The Animals Gmo! Just Listen.

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The animals gmo!
Of course they do!
You and me,
we have denial,
S 510 to de Nile.
Yes we do, Yes we do.
And in the river,
to go be blessed,
are all the chemicals,
we forget to test,
in the Devil’s Soup,
we glitter for gold,
forgetting microbes,
our mana of old.
There will come a Great Judgement, and behold the ones who spewed the slime,
those with their science and us with ours, wise planet exterminates in time,
so graduate to space, we are told to do,
not remembering a used up resource or two.
So bury me now on the lone prairie,
My spirit is a dancing faerie.
Raised on the meat of Caballa on a Cross,
Jesus Legserpent biled, blooded, and dross.
The Light of the Sun, the cry of the geese,
I am but a Sandy on the Beach.
Oh glittering luminous one,
be ye ever Holy,
dancing on the clear waters,
ad i ron dak,
dancing on the clear waters,
Grandmother Moon,
Brother Sun,
Oh Great Mystery, behind it all,
I pray for Peace and Love,
And listening to the animals call.
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