Unlimited Resources and the Dance of Positive Creativity

I’ve been mulling over this writing effort for almost two weeks. What prompts me to consider engaging the few who read my words, you as it is, relates to the items of general discussion I have wrought into electrons and silicon on the rest of these pages. I believe it is now time for us to consider what our dysfunctional past is telling us collectively before we all explode in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The colonial English used a terroristic blood lust to create intentional dysfunctions everywhere they could. We are still not finished living out the many Diaspora that those Bloody Lodge Mates perpetrated and continue to do so. Those self-same Brits also carried sports into the communities as a way to bleed off hostile emotions into game. So here we are, in the dialectic created for us every day wondering what we can do to continue our lives in a respectful fashion and with dignity while we work out our problems. I’ve always been a thorn to Hegelians because I integrate Maslow with Hegel to prove there is always a third possibility.

One of my more favorite news sites is managed by Carolyn Baker, a former professor from what I can deduce. On this day in our time at Ms. Baker’s site is an interview of a Boulder Colorado localist Michael Brownlee who states;

 the entire global industrial agricultural system is going to collapse. We are seeing the very beginnings of that right now, and for most people, especially here in America, it seems very remote, but it will have tremendous impact here in this country within the next two or three years.


Here is a point where I disagree with Mr. Brownlee. There is a third answer to abundance-scarcity all-or-nothing thinking, I can find some cherry quotes in the adult children of alcoholics book on all-or-nothing thinking. Perhaps out there in Boulder where farms are rare and down out of the mountains is one huge feed lot shit bowl that odors the sky for hundreds of miles east of Denver, there, agriculture is in for a big shock, especially when the ranchers find how all the Mexicans have taught to Gringo survivors how to subsist on tomatoes, corn, beans, and cilantro, and that is why the irrigation trench is dry, then somebody is going to be wishing all that cow shit went back to Wisconsin and Ohio for the corn growing instead of all that natural gas fixed nitrogen, so yes, I do agree agriculture is in trouble, but mostly it will be up to you if you are going to let your food be handled by salmonella handed dirt grungers crawling over the southern fences or northern plains, or flying up from Jamaica or Brazil. One wake up call is that when they go home, they’ve been educated, and can now command more income at home, too, otherwise they end up stuck here until somebody either throws them out with a prepaid ticket, or they die of industrial disease in the same hospitals as the nativist and indigenous. After a generation or two, they’re out with all the other American Melting Pot doing American Culture from the three chakras below. And fat, has no respect for any artificial human subcategory. Lust, Sloth, Greed, the thirsty lusts all, especially intemperance, are epidemic across whatever class structures America has left. Guess what you billionaires, when an organization such as America is broke, your money isn’t worth a staple for a nail gun, and all the money can do is push smoke numbers for card table trading of crumbling infrastructure that until we learn to use our positive creativity to turn limited resources into unlimited possibilities. way way deeper than the dot-com promise of information age, you are in the same shit bowl from Denver to Omaha as the rest of us. Maybe Grandmother has Mad Cow Disease? The self pontificate show we call government mostly acts like it has Mad Cow Disease.

Patricia Evans, in her book “The Verbally Abusive Relationship,” grants us some keys to the social order problems we are faced with:

There are two kinds of power. One kills the spirit. The other nourishes the spirit. The first is Power Over. The other is Personal Power. … Power Over shows up as control and dominance. Personal Power shows up as mutuality and co-creation. Mutuality is a way of being with another person which promotes the growth and well-being of one’s self and the other person by means of clear communication and empathetic understanding. Co-creation is a consciously shared participation in life which helps one reach one’s goals. … Power Over is one model of how the world is believed to work. A belief in Power Over resembles a lens through which the believer views the world. Someone who believes in Power Over expects to get what he or she wants through the use of Power Over another. Our Western civilization was founded on Power Over. Now as a civilization, we have tremendous Power Over the earth and its peoples and resources. We have the power to wipe out our world. We have the power of total destruction. The Power Over model is, I believe, no longer tenable. pg. 27 Evans 2010.

Ms. Evans identifies the key Reality, she says Reality 1, that is abusive–think police state dictatorship, or social shunning church groups, all forms of Power Over are for Ms. Evans, Reality 1, and Reality 2 people are by nature Personal Power people.  For this trialectician, Reality 3 is the place where abused and abuser need each other for their complete meaning as the Post Traumatic Stress of continuation keeps them locking within their Reality1 or 2. Reality 3 is the dance. Reality 3 is where the abused says to themself, I love my addiction. Don Miguel Ruiz, with Janet Mills tells us in “The Voice of Knowledge,” that when a person is offering their opinion about us, they are really talking about themselves in that who they are talking about is a character in their story they confuse for us.

The truth needs to be experienced. Humans have the need to describe, to explain, to express what we perceive, but when we experience the truth, there are no words to describe it. Whoever claims, ‘This is the truth.” is lying without even knowing it. We can perceive truth with our feelings, but as soon as we try to describe it with words, we distort it, and it’s no longer the truth. It’s our story! It’s a projection based on reality that is only true for us, but still we try to put our experience into words, and this is something wonderful, really. It’s the greatest art of every human. pg. 23 Ruiz/Mills 2004

Don Ruiz is laying the foundation for a type 2 Reality. He wants you to co-create the advanced consciousness needed to think in the positive and creative way to solve the riddle of our scientific myopia. Don Ruiz sums it up this way;

Many lies enslave us, but only one thing can free us, and it’s the truth. Only the truth can set us free from the fear, the drama, and the conflict in our lives. This is the absolute truth, and I cannot put it more simply than that. pg.99 Ibid

Materialism resides within the lower three chakra centers. Sex, hunger, and love lust pulse in our gut level. What we call a gut feeling is a heart impulse. In Gregg Braden’s new book, “Fractal Time,” he reports much of the current understanding about the heart’s magnetic field, especially as it connects with other humans and precognitive events. One of the original discoveries was due to 9-11-2001. This fascinating book leads us to some new conclusions, all of which support a Reality 2 relationship between the individual and the civilization, though I have the same basic question about that word civilization as John Trudell does; if this be civilized I’ll take primitive. See his movie interviews, and I’ll cycle back to Braden’s;

— Discovery 1: It is well documented that the human heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the body, nearly 5,000 times stronger  than that of the brain. This field creates a doughnut-shaped pattern that extends well beyond the physical body and has been measured at distances of five to eight feet from the physical heart. Data suggest that this field may be so large the we end up measuring it in miles … Implication: The heart’s magnetic field responds to the quality of emotion that we create in our lives. Just as the intuitive link between feelings and the body seems to suggest, positive emotions increase the physical balance of hormones and heart rhythms, as well as mental clarity and productivity. pg 194 Braden 201o#3

I have come to my own conclusion that the process of negativizing, also called dumbing down, in the diabolical descriptions going on about the “End of The World” (Jesus sayings–Come up out of the world), are designed to keep the truth from reaching the heart magnetic field. The heart field then alerts others who have stepped up out of this world, in a very similar way as Freemasons recognize each other or how “Gaydar” gets people together, and become the first step to the journeys of the soul and spirit of the upper chakras and the Higher Selves. In an earlier blog I shared with you where you can find the code of Jesus that tells you the most effective known form of prayer. Prayer for me is the reinforcement of the climb out of this world of Low Self fears and lusts. The Jesus sayings also talk about accidental transgressions and intentional transgressions. Many more accidental transgressions happen the bring evil results — type 1 Reality for me — and keep the aspiring soul from using spirit to work the upper nature of ourselves. We need these upper natures if we are to creatively kick-start our communities in a Reality 2 way. Of course, we can hope they let us back in the Matrix after we’ve taken the blue pill. That is intentional transgression of the Divine order, so please, if you aspire to Higher Levels of Consciousness in atunement with the Divine, make that intentional as once tasted, Higher Consciousness shows up to remind you of your commitment from time to time. You don’t have to believe me, make your own story of it as Don Miguel Ruiz would advise. And he even goes deeper by advising in a film called “Living Luminaries,” Don’t believe yourself.”

Where do those roaming workers fit in to all of this? Think about the donut of the heart. Being repulsed by another’s humanity is a negative feeling crowded into the heart chakra, the feeling which raises fears and subsumes the spirit below the Low Self. Our civilization uses these immigrant people like draught horses and use up those not driven enough to raise up out of this world we call civilization to self actualization. Power Over establishes hierarchy which must be maintained. In an earlier published book, Gregg Braden reports a wonderful concept of correlation between our DNA atoms and the language letters in both Hebrew and Arabic which spell the unpronounceable name of God; YHVH. He expects this knowledge to smooth out our differences when we all recognize the universality of the name of God in our DNA. He writes;

The discovery detailed through this book …  describes the modern evidence of a timeless intelligence underlying our very existence. …  Through a legacy of massive temples, mysterious pyramids, extensive libraries, and mystical texts, members of ancient societies dedicated their lives to preserving and communicating such secrets of creation–secrets that were already ancient in times of antiquity. Within their secrets was knowledge so universal, yet so subtle, that even today the best science of our time has struggled with its meaning and implications. pg. 56 Braden 2005#5

We don’t need to kick the underclass immigrants. We need to hold their country’s elite’s feet to the fire. Haitian rich people should bring back their foreign stashed ill-gotten gains. We need better systems than educating the Chinese, sending them home to make us shirts in trade for promises on paper none of us knew we were making just to put on our clothes in the morning. Okay, I admit my responsibility, I have been telling stories about this all for a great number of years but I forgot to sugar coat it with the proper disaster scenarios. Not many cared to discover that they were paying a group of bankers 3% to print money representing  our future work. Not many believed organic farming could replace machine industrial farming. Yes, it can! Nobody wanted to look at the fact that every time someone came up with an effective and less resource dependent, thus less expensive way to deal with our energy needs (money is an energy exchange), the Big Oil, Big Government,and Big Automobile boys–yes boys–squelched, murdered (think John F. Kennedy),  suppressed and buried threatening science. And it still goes on, doesn’t it Uncle Albert.

Carbon Dioxide is for exhaling, not taxing. Grow more green, it will solve the problem, especially if we pay attention to God’s Law and fallow once every 7 years. Humus holds all the carbon we can make with it. Carbon is an unlimited resource being handled by addicts stuck in their own Low Self creations–I mean, Michael Douglas, I really need to know you need Viagra to feel like a man? Remember when grok was used at the time of Gecco, you know, the “derivatives junk bonder?”

I’ve made reframing into a fine art. Show me a negativity and I’ll help you find a way around it, though we might have to study it for awhile. The truth when it comes will feel like Aha!  Not quite the novelty as murder and mayhem on the Rachal Maddow show. It is, I can testify, the most satisfying feeling, Aha! Very Very close to Allah, or Yahweh, Ja, God.

These pages I type are what foment out of chronic near non-existent business cycle musings. Once I made the decision that my subsistence farming efforts, my humbleness before they system to beg food stamps, and that the most important tool I could keep ready for when something does break loose is my Big Automobile little Ford Ranger pick up–nurtured by safe elderly driving style learned through observation and the simple fact than when it came to the modern high-speed automobile, I deduced I was born at precisely the right time.  I do so love the Shelby Cobra, anyone want to gift me one? Hopefully I’ll make enough someday in the future to no longer be wondering about my positive creative potential with all this problem solving knowledge and wisdom I earned over 44 years of self actualization personal responsibility.

Unlimited resources are factors of the creative mind. Negative creativity is Shock and Awe, wouldn’t you agree? Negative creativity is the Twin Towers, with Building 7 being one of those karmic undoers of the plot, wouldn’t you agree. The addict looks within for the answer to why things “out there” appear so negative. Here I am reminded by Manly P. Hall in “The Secret destiny of America,”

On the common medium of our currency appeared the eternal emblem of our purpose. … The combination of the Phoenix, the pyramid, and the all-seeing eye is more than chance or coincidence. There is nothing about the early struggles of the colonialists to suggest such a selection to farmers, shopkeepers, and country gentlemen. There is only one possible origin for these symbols, and that is the secret societies which came to this country 150 years before the revolutionary War. Most of the patriots who achieved American independence belonged to these societies, and derived their inspiration, courage, and high purpose from the ancient teaching. There can be no question that the great seal was directly inspired by these orders of the human Quest, and that it set forth the purpose for this nation as that purpose was seen and known to the Founding Fathers. … The monogram of the new Atlantis reveals this continent as set apart for the accomplishment of the great work–here is to arise the pyramid of human aspiration, the school of the secret sciences. over this nation rules the supreme king, the Ever-Living God. This nation is dedicated to the fulfillment of Divine Will. To the degree that men realize this, and dedicate themselves and their works to this purpose, their land will flourish. To depart from the symbol of this high destiny is to be false to the great trust given as a priceless inheritance. pg. 129 Hall 1944/2008

We have departed. We are out of balance with our creative centers and lost connection to high purpose. We torture cruelly, humans, our food animals, and any sentient being that gets in our civilized way. We so can’t look at our generated negative creations that we blind ourselves with false positivity on materiality. The Dance of Reality 3 is our trap.  Finding advanced consciousness that creates the Good, comforts the poor in spirit and those fallen away from care. Maybe the very best thing for our civilization is a food chain collapse. Is that what you want, or are you rolling up your sleeves. I have experienced first hand the goodness of the people who are scientifically confirming the heart chakra magnetics. The research confirms that the very best we can do for prayer is “God, make me an instrument of The Will.” God doesn’t care which name you use, God wants to feel your heart chakra magnetic pulsing with Love.

Learn from your past, but don’t believe it. It’s a story you made up. Don’t believe what they say about immigrants, many are as legal as it gets in this lawless state of disunion. Forget about “The Power Of Money,” it’s not real, it’s an illusion, maya. The power is you. look at your hands, they are healing tools, when you shake hands extend your heart out your arms. Mr. Hall’s Lodge members were just those things he said, farmers, shopkeepers, country gentlemen, and some convicts. Freemasons want able-bodied men. The rest of us have all the human potential outside their doors.

Humans believe so many lies. Some of these lies are so subtle and convincing that we base our entire virtual reality on them without even noticing that they are lies. The lies we believe about ourselves can be difficult to see because we are so used to them that they seem normal. pg. 96, Ruiz /Mills 2004

As “Charlie” crabbydogtrix over at You Tube says:

That’s all I got.


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