First Amendment District #11

Names and games,

did I get it wrong! Not until I looked at pictures did I see that Sotomayor IS the Judge, and Kagen is the new judge.  Evidence of doublethink for sure.

Little changes, I still believe newspeak and newthink is attempting to corral minds in sheeple response. Don’t go to the gun cabinet Johnny Reb, they’re waiting for that. Better grow your own food, it’s a revolutionary act.

We told you in the Sixties, organic heals the ills, scientific organic heals the disease. Senate Bill 510 is treasonous to the people — especially the people who are vulnerable to mass food production — all of us — and the secrets of it are repressed for profit value over the value of life — LIFE I say!

We told you in the Seventies, equality means even Transpeople on the other side of the Stonewall. The Panthers paid for their idea of community service. Russell Means was given a Hollywood career. None of this was “for profit.” All of it was for LIFE. So when the Panthers stepped up to the plate in the American Way, armed, Whitey Business Man had to show his power over. That’s what brought on the incident in the first place. How can a country that doesn’t read, expect to learn from the past?

I am Mercury. I have always lived where speak and doublespeak live. I am a Guardian of the Word, an official family title. I was the angel for the Not Guilty Bookshop, which took over the old police station and sold all the books that Bunch of Grapes in Vineyard Haven wouldn’t. Some of it was City Lights erotic poetry at the time considered pornographic. I am Aphrodite.

I lost Pat Quinn to Scientology.

LOVE of LIFE is not destructive of environment, and keep in mind what “THEY” hold as wealth in numbers are now simply electrons and the “ownership” issues are being settled by accounts of electrons and bundles of promisory notes. If the whole world is turned into one government they will grow stale with boredom in six months. If any attempt to homogenize the world any more than it currently is — homagenized milk from coast to coast Johnny Reb America for sure — Divine intervention will collapse the commons taking those trying to hide in bunkers first. The attack dogs may chew up some population, but when that proves not a launch for privilege but meeting one’s own end in the ordinary manner, the dogs always turn. The hounds of Diana know my scent. I have lived a peaceful life — DON”T FUCK IT UP!

Breaking science — go search for it yourself — says the largest percentage of our DNA is microbial in the chain.  Older recent work at the IONS site and Heartmath demonstrate a heart chakra connection between us all. I am Aphrodite. All other human sentient beings here upon this planet of dust are but affixtions of slime, as I have said many times, we are like blue mold on an orange. The “smart minds” think they will burn us off and leave what’s left for them to eat, but what is not observed is the major part of the organism can’t die without taking the rest, and usually something else shows up to feed off the remainder, so those that planned the burning, fried their own scientific half ass. But isn’t that our collective human problem? A couple of hundred years of science and we think we are ready for the big league of galactic creation. We’ve even invented the United Nations as the main kiss ass to half assed science, and it endeavors to replace the Pope, and the Zionists want to take it over, while the Fundys Johnny Rebs want their Old South back, and expect a Golden Ladder hanging down after the world blows Jerusalem off the map.

Don Miguel Ruiz, bless his Hispanic ass, said, “Don’t believe them, but listen.”

The prompting to correct this blog came from listening to a story from a relative of a man in Florida. The Florida resident has made a compound for himself deep in the swamp with fences, dogs, moats with alligators, rooms full of food, weapons, electric vehicles, and solar everything.  I asked our guest how the Florida man was doing with the benzene and Corexit at the same time my other mate showed our guest a map of Planet X and Florida underwater. Pick your scenario, but first, look carefully at the side of the line you’re on. Col. Travis scratched it already, commit. Never forget, service to self is dead end, service to others is the Gate. It is written so many places in so many Holy Words, perverted and twisted by those who seek to serve self only. Who said many will come in my name? Do you know what the language was? It was NOT of this Earth. I am Hermes, Quadmegensis.

We have sympathy for the devil. The devil has none for us. The devil will send Legions to bloody the streets over potatos and a cool drink of water. The Old Code of Sailors was to allow the shipping aboard of water and fruits, and keep battle for high seas. Iran is going personal with small attack craft. Borders are being scrutinized heavily for the individual or small team attackers. Aphrodite has no need for such an army, if you really listen. All acts of Love and Pleasure are my rituals and Jesus was down with that, just ask Mary Magedaline, why do you think the homofocii Bohemian Grove was reputed to have murdered Jesus and Mary M. this season? We have sympathy for the devil. The devil has none for us. When you get to the crossroads, play that funky fiddle white boy. You cannot create terrorists out of LOVERS of LIFE. You can pick the scab off somebody else’s version of Self Serving walking wounded and make a terrorist. Selling oneself as “the one” brings with it increasing risk as sooner or later, the next generation is on the way up behind, and if you’ve been a self server all your life, you hear things like live by the sword, die by the sword, and start looking over your shoulder for some other self server on your trail. If you are a service to other kind of elder, your record will provide deep security for your future no matter what scenario of 2012dom. I believe Jimmy Carter was bought and paid for, but his service to others compassion made him victim to the plan instead of major player. With no sympathy for us, year 2000 corrupted America beyond redemption, that’s why all the doublespeak, doublethink, media control and Big Brotherism to bolster profits of exploitation — Karl touched on the subject, so did Fredrich — and the funny money rewards, the toys with fancy names, the houses sucking up Venezuela, Canada, and sinking Los Angeles — buys a service to self soul pretty cheap. Know them by their fruits.

I am all for gender equality. That has to include Quentin Crisp. That has to include Jameson Green, and Kate Bornstein. Thus it extends in my belief that a feminine Judge can be a Supreme as well as anyone. Surely also a Lesbian or a Gay. Jesus didn’t shun them, why should I?  In this time of After 2000, judges and other appointees with demonstratable agendas such as limiting the First Amentment, surely look like a group of service to self individuals have clustered like tent catepillars and of course, they will see service to other people as The Enemy Within. If I don’t have free speech, I cannot express to you my story and how I support gender equality. You can’t express to me you think I am wrong about myself (now THAT”S a dubious human activity, kind of like the beach calling the grain sandy).

Energy runs down as I type. I am thinking of my revolutionary drink, which is doing more to cause my body to feel better and better everyday, a veggie and yogurt smoothie. My veggies, my homemade yogurt, and good living energy maple syrup.

First revolutionary action is grow your own food organically, and work toward total control over your food supply and water. That’s top advice right now for everyone in the world. And tighten up your communities so you can accept guests as they come, or slink back when the devil shows his face.

We’ve already won, we out number the self serving psychopaths — check out ponerology.

So Mote it be.

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One Response to First Amendment District #11

  1. bella paige says:

    I agree with love light and the ability to produce it with nothing more than a hand full of carbon, and water that falls from the sky. I love u dearly aphrodite, the guardian of our word. I believe maybe piece on organic farming and where to begin may be in order, although ms. Greenthumb here was smart enough to pay attention when we resided together on the left coast. With all my love truth acceptance dance my friend dance, in the light of love waves that emulates my feelings about you.

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