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Mythology Interlude #2 Future State

There are death panels, that is now Truthfully told, I’m in the prime of my life, and “they’re saying I’m Old. For retirement’s game, I built a business you see, They promptly took it away from me. The plan all … Continue reading

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Mythology and Our Future #2

My father used to tell me night time stories. I was born with a penetrating facination with the story of the Phoenix. I made him read and re-read that story as much or more than any. The passion and emotion … Continue reading

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Mythology Interlude

so … Alex Jones was right,  it will be automobile rail cars. I saw it on Dr. Zhivago last night. they had livestock cars sitting around.   They’re on the move on the City of New Orleans Monday morning BP Special … Continue reading

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Mythology and Our Future #1

American District: New England; Vermont; the ether, here I am again making squiggly pictures of words. Those that need most to read and participate in expanded myth exploration here now in this time, will neither read nor hear what is … Continue reading

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Answer To An Arab Woman

This writing is inspired by 40 something Arabian woman published here . Dear Ms. Eloquent in Condemnation, Let us back up a bit to get perspective on what might make you vomit perfidty. Let us emerge in the swamps of Virginia, … Continue reading

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Burning Koran District 2 X 2 X 2 or 3 X 3 X 3 = a Cube

Jesus is but a name. Many a Hispanic has been so blessed. There will be those in Florida ready to Burn Koran who will be under the hypnotism of anti-Christ, another name.  What I know of the name Jesus as … Continue reading

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The Animals Gmo! Just Listen.

This piece was inspired by :  ) The animals gmo! Of course they do!   You and me,   we have denial, S 510 to de Nile. Yes we do, Yes we do.   And in the river, to … Continue reading

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