Lammas 2010

Musing over my housemate’s dance with the Main Stream news, it occurred to me that in 2003 I left for California and that adventure in my life on this very Lammas Anniversary, a cross quarter holiday of ancients who coded scientific information into myth, heiroglyph, and song. I mused on all the disaster stories and news items I had been exposed to during that time, and suddenly became even more grateful for how events have unfolded for me. I’m not dismissing the hardships and suffering–hardly–some of those pains follow me daily and some come a suprising like tick bites and inflammations therefrom. There’s nothing like circular saw ears to get one  tuned with other frequencies in the back ground of overlapping hums our machine of America is making.

 In my musing my life’s progression over ther last 7 years has been one of peace in my local spaces and neighborhoods. With all the big disasters going on around me, like murder on the Oakland BART, SUV slaughter by Salinas’s finast, Mexican drug rip off shootouts, and a host of other civic random violence including white collar criminality in jacking the housing bubble–if you read this blog you know by now this last one took my business. Don’t weep for me Sarah Palin, the last seven years Lammas to Lammas have been on the whole a soft landing, though the bottom has been well explored so far by me, having proclivities and minor degree evaluative skills as a cultural anthropologist, to fill the holographic visualization I carry of events that might affect the future, but are certainly under the 12 Seats of Power, within the Council of 36.

Since I know my ancestors of the Council of 36, I take issue at the notion of a world collapsing catastrophe as much as I take issue with Sir Norman Lockyer. Quoting from “Hamlet’s Mill”;

“How could one not realize, he said, that the builders of Stonehenge were barbarians, “howling barbarians” who were, to say the least, utterly incapable of working out complex astronomical cycles and over many years at that? (pg.69, Santillana & Dechend, 2002).

The myth, song, and stone of the ancients inscribed hundreds of thousands of hours of calculation and observation into a system of numbers, degrees, and Ages, to depict the changing of the sky in terms of the wobble of the Earth; called the procession of the Equinox. Essentially a priestly-shamanic class had until very recently kept alive the alternative language of spirituality coded within the numbers of the universe, which also relate to the sounds of the universe and even unto things like Maverick’s surf challenge and the nature of waves. “Hamlet’s Mill” continues from the same perspective as I have been trained in that ancient man wasn’t that far back to be so stupid as to not tie his shoes when entering the bramble. Von Dechend and De Santillana observe:

“Howling barbarians who painted their faces blue must have known more astronomy than their customs and table manners could have warranted. The lazy word “evolution” had blinded us to the real complexities of the past. …This appeared to be the humus from which civilization had grown–simple deities of the seasons, a dim multitude of peasants copulating in the furrows and building up rituals of fertility with human sacrifice. … In political circles, there came the vision of war as both inherent in human nature and ennobling–the law of natural selection applied to nations and races. … As the theory moved on, its highminded aspects began to wane; psychoanalysis moved in as a tidal wave. … The universal and uniform concept of gradualness thus defeated itself. (pg. 69-70 Ibid)


The Empire of Saturn

If you read the 23rd Psalm, you find a line like this:

” thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”

Saturn is the “God” of old who always had a rod and staff for the longest rotation around the sun was Saturn, and well within  the ability of the woad covered William Wallaces of the Alban, Scot, and Celtic islands to comprehend numerically with “rod and staff.” With such forethought they chose to remind us of how to reset our clocks in an open field with the secrets of the Secrets, my Alban ancestors inscribed a chalk man with two staffs in the countryside of England. These staff are reminicent of Joachim and Boaz, often depicted with the stairway to heaven between them. Even more incredible for this story is the extension into the New World, so to speak, of Spanish, English, French,  Portugese, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese and more, incursions into the lives if the American Indians by Secret Society lodges in terror of the Inquisition. The question that arises these days with funny money and wild parties at Bohemian Grove, is how much are Secret Societies in control, how does it apply to banking and commerce, race, religion, ethnic diversity, in other words, we have all the same problems we have had since the first calculators of the time of day, the size of the Earth, Moon, and Sun; who knew the periocity of Saturn over 29+ years point to point, who knew the periocity of Mercury-Hermes-Lucifer, in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus, also sometimes refrred to as Lucifer, and who taught by quiet, stealth, initiation, and long verbal learning. We could say another aspect of the Fall was when we gave up depending on the audio learners for our culture and began the first hand experience of visual learning. Since visual learning requires books of uniformity as demanding as remembered songs and poetry auditarily must be maintained, we are loosing our heritage of the Truth of Culture while internet bloggers such as myself, chop up and rehack the myths for our own purposes. If you’re going to make up a new mythology, you better know about the New Mythology of Modernity which died 25 years ago. How much trouble can guys like Rockafeller and Kissinger get into at Bohemian Grove at their age? The Universe, the Earth, has a self righting function. When Chicago School Friedman gave people the okay to destroy economies to loot them — see Naomi Klien’s “Shock Doctrine” — all those old guys worshipping the bottom three chakras of materiality had their last virtual erection. Now Ben Bernanke sits in the stew when Freidman’s follow-up plans didn’t work. It’s easy enough to blow up a structure, to send it crashing straight down within its own foot print, but to rebuild, to build to begin with, takes a whole set of skills banksters and brokerusters hardly know how to contract. Once Postmodernity swung its leg over the fence, we live with a dark shadow substance everyone wants to whip into some kind of fear or some kind of marvelous opportunity.

In “The Secret Destiny of America, author Manly P. Hall wrote a forepiece for chapter one quoted below:

“World democracy was the secret dream of the great classical philosophers….Thousands of years before Columbus they were aware of the existence of our Western Hemisphere and selected it to be the site of the philosophic empire….The brilliant plan of the Ancients has survived to our time, and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished….The American nation desperately needs a vision of its own purpose. (pg. 15, 2008, Hall)

I say these mythmakers, myth hackers, these untrue and blinded Christians, Jews, and Moslems, fighting over how to spell the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” But then, none of those three think they are the ones needing killing, as each of them believe they are the chosen races so its okay to kill the others, based on star stories to hide knowledge of the workings of the universe. Does this sound like a logical vision for our country?  And why is everyone so freakin’ crazy about amassing dollar denominated paper and electrons? Recognize that the above three are just by varying degrees waking up to the fact that a huge amout of money is actually stored electron chits of it and has been for so long the likelihood the Rockefellers money could disappear in an internet fry bath beomes inchingly oh so more probable. Now we seem to be in a race between nuclear war with the world’s oldest of civilizations–though under this Martian influence of Joachim? Interestingly, Joachim being the male principle, the electron is symbolical. Sperm of commerce, the information age, has become the Dark Forces of the Empire. Manly P. Hall advises us on this matter:

“Mankind in the majority is selfish, provincial in attitude, and concerned primarily with personal success and aquiring creature comforts. It will not be possible to build an enduring peace until the average man has been convinced that personal selfishness is detrimental to personal happiness and personal success. It must be shown that self-seeking has gone out of fashion, and that the world is moving on to a larger conception of living. (pg. 16, Hall)

So many of the internet bloggers fail to truely dig into the literature for support of their views, they just opine and chatter about oil wells, Satanists, Illuminatum a brum abrum.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

I’m in my “second Saturn Return.” That means Saturn is now back to the same locality as it was when I was born, plus or minus some astrological and astronomical calculations. Its supposed to be a wisdom time. Wisdom is available, that’s for sure,  but the eye and ear must be attracted and the dark Side simply wants to have dumb beasts that can be fed through the 3 lower Chakras. As simply as Manly P. Hall tells us of the “Secret Destiny,” he also admits:

“The greatest of known problems is the human problem. And not until all embracing examination is made into every phase of human needs can there be an adequate reconstruction policy for a postwar world [ originally published 1944 ]. That man is physical is obvious; but he is also mental, and emotional; he is spiritual, and he has a soul. These latter factors are not so obvious (pg. 17, Ibid).”

What can be the issue with making a myth to share with others? One form like the Big Three religions use, is dogmatic inculcation under threat of violence. It is afterall, the end result of this whereby the common leaders of the world are musing nuclear war for resources. The oil wells are simply issues of resource war covert actions. I intellectually understand the Georgia Guidestones when the words admonish to keep the population to 500 million for the whole earth. The oil society could go on and on as long as only Al Gore and Prince Charles get to drive. A cursury examination of what murals exist and what has been painted over in the Denver Airport seem to indicate a “white” race survival more than anything else. Figures, Denver being noted for naziism and skin heads and “race” being a conversation point these days. More than one Mullah says it’s okay to kill “non-believers,” to which Hall would remark; “Look upon each man’s religion as his own particular belief, and if it suits his needs it deserves the respect of all other right-minded men. (pg. 88, Ibid Hall)” Jews and Christians could do with a good look at their own “live and let live” philisophical past, especially as everything we know of as religion was built upon the foundation of scientific information preserved in myth poetry, song, and stone hieroglyph. Go get yourself a copy of the Nag Hammadhi and begin there. The “Romans” restricted the knowledge, the Evil Illuminists also restrict knowledge of import to all humanity. What do you think media blackouts and falsified evidence is all about?

” The rulers of the State were corrupted by the common evil; the ten kings were no longer friends; they no longer conferred together in the temple of Poseidon to decide all matters under the common oath. (pg. 45, Hall)”

Hall reminds us of the cyclical nature of the struggle between good and evil. His historical perspective as an obvious insider, contains many more bits of information than are available to university students today, unless they are willing to climb the library shelves in search of Truth. Such was the nature of my college-university explorations as I revelled at having access to the Five Colleges books including that big failed design of a library at the University of Massachusetts. It is a Congressional Repository of documents. Our current President Obama, seems to follow closely his predecessor in the shoot first ask questions later pochteca patrol. We don’t really know his vision for America because he lies so much about everything he simply cannot have one or he wouldn’t mind telling the Turth. Maybe it is you, the People, who are not awake enough to simply ask, what’s the game plan here? “They” have one, you can count on that. That’s what those Bildeberg and Bohemian Grove meetings are supposed to be about. Given my observation of other similar gatherings of people who believe themselves to be “The Elite” — now we’re going to hear from a future king about his White Man’s Burden– most of the time they go over the driving blood level and begin talking wild fantasy that they don’t remember the next morning. That’s what the real secrecy is all about there. No, you won’t find those boy scout bonding camps the place where deep decisions are made. Being logical means accepting one particular attractor point in the chaos to do one’s monkey mind chatter around like a Monarch Butterfly sick with Monsanto bT corn. The Light of the Glory dims when one realizes the air in Rhinebeck had an elevated benzene level from Gulf and Michigan Shore. Do you know why there are so many UFO sightings lately? The creatures from another demension are dropping for a tour of these crazy monkeys who think they know how to think. And they are humorously amused by prostitutes from Vegas who claim some of the Illuminati are alien lizards. Like my tongue flies out and tastes the screen now and then and I love a good batch of Palmetto bugs dosed with Corexit. Those yummy chemicals help me send energy shivers all the way back to Sirius [ do you think I’m serious?].

Manly Hall says there is an even more secret secret society of the Order of the Quest, who will be present at any major turn to guide the initiates into making the best decision for the good of the Free Individual. He says they show up just when they are needed, like the unknown individual who gave a speach rousing the Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence, which they had been before reluctant to commit. No one knows where he went or who he was. Hall says the inspirational coach of our freedom was a member of the Order of the Quest.

Tonight I shall leave you with a thought from Hall:

“The old Secret Societies remain as they had always been, custodians of an overconviction. They are now emphasizing the right use of privileges. Education can be conferred by schools and universities, but enlightenment must still result from internal growth. Without the proper development of his superphysical resources, the individual cannot protect his physical rights and privileges. Progress of society always demands that the human being as a person be in advance of the institutions which he creates. When leadership passes to the keeping of external enterprises, the person becomes a slave to his own project. This is not the Plan, and if the condition contiunes uncorrected, physical society will collapse upon the individual, burying him beneath the debris of his own productions. (pg. 241, Hall)”

Psalm 23

   1The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

   2He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

   3He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

   4Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

   5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

   6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever




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