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Dancing with The Devil and Mr. Orwell

I am reading this morning, a summation of the new pdf put out by Department of Justice (DOJ). I take serious issue with some of the items listed. I thought it good to share this with you as you may … Continue reading

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First Amendment District #11

Names and games, did I get it wrong! Not until I looked at pictures did I see that Sotomayor IS the Judge, and Kagen is the new judge.¬† Evidence of doublethink for sure. Little changes, I still believe newspeak and … Continue reading

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Unlimited Resources and the Dance of Positive Creativity

I’ve been mulling over this writing effort for almost two weeks. What prompts me to consider engaging the few who read my words, you as it is, relates to the items of general discussion I have wrought into electrons and … Continue reading

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A Couple of Comments for Richard C. Cook

¬† Mr. Richard C. Cook wrote: In the area of spiritual/intellectual/cultural life, we see the increasing standardization of government-run school systems and the suppression of all non-collectivist ideas. We see domination of higher education by corporate-sponsored foundations and think tanks, … Continue reading

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Lammas 2010

Musing over my housemate’s dance with the Main Stream news, it occurred to me that in 2003 I left for California and that adventure in my life on this very Lammas¬†Anniversary, a cross quarter holiday of ancients who coded scientific … Continue reading

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