Can I Know the Mind Of God

Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine,” handily shows how we humans can tear down and destroy each other and sheepishly grin and bear it. Her opening chapter deals with electroshock abuse and mind control experiments carried out in the United States and Canada in psychological wards and psychiatric clinics. The ability to tear down was proven, however, attempting to cause successful uptake of a new personality became impossible. Eventually the process became to tear down just enough so that the “handler” could suggest ways out of the torment, and so today we have school and mall shooters, ex-Marines who pop .223 rounds out of the trunks of cars. Whether they are programmed to “destroy” and can be told “go destroy,” or if those are simply individuals who have a predisposition to random acts of violence remains to be proven. Certainly America’s Wild West had its plethora of nut cases who killed until killed themselves, or who robbed like the James gang until they met their Northfield Minnesota and its armed citizenry. Let’s hear it for the Second Amendment and militia mentality. In my perspective, self-defense is never shock therapy, quit the contrary, I believe that an armed populate in Chicago would stop; 1) most random criminal activity driven by deadly force, and 2) most tyrannical criminal activity of its law enforcement populate. 

Such activities of mind control are to create a specified vision of the future. Select groups of secret society people believe they have a plan Divinely Inspired, which will be of best benefit to them in the future. Keeping in mind that it is easy to tear down and dumb down humans than it is to lift them up and create character of ethical life, the entrapment of a soul behind oaths is a very real and self threatening idea. In as much as it is done for a “Divinely Inspired” vision of a future, all sentient beings need to be considered. On this here internet, there are many who will sing and dance these secret societies as threats to all human kind. Popular is the vision of the Whore of Babylon. The image comes from John in the New Testament: 

Revelation 17:3-16 (King James Version)

 3So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.   4And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:  5And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.  6And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus…”

For one thing, that sounds remotely like the scene of the red dragon in “Avatar,” the movie, and another, when I check the passage with my most favored evaluation of John’s chapters, F. Aster Barnwell, in “Meditations On The Apocalypse,” I find the symbols warning me against attempting to know the future. In this day of self cursing with “The Secret,” it is pretty scary to accept that God and God alone should know the future, anything else is our vanity. Quoting Barnwell: 

“What was wrong about Babylon and the woman that now represents it has to do with the proper use of knowledge.  

For example, astrology, as it has the potential for existing today, was nonexistent in Babylon. What astrology represented then was prediction and divination. Consequently, to the extent that Babylonians used astrological information to predict the future, they ‘in effect’ tried to ascend to heaven. Because, in being able to predict the future with success, they would have ‘deciphered the Mind of God.’ This is quite likely what the Old Testament authors, who recorded these events, felt. In their estimation, for mankind to know the future is not consistent with the process of the evolution of the human psyche through the growth of consciousness. In some Old Testament passages, the soothsayers, the astrologers, Chaldeans, and the magicians are severely ridiculed. 

The psychological basis for this apparent prejudice against these customs is that if mankind were preoccupied with knowing the future, he would lose sight of the power resident within him, to create the future. (p.207  1992, Barnwell)” 

Completing Naomi Klein’s book will convince you we do not know how to create our future at this time, and in harmony with Barnwell, the modern soothsayers and money magicians who believe in a one world order, are operating their computer programs and expertism in attempting to know a future they are obsessed with making come true. All at the same time trying to make a spectacular profit off the other guy while they hand down the debts to the people. Remember Ronald Reagan couldn’t eat a jelly bean without his astrological morning review. Many internet sources speak of these secret societies as working for the one world order, much like the Tower of Babel and the society of Nimrod. Prior to the above passage, Barnwell suggests that; 

 “As far as the biblical story of the Tower of Babel goes, we must accept it as an allegory of the working of the linear mind. This is the mind that views reality from its own center, from its own point of view–which is conditioned only by what it has experienced. (p.207, Ibid, Barnwell)” 

I happen to be a holographic thinker. It has set me apart from the linear flat world thinkers all of my life. I can out perform on geometric construction projects over any linear thinker. In school they wanted to label my children as Attention Deficit Disorder at a time I realized it was Dynamic Detail Assimilation that drove the linearists crazy. This ability allows me to witness events as they are unfolding and knowing the various trails of slimy oil that lead to their origin. I had a vision a few nights back about how the oil all came up, then the magma found the pocket, and off the coast of Louisiana, a new volcanic island was formed. Good thing my visions aren’t the Mind of God, though I wouldn’t put it passed some modern-day marvel of linear thinkist to dream up some nuclear bomb cure to close the well that sets off a tsunami and ruptures the compacted Gulf floor. isn’t that where we are told a big meteor splashed down? So the bottom might have more surprises than super pressurized oil. 

It takes years to rebuild a good topsoil structure. You cannot predict the future of your crops even with the best soil structure. So many things become variables that simplistic modern-day answers are woefully short of the true potential of a planet of thinking minds. Why would someone want to tear down another human being? It’s a definite linear thought process of limit itself. Power over others is seen as needed for survival instead of power with others for common survival. Not much is going to change, though, until the elite’s children start succumbing to cancers delivered by Depleted Uranium or Toxic Rescue Chemistry. We don’t have enough detergent in the whole world to do anything more than make the oil gusher worse. Besides, it takes oil to make detergent. The solution, is right in front of us, has been all along, but that one move we can make to secure a future we can create is being hidden by the Whore of Babylon, which is a spiritual metaphor for self-indulgent linear thinking. I am beginning to believe that the real secret is those people driving around believing in the manifestation of parking places are actually dumbed down followers of fashion. I am a whole-hearted supporter of the random occurence, and while someone is cruising around the same block thinking, a parking place, is opening up, misses the reality that since there is no immediate parking place where I am going, I am now on an unplanned adventure to broaden my consciousness. 

While the Boys Behind The Wall check their computer screens for the direction of the sooth, I check my screens for the weave of the day, as it is, now, one day at a time. When I finish this dancing upon the keys I shall change clothes and enter Nature for lessons of the day. In front of our faces are the solutions we need, and if you can’t see them, think holographically and climb around the obstruction. Have you seen “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” The main character just won’t be thwarted in his quest. He was like water in going to where he wanted to be, called by a voice from the universe. The interesting thing is that the future holds surprises, even for elite egotists who believe the numbers of funny money make then better than the rest of us. They are looking forward with their astrological data, with the same failures based on the spiritual forces represented in Revelations. People are self-seeking the terror images of Revelations without understanding the holographic nature of the thinking of the missal’s true intent. It is so much easier to run in the linear world, accepting the linear line from the lines of the television. To step out and exercise holographism and let the future develop as it will, opens us to the Will of God which then fulfills our deepest desires of creative force which creates a surviving web of harmony. The linear line will surely test humanity with nuclear weapons, biological mishaps and attacks, resource depletion, wastefulness, hubris, British Petroleum get the idea, folks? 

Back to dumpster picking and harvesting greens. Take a walk on the wild side. Accept holographic living with God (Elohim, whatever he/she is for you) and find the reason why it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. At you can learn about service to others and service to self. In fact, the concept is more than universal, it is absolute.  

Keep in mind, that it is in the Word where the power accumulates.

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