of America has increased through research and experience to the point I am now called a General — a General Contractor — and thus, under Roman Admiralty Law, I have reason of increase to levy against the profits of this expedition. And there are ample reports of other shipmates receiving their bonuses; I expect mine any day now, if this journey on the good ship the United States of America is drawn to a conclusion as other attached documentation indicates the dry docking of this ship.

Proof of my Roman freeman status and contract t as sailor aboard the vessel the United States of America is duly registered and logged in the Vatican records in Rome, being born into a freeman family on the waters of an Anglican Royal. As my family’s lot of inheritance has been passed down to me as Elder Officer of the Clan of Ward, Guardians of the Castle and the Word, should the profit shares now being disseminated amongst some crew members must be either according to Roman Admiralty or Moslem Admiralty, and since no freeman member of my family has accepted a Moslem contract for specified and duration compensation, this stands as further proof of my claim to a portion of the profit from this venture as prescribed by Roman Admiralty and her Anglican Catholic Majesty the Queen of England. My only brother has likewise accepted a seamanship with the ship Australia in family tradition of explorers, adventurers, and netters of souls for Rome.

If in fact, certain elements of this ships company shall be found to be taking profit solely for themselves, at issue will be Treason on the High Seas and Piracy against the Company of Rome and the crew of this ship. All participants in such Treason on the High Seas and Piracy need be brought before the mast, flogged, and hanged by the yard arm. In as much as the United States of America has joined with other ships of the state to suppress and diminish the Moslem Admiralty’s effect, known as the War on Terror, and to further spread the Admiralty of Rome and Her Anglican Church for the effect of saving souls and spreading enlightenment while increasing the number of enlightened freemen, then as an impressed soldier sailor of this War on Terror, just compensation shall be due as hazard pay increase. Whereas the financial instruments of the ships of state so mentioned relies on papered contracts to provide the real wealth, I hereby request my apportioned payment of profit in silver coin, bushels of organically grown wheat, and lands nurturing milking cows,  wool producing sheep and breeding ponies.

If my services of contracting quarters for sailors and slaves are truly finished as commercial activity seems to suggest, and since there have been no further orders of a replacement service, I am to assume my profits will be delivered without haste so I may plan my next voyage within the company’s framework of extensive projects. Perhaps, as the famous Lord Shackleton has done, the ship of state the United States of America, may have to be salvaged and reconstructed into smaller vessels to allow separation of the Traitors from the Freemen; the Pirates from the ethical Profiteers.

As a faithful, loyal, and industrious servant of Rome on this expeditionary voyage — a check of all logs enliven the veracity of my claim — having committed no offence on board or outside the rail,  it is further customary to reward such excellence of character in the Roman way, so I expect my fasces, Laurel Wreath, and Honors at the ceremony of payment of my profits. Al know that the freeman’s soul of Romans is incorruptible except by the individual alone. In my humble and perfected service my claim to my share of the profits from $14,000,000,000,000.00, cash out sale of ship and cargo, is now due and this petition is laid in the vessel’s mail for the One True Admiral who is charged with this expedition and who remains by needs of secure ship procedure, clandestine.

With respect and regard to the Colonial Voyage,

Robin Marie Ward, Guardian of the Castle and Word. General of Contracts. United States Ship, America.

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One Response to Comprehending Complexities The Roman Way

  1. King William says:

    Dear Servant of the Kingdom,
    Your appeal has been heard. However, it has been determined that your stipend be given to the King’s Man, BP.
    Your King and Lord

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