Impulse to Imagery

What depths do my images take me to? I have had fun researching all the crazy doomers, now here it is lurking in the deep. Today on Rense there are headlines about the “Oil Monster” languishing below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico suspiciously popped loose in time for Cinco de Mayo. Somewhere on Rense’s list is many more headlines about “Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, satanic Cabalistic Religion, etc.” I’m a follower because I am a born to it geometrist. I amazed both student and teacher in high school with my expertise at coming up with proofs for xyz triangles and beyond. It was an innate gift that when reviewed, explains much of my life, especially commercial entanglements. From God, Elohim be they ever so Holy, my gift of geometry grants me understanding of “nets.” Since I promise this is going deep, you will be best served to review a couple of my earlier blogs about evil and this imagery that an all wealthy rich person is sitting in a pyramid with an eye ( I could build you one!), watching your every move.

Often by the likes of David Ickes, there has been called out blogs of the subterfuges nature of the Bildeburgers, the Royals of England, and the Corporatocracy ( it’s not just the R named). On the Tree of Life cabala either in Golden Dawn or Crowley’s massive accumulation is the Black Snake rising up the tree. Europeans were believing the United States needed a wake up call many years ago — research back down the years of the web — oh yes, and “THEY” are erasing internet records — and isn’t BP an European Royal concern? Aren’t these the same people who wanted us to believe in man-made global warming? Man made? Or corporate just as equal as man-made. Somebody had to be the top consumer, and good old Americans, adopted the rising of the beast (see my blog about Ahriman), so now down about 3000 feet we have the Black Snake of Black Gold that has been the life bread of our existence in ALL countries. We have a very real Ahriman rising.

Blood is where Ahriman takes us, blood is where the depleted Uranium is circulated. Blood is the Ahrimanic sacrifice of America’s and Eastern Islamic children, it is the place where oil’s poisonous benzene rings reach the liver where they dissolve us from inside. Blood is the gift of metabolic life with water. To sacrifice to Lucifer of the bare ground, the blood pours in the sand. One third of the oceans will turn to blood. The side of Mother earth has been pierced by our lust for slave power. The Black Snake of Oblivion rises from the depths, entreats us to pray to its brother/sister Lucifer for the lost paychecks and ruined reservations over the first flesh offerings of rotted fish and sea mammals.

Oh pray I, for the souls of those who will suffer from the stench of this slim Black Snake. We were warned, we ate the apple of oil like there was no tomorrow and now, there may be no tomorrow. Hamlet warned us of the petty creeping. It is not even a significant marker of cosmic time. No one will come and save us. No self-respecting alien being would consider this used up mess of a wrong side of the galaxy material junkyard of depletion, waste, and hubris, so the display of the Black Snake rising makes perfect sense. Some Master of Magick has given rise to form, made a golem, and it lays below awaiting winds and turmoil more sure to come, especially as contrived as “wrong manual for use.” And is this place a fragile point upon our eggshell covering the Fire from below? Some are convinced of being right about Planet X rolling the Earth.  At Zetatalk, my housemate informs, they believe the pressure on the oil comes from the New Madrid fault, an earthquake line zipping up the center of America in its journey toward Hawaii. Magick will not put this genie back in the bottle.

And if there is some Magick and subterfuge at hand, more unusual events will transpire — when THEY need a new distraction — would THEY really do that? You tell me. I just see constructions and angles everywhere, my thinking is quite holographic. The Old Masonic order had to go, thus the Three Towers of the Lodge of Mammon were laid low down behind the Wall. And Alfred Pike in substance revelry “saw” Three Great World Wars and the arising of a New World Order as so to has pappy Bush, Bill the Sax Clinton, son Bush, and Time for a Change, now that the Old Lodge has been crumbled away. Who needs badges? Badges? Badges?, We don’t need no stinking badges. But YOU do RealID YOU THEY will. Do you think THEY care if the chip gives you cancer? Are these the Sepiroth the Black Snake will wind through? Will the Black Snake touch Miami and Caracas, connect with the Mississippi and back current swirl its way to Memphis? Will it Black Coat Nantucket in September? Mad, mad we have all become. I awakened in the Black Snake world in Connecticut, will it wind its way up to Long Island Sound? Then riding its slimy hide was exciting, fun, very practical living 12 miles from food markets. I eased back on the Black Snake when I first moved to Martha’s Vineyard, but I could not be free, there were babies on my bipedalmachine. I am a devotee to the Black Snake Societie, having made my cyborgian bargain. Ariseth ye beckoned call of the Apocalypse. Speak plainly the warnings on the Guidestones of Georgia. A vial cracked seal into the ocean and a third of the fishes remain already from our unintelligible lust for mismanagement.

Someone suggested only a nuke will stop the flow. Only a nuke? What if it ignites the Black Snake into a column of fire, creates a shock wave to pound the coast while the residents are transfixed on the Great Salamander. The depth of the alchemy of this event is 30,000 feet. 25,000 crust, 5000 water, 5 to 1 expect the oil flow to increase exponentially by Golden Mean or Fibonacci progression. 210,000 gallons? Oh what fun in numerology we could have with this one, except, the reality is too frightening to perceive. On the one hand, are there humans so incapable of their jobs, or would there be humans who would purposefully create an event, or is there a retributive force of karma — God — Mother Earth– who might show us the death of our own Great Tree in marching across Panidiogiastrom (many idiots living in their own earth’s maelstrom)?

The Great Black Snake winds its slimy skin against the fair thighs of Aphrodite, crushing Love like a Python, crushing little people, devouring our Souls in this cyborgian bargain called Oil Economy. Maybe our lust for speed has brought us to the edge of total collapse and changing laws and fuel milages at this point is irrelevant because the Black Snake is crushing the legs of Mother and erasing the Separoth of Malkuth. Get thee in the Middle of the Cross of Life and beg when the man comes around, Johnny Cash warned us about him.

Enter my Magick and the prayer of freezing, the Black Snake growing so wrapped up in hydrates it sinks to become easy poaching for many oil privateers and gas capture vessels. Maybe it will get you to stop speeding — so many prescribed miles an hour over the limit? Maybe you’ll think like Kunstler and put your hands back to work, employ your feet as part of a freedom move against the Black Snake and your own flabby behind, not that oil doesn’t equal oil or anything, burn that biofuel your body is expert at making. A few months ago some Natives in Canada said the whales were singing the Death Song. bicycle on down to the shore and sing in the water a Song of Joy while you still can. If the Black Snake gets its way, your blood will crawl with volatiles. And in high school, I was about as good with chemistry as with geometry, but then, long chains of hydrogen molecules are very geometric, and occultishly so, dear one.

I don’t believe in the kind of power it would take for we humans to successfully run a world. Humans haven’t got that great of a management record. My last blog pointed out how those that can, can destroy anyone in chambers of torture. What they can’t do is change God’s original programming and make a New Person. Entropy, my dear friends in folly, entropy is the Daily Bread, give us this day. Each sparkling moment of time is beauty beyond words and only accessable by heart feelings. Open to this wound our collective lust has lanced in our Life. Open to a Black Snake covering Neo in the chair, to changing narrative of space/time as we move from a blossom of good and prosperity to a pit of greed and exceptionalism. YOU subprime mortgage defaulters, its your problem THEY have to drive the economy so hard, the safety margin was lost. Bad Americans, using too much oil anyway. If Magick is afoot a clue might be in the names of the missing. Think of the disaster movies that can be made from this one. Bruce Willis, Really Angry Now, in threeD. Too late, now we broach the 4th.

And so, will the Black Snake rise? Will it simply warn for now. Barnwell in “meditations on the Apocalypse,” tells us the Whore of Babylon rising on a Red Beast (look at the oil pictures), is a metaphor for our attachment to mismanaged intellectualism. Like little children creating havoc, the dark Magicians hurt themselves as much as they hurt anyone else. It is easy to be a hurtful person, to live by resentment and desire for retribution. There too we have been warned, “retribution is mine sayeth the Lord.” Our collective undertakings at controlling our neighbors we call religion at the very least all preach Love Thy Neighbor, and so, raising Black Snakes from the depths, kills my neighbor. Leave the oil under the soil. Pick up a hoe and get involved, you’ve got a lot to learn and not much time to learn it.

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  1. This is a awesome write-up, im happy I came across this. Ill be back again later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

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