Beast, Yeast, Rise Twice, Put on Ice

I’m waiting for the second part promo of ThnderboltsProject to download. I was thinking of how the Christos sites are struggling with the Judea connection, and how the Judea connection was attempting to bash down gophers, having very real concerns of persecutional pogroms against them; dished cold amongst the Christos persecutional pogroms — now they are trying an alliance between Freemason and Temple. I have met stereotypical of all namesakes of the 10,000 names. These two elder brothers squabble between each other while sharing the duties of back hand slapping Islam. I’ll take a break here and go to Thunderbolts, Oh Mighty Zeus whose love flesh is Aphrodite and the Light in the Temple and Mound.

Aha! Thunderbolts has done a good polish on the trailer. Is this the new one world religion? Don’t worry folks, everything is in hand. You can still rely on Jesus and finding the path, but you might have to atone for sins and also accept your two other brothers. And as for those brothers, both ye know of redemption and the balancing. Better to give back to creation now than get caught in the dark with only gold. Did you forget you can’t hire perfect help? there’s a conspiracy behind every rock. Check it out, the American, Inc.  government says conspiracies are fantasies, unless your last name is Italian and the USA, Inc. introduces you to RICO. So, this solves the banker’s debate, since it wasn’t a conspiracy theory, as that is illusional, it had to be RICO. Book em, Danno.

It seems the Rense folks have found that the BP’s despersants are causing illness already. I don’t think benzene pollution is going to improve their health, either. I’d say at this point, hazard suit only, get the people back. That’s one hell of a “rail car” of poison without a placard. The shoreline needs to be placarded well back. The act is now a childish disregard on all fronts. If you’re in Florida and it begins to stink, … get your respirators from Home Depot and Lowe’s now At least I’m doing my part by not driving my vehicle much. The Beast has risen in the flesh of those who seek profits one the one hand, and seek control over you and me. Somebody of They built the Georgia Guidestones and it’s call for 500,000,000 people cap.  Floridians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Antiguans, and all those governments might be thinking of some kind of long hair net in the straights of Florida, to try to divert the oil back into the Gulf. Privateers might catch on and order the rest of Costner’s rotovators; oil in the ocean is fair game salvage. One thing is for sure, when the attorneys get finished with this one, all that bailout money that went through the banks will be in their hands. As a General of Contracts, I have almost always gotten along with attorneys and made more money from them than they did from me. As far as the attorneys and the oil business, there won’t be any profit made unless there is outright criminal subterfuge to be exposed, and then you can count on some attorney smelling a blood trail. I’m pretty sure this one will grow beyond Tea if the taxpayer is put on-line to pay for it. If I were black in southern Louisiana, I’d get Grandma back country soon; you don’t want to find out you’re left behind again, do you? That gas could get heavy at night and before you know it, all the first-born could be dead. Bible, heck — we’re writing a whole new chapter as this moment here and now in Our Time. Thunderbolts of the Gods, changing astrological rising, Mayan 2012, Planet X, HAARP, the list goes on, the list goes on. If it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a RICO .

It has been said, that when the King’s Bones come into the Birth Chamber, the newborn is befit with the Kingly Soul be He born on the Winter Solstice time. An older religion underlies them all, an older religion of awareness of our ball, an awareness of the spherical nature of the moon, before the Church took control of knowledge and teaching, pick your church of choice. At St. Andrews school in Florida, is a chapel with the story of Enoch, Noah, and the Rainbow depicted behind the altar. All the windows are Freemasonic emblazoned with great meaning heading  off as St. Andrews by any degree, at least in the X-shaped Cross. My friend, who went there, spent hours in that Chapel and was surely given all the keys, but he remembered none. To him it was a Sunday irritation as a young student. Perhaps he failed to join the Lodge, it is so obvious there. For me, it has all stuck, all come together on a great web so that I know, be me alive or dead, the future will be in the hands of Indigenous culture mostly resembling economy as it was about the time of the Eire Canal. And I know this because the Bones of St. Andrew have awakened self-judgement, a prelude to self-forgiveness and the entry into the world of redemption.

Somebody of They wants to program your mind to behave as They envision in One World. They ignore their own information. They have been twisting Their information so much since 1889 when They began their exclusive clubs, that They now believe what evidence demonstrates as a crumbling substrait. Did you notice those “What Recession,” acts back before the Crash, then the “We didn’t know, we were out back planting our organic garden.” That bump I and my clients felt in April 2006 caught all our breath. Many of us made our living off real estate. My part was design-build General of Contracts, and having survived a few recessions in my time, I knew too much in April. While I worked as much as I could, the inflation was coming up behind and the deflation inertia was topping in the market when AIG, an important company in San Francisco, as an insurer of things like tankers, and off-shore rigs, but mostly containers of Barbie Class jeans and leather belts. So to speak.

Not too long ago either in blog or published form, I read that humans no longer have a safety country, like America and Australia, to which to escape to, the culture was ubiquitous. There was no longer any space for colonial expansion. I thought it funny as the USA, Inc., as agent falsely representing We The People of the United States, is aiding and abetting itself by allowing too many Hispanics to run free (or maybe we are that broke), encouraging Chinese and Indian immigration for the purpose of outsourcing your daily bread, both figuratively and literally. It’s not a conspiracy it is a RICO! I can see it now in my old age, cards and little balls in a cage of famous USA, Inc. crime, sitting around tables with the Patriots and Children of the Tea Party, yelling RICO! when we get all the letters covered with gold plate tungsten remnants of the NWO money scheme the whole of humanity– in the process of going Indigenous — laughed hilariously about, making it often into jewelry and armor.

Somewhere in my Positive expectation, is a pony ranch, with a few sheep, hogs, and young people to slop it. Tungstill’s store if you will; no doubt I’ll attract a Billy the Kid, but the colony now, the trick, is to become Indigenous. So this ranch will be on the lake with canoe and freight boat, complete with our own brand of regulators. Pirates beware. Reminds me of the puffery of Iran, saber-rattling if you will. A few weeks back, they did an exercise with speed boats proclaiming it a great success. I’ll wager a turbine or two that USA, Inc. can find born to it young folks who could out small boat anyone in the world. Iran, el al, who do you think you’re kidding? USA, Inc. invented POWER BOATS!  I could build some power boats that would chase them all back home; but wait, there’s more. BP just sunk our reserves. those commie bastards of Theys who can’t live with the idea of We The People of the United States as a sovereign domain, wouldn’t know what to do if We The People decided to become Indigenous. I think Vermonters are 90% there now. The right kind of kayaks and midnight warriors can do a lot of hidden damage to Iran’s fancy speed boats.

I still think a nuke in the hole might light up the whole column of oil and the 4th of July will never be the same again. I’d suspect a tsunami from the forces, or maybe They can blow the lid off the whole field and bring it all up at once, and about ten trillion dollars worth of new real estate in the Gulf once the magma hardens. The Snake is definitely heading home — Nantucket by August? Maybe burning the oil on the shore will be best, as wildlife knows to stay away from fire better than staying away from oil. And once that smoke circumnavigates the globe, those Indigenous populations at high levels of altitude will come running out of the hills … and all the alien beings will see Earth with some new rings, one that reflects a rainbow sheen, and another that hides the ground under its dark reddish toxic clouds. Maybe burning will be like a lamp and wick the oil back to Louisiana. That’s it, we can drop in wicks and light up the Gulf. At night it will be quite the site if you can still breath in Florida. Forget Louisiana, this event will make it Indigenous. In the end, the Southern Mind might longer endure, it used to drinking that white lightning they make down there. This will sure put a damper on the sale of human body parts from that section of the globe. Who wants a benzene soaked liver, anyone? Do I hear renal failure octane plus kidneys at $0.25? A pair at $0.45, installed.

Way beyond the beast our yeast is being tested. Mother of all Wars — yup, came to now — Mother of all financial collapses — yup, it couldn’t happen here again but it did and it’s here now, Mother of all ecological disasters — yup, we’re in it now. Who has time for Positive expectancy on the micro level while Negative results are manifest on the macro level? Our air had too much benzene in it the week before the oil volcano, it sure hasn’t been getting any better since. The Old Adage has now been proven again, in a large organization people rise to the level of their most incompetence. Small is better, less is best, and leave the oceans free of plastic, unless part of the plan is to infiltrate the plastic with oil, make a napalm like jelly out at sea, and burn it off, but wait, there’s more Who is that mushroom guy who can turn it into compost? I think I saw him riding out-of-town with an Indian. He had a mask on.

Privateers, mount up! That oil is fair game — Fish IT! Go, Kevin.

Waterworld. Not Oil World. Waterworld.

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  1. This is a awesome write-up, im happy I came across this. Ill be back again later on to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

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