Burning Koran District 2 X 2 X 2 or 3 X 3 X 3 = a Cube

Jesus is but a name. Many a Hispanic has been so blessed.

There will be those in Florida ready to Burn Koran who will be under the hypnotism of anti-Christ, another name.

 What I know of the name Jesus as a man God, is that He would never Burn Koran, he just scolded the Sanhedrin and whipped symbolically at the moneychangers.

 We play name games with religion until things get so serious we are murdering one another over long forgotten Gods so we don’t have to accept our personal responsibility to seek God first and let God (another name, respectfully and most Holy ALL Names of God, be there One and I am) add all that Mother/Father blesses me with, I grant you Freedom to Call your name for God Holy! I bow to God of Mecca because of the Cube, and only the Cube–I am American–I am Freedom of Religion. I am able to read, and have read the Koran many years ago. If you Burn Koran you disrespect the Word of God that arises in my sister’s heart as she studies. I study. Some of you Hate so much you wish to murder me. Why? I am simply attempting to mind my own business to read Koran if I choose. When ANYONE of ANY religion hates so intensely they commit murder, commit crime of genocide of the heart upon their sister/brothers, they are not listening to God, they are practicing the blood lust of the animal nature.

I am not an internationalist. At one point a red color in Japan was known as “not-Chinese,” because the Japanese with their rigid caste, class, and tribal,  war machine, did not want to be “like-the-Chinese.” John F. Kennedy made a remark paraphrased in my words as, “Okay, then we’ll have diversity.” I am Religion. I understand my choice of being one with God in my own Religion. Everyone is a Religion of One, but many have a cloak provided by others under which to hide, the cloak is Organized Religion, too many letters even for Allah, may the name be Holy unto God. And if One Word is Holy, then all words are holy, even these tiny attempts by this spiritual warrior.

Go back and read my blog quoting Gregg Braden. Seek out his correlative work “The God Code.” Check out “Remote Viewing,” look into Heartmath and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Please. We haven’t much time faced with the growing insecurity of religions. We are like one big Aspen tree spread out over the mountain. We burn Koran, it is like burning Torah–New Testament–defacing hieroglyphs of Egypt, Sumeria, Maya, or Nasca Plain. We, sister/brother, we. I cannot stop fools from burning Koran, I cannot makes ignoramousii read it before they condemn or discuss it. The anti-christ preacher who wants to Burn Koran is determined. To burn a book others think is Holy is like asking a Rabbi for an opinion and walking away. It’s like getting the Big Book at Alcoholics Anonymous and never reading the copywrite date, and never the title. “You know, the thick one with the blue cover?”

I know warriors of many kind. It takes many kinds to make a diversity called the United States for America. We have some of the world’s finest, why are we so afraid of a book? If our way is right, is truth, we attract, if it is wrong, evil, we repel. We are still attracting so we must still have a chance at balancing negative karma. Burn Koran and keep the wheel off balance you will. No soul is saved. Fortunately for my loving Mother/Father, the soul isn’t lost yet either.

I have seen it with my unshrowded eye, the Star of Mercury, The Cube of Islam, the Dancing Shiva. Upon leaving the cloistered walls of a fine Midwestern American/Roman Catholic College, a Religious school for inculcation of a power over religion in the fine militaristic traditions of Rome, I set my nature to Zen and studied. Zen path ended many years later under the dogma of Zen monastic religion focused on inculcating Zen Buddhism. I am wild and mannered at the same time, for my inculcation by a determined mother so intent was for the finer stations of social existence, while her father, my grandfather, taught me how to be a mud puppy. I witnessed in the 60’s and 70’s the trading of principal for money. And that is not to say principle in the nature of finance, for the fractional reserve system depends on just in time delivery of cash, new paper script, to forestall bank runs–Taliban attacks–support for terror–evil by every name is still evil and no one name is the name for evil unless it be Burning Koran. No more burning and sacking the library of Alexander, no more burning and sacking the library of Constantinople. No more destruction of mountain Buddhas, the hand that wrought the art was in belief of Divine Inspiration, something which truly we each and every day reside in Divine Inspiration.

Do you want to prove there is an Elite on this planet? Burn Koran.

 You are practicing Evil, you are less than good, you are evil, everyone wants good over evil, ask the father who lost children to Shock and Awe. Ask the Israeli whose daughter was on the wrong bus. Good over evil means that good is Elite and evil is base, element slime, lifeless depleted uranium soil. We can do evil nine ways to Sunday, even if we wait until Saturday night to begin. We have been given personal responsibility over our aberrant behavior.

God said I Am, and I make you, I allow you to have any way you want to call my name, I will know your calling by your heart and unveiled eye, your ear that truly hears; come supplicating your Gratitude for My Gifts To You.

In the movie “Josie Wales,” with Clint Eastwood as Josie, he meets the Comanche face to face. When asked why he came to them–they had two of Josie’s party buried up to their necks–Eastwood/Wales says, “I came here to die,” and held a pause, “or to live.” The leader of the Comanche, Ten Bears, says Josie is a “Man of Iron,” as he, Ten Bears, is a Man of Iron. They slash hands and mix blood and seal a pact of mutual support when the Comanche are in town. Blood, for putting to the seal, or letting upon the Earth. Twisted and Nailed the God of Catholicism performed the blood sacrifice and offered the hand for a pact of mutual support. Ahriman, the polluter of the blood, and the spiller of life into the ground. See the demon in the ether? Open your eye and look at the eye of the pyramid. A secret I withhold, is done with Love, and left for you to behold, by your study and work with God. No Holy Domes, No Holy Cubes, No Holy Medicine Circles, Pyramids, Mounds, Black Hills, need ever be desecrated, as these places are our past Divine Inspiration. However, the greatest of evil is the desecration of the flesh by warful blood-letting, genocide, starvation, bad medicine, or money manipulations. If the Low is to be brought up, the High must be brought down, this is the way, this is teaching as old as it gets. The planet wobbles, goes through Ages, which are more names, and only people make hysterical actions attempting to avoid personal responsibility. It is our free will gift we need to guard with Godly Goodness. Uttering Holy Words is Important but God asks you to come with your Heart, your open Eye, and listening Ear. Are you doing that?

I am. I study, and pray, seeking the Truth of the day. It is hard sometimes. It means walking the talk. It means if God gives you/me a task, a mission, and we don’t do it, we suffer Hell, right here and now, like an alcoholic who drinks many years may not ever get sober because needed circuits are blown. A methadrine abuser shrinks the their own brain, burning out circuits faster than an alcoholic, but just as likely to become totally useless to any position in the future outside of a barred cage or white tile room. And the Spirit they were looking for was the Holy Ghost; the Jinn; Constant Companion.

It can be very hard when all the athletic shoes you can find to wear were made by an Evil Empire. Your/my poor feet make you/me complicit.  I am swindled, which means you have been swindled. I have these Chinese cotton shirts with terrible fiber adhesion, unlike American, Mexican and United States cotton. I have this plywood on my camper that delaminated years faster than the former Philippine Mahogany plywood. I suppose you/I don’t give away our good stuff for paper script which are a pocket full of mumbles and promises. Was it good to give the Chinese a bunch of promises, make them work in horrible conditions of neo-slavery, and rip them off in much the same way the old opium trade ripped them off? We don’t Burn I Ching. We’re hoping they don’t hold us all accountable for swindling them. Free Tibet is an empty drum; who wants to install another religious government on the planet? Our best plan seems to be Burn Koran? In each drawer of a Marriott Hotel is a Book of Mormon. Is that next? Do we Burn Koran today and then move on to the Book of Mormon tomorrow? How about the Freemasons’ boards?

 Gregg Braden says the Name of God is written in our DNA. What’s next? Burn Koran readers? OOps! I forgot, We did that with Shock and Awe; oh you pretty French boys and girls, you had no part? Right! Stop harrassing the Romas.

It is a disgrace to disrespect trees by burning books made from them. Don’t we have enough problems with vanishing resources? Stop the Nonsense! Books need to be read. If you disagree with the words, you certainly cannot disagree with the WORD, then read it study it, put forth your efforts into locating that which is offensive to you and talk it over with someone else. My Father wore a respectable Five Air Metals and Three Distinguished Flying Crosses from World War Two fighting fascism and dictatorship. He disliked some of the books I chose to read, but he would NEVER have burned ANY book. He would have said the Florida Book Burners were just like Hitler’s SS. If the Word of God is in our DNA, then Eugenics has failed to eliminate that bad seed we know as evil, those who cheat and steal. Or maybe some people truly seek to be unhappy in Hell with the torment of the evil they have done stalking their every psychic move across our vast and expansive ride in the Body of God.

Redemption is here and now and moving one more step toward the Good than the evil in your daily path. Please consider not burning any books. Give them away. Drop them off in a thrift shop or ghetto. Burning books, Koran or not, is a lowly thing to do, disrespectful of self and Mother/Father God.

I have written.

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