A Couple of Comments for Richard C. Cook


Mr. Richard C. Cook wrote:

In the area of spiritual/intellectual/cultural life, we see the increasing standardization of government-run school systems and the suppression of all non-collectivist ideas. We see domination of higher education by corporate-sponsored foundations and think tanks, the co-optation of churches by political players who support the Empire’s wars, and the push for Zionist interests in every policy area. The dumbing-down of the population by financier-owned media have turned the population into the “sheeple.” Such half-human, frightened, and heavily-medicated creatures are fit only for zombie-like obedience to the imperatives of consumerism and militarism.


Many Americans have found ways to educate themselves and practice critical thinking, so one does not need to be dominated by corporate realities. All corporate realities are Power Over Reality I structures. “To live outside the law you must be honest. — B. Dylan”.  Awareness that a small group of self-serving men own the boob tube, turn it around. Get a big screen, cut it into the side of a van and go park and show alternative media from metered parking–you rented the space, tell them to get lost. Add a few Bob Marley spiritual messages of love and you’ll have a great time in the neighborhood and putting a big screen to better use than in your living room. To play in the neighborhood means to join life again. And Richard, what about personal responsibility? I have done ethnographic and research work on the serotonin situation. Personal responsibility is to take first control of everything you can, and especially develop the knowledge about how the dumbing down starts with sweet syrup carbonated.

Yes, Mr. Cook, the war is engaged. You, me, and Celente, know there is truth in some of what Dr. Horowitz has to say. The balancing act of many a force on the left, and many a temptation on the right, opens the middle way through which we will pass, the evil will cleanse its own kind, as it always does, only the stoopid British send their brightest god blessed royals to the trenches of slaughter. And the Germans always send their brave and loyal. While the French gave their intellectuals, Steiner was boiling up from Hamlet’s Mill. Now all of this is beginning to sound like “the Beautiful and The Sublime.”

I think we should be aware that the “sheeple” will awaken, and fickle is as fickle does, “He that be filthy, let him be filthy still.”

Gurgle gurgle goes the Great Whirlpool. While you’re waiting for Steiner’s answer, I recommend “Thunderbolts of The Gods,” or their other one, “Signs in an Alien Sky.” Somehow I can’t get the connection between “consumerism and militarism,” with collectivism.

Mr. Cook also wrote:

Rudolf Steiner was an opponent of socialism, which as an economic system has been thoroughly discredited. It should also be clear that government involvement in any economic activity means more entrenched bureaucracy, standardization, taxes, court action, accounting overhead, forms, paperwork, police power, and stifling of innovation and initiative.


And here we have it. As the “gov’ment has increased redundancy in preparation for wars and more wars, they forgot one thing, it’s awful hard to triple the producer base in a system where all natural resources are getting harder and harder to bring to market. So bring up the Hispanics and load on some Asian Indians, triple the tax base — but — oops! — what happened to the American worker? The one who has been here in Gordon Lightfoot’s songs? The current war stimulates my initiative for innovation. I know Joe Saladin of Virginia knows where I’m coming from. Bring all those exteriors to the indige neighborhood, they end up becoming Americans — while I was picking beans today, my neighbor’s extended and adopted Cambodian (think more recent holocausts) family, was playing volley ball and barbequing some good old fashioned sausages.  We are becoming, so it is always effort well spent to work for the good of all. And I can do that capitalistically increasing the social benefit with the more capital I can arrange to work. And then, there must be work! There must be clients. Steiner was in favor of hierachial rule, which presupposes a supply of sheeple. Lucifer makes you feel good about materialism while Ahriman gets into your blood by your vices–even if they be high fructose corn sweetner. The object is to steal your Personal Power.  The current fashionable namesake for the Christ Shield of Righteousness is Jesus. Steiner believed in the reincarnation of Christian Rosenkranz.

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