Answer To An Arab Woman

This writing is inspired by 40 something Arabian woman published here .

Dear Ms. Eloquent in Condemnation,

Let us back up a bit to get perspective on what might make you vomit perfidty. Let us emerge in the swamps of Virginia, the Bays of Massachusetts, the frozen rivers of Canada, to where modernity and Kant came a murdering. Let us look deeply into David Duke’s History of American Slavery as, please excuse him my Lady, but he would no doubt agree with you about duplicitous double standards. I live near a town named after a British General who used small pox as a weapon against the American Indians, and that genocide is ongoing. First Gaza, then the Black Hills, my prophecy. My father used to say if you can’t beat them join them.

Who are these people you consider to be leading the admitted sheeple — as I never once fell for the crapola having existed deep on the inside of those alliances — as I awaited your website to load I picked up on another where I found this line under a map:

The cis-Caucasus was the ancient cultural and geographic matrix of the Ashkenazi Jews, a white Eastern European stock totally distinct from the Biblical Jews.

From what I gathered of the situation you speak of, your “foul nausea,” you are speaking of the alliance between the current British Empire and the current Kazharian Empire. As only one citizen speaking in defence of herself by my 44 years of activism I have also been aflicted by “foul nausea.”  My spiritual program doesn’t point fingers at Arabs as the cause. It does not point fingers as Kazharians as the cause, the palms of my hands are healing instruments, and must be protected for placing in the palm of my afflicted sister/brother. My foul nausea comes from the simple adherance to being an animal human with the Godspark Soul. I am also flowing in the river watching hysterics abound and competition expounds on how fast and well the men can kill us all.

Arab Woman wrote:

…¨”kill the motherfuckers” you shouted…and your wives masturbated to your love letters, or shed a few tears while waving that infamous flag…the flag of a degenerate, decaying country that has offered nothing but murder, carnage and mayhem… Ibid top

On this day, I choose to glorify and condemn Abbie Hoffman, who suffered a beating and jail for simply protesting in a Roy Rogers shirt, “that infamous flag,” and that he later copped or was capped out in the ordinary manner, and thus cannot be here to adjust the wrongs humans so lightly spray upon each other. I offer no excuses for the 2/3rds of Americans who still profess to believe the 9/11/2001 “official story.” I am admittedly and honestly skepticle of ever finding the Truth in this matter to ever reach them, and hoping that if 1/3rd know the Truth, it will have to be enough for now, but therein is a metric by which you may consider rejudging one of those stripes that has been used by many a varied mindset in America. I have no excuse for the decadence of my nation in abusing the energy left as our heritage from many generations of life’s experiments before the introduction of humans. I am nauseated when I contemplate dune buggy riding against the heating needs of Gaza, only to be self questioned when I see the new Iranian Speedboats of death up against my own desire to feel the power of huge motors–therein lies my masculine pole of bifurcation. I would wish for your last twenty years to have been like my mother’s 40 years, may she rest in peace, murdered by automobile and alcohol. Instead Arab Woman brings my tears with this:

you liberated us until our streets turned into pools of blood, and mosques became torture dungeons where those hajjis were having their eyes plucked out and their flesh drilled, you liberated us so we can be abducted, raped and murdered for a 1000$ or for wearing lipstick…you liberated us so our bodies can float on the Tigris and Euphrates, mutilated unrecognizable…you liberated us alright…stuffing us in prisons cells, covering us with your piss and excrements, or handing us to your mercenaries and your pimps and whores in turbans, while you fucked the prostitutes specially brought to you in your Green Fortress… and while the rest of us lived in walled ghettos that you constructed for us… Ibid

These things you mention above happen here in the United States, in prison cells, in the dark of night, out of sanctioned orders, and no, we do not have mass bombings as of yet, for it is too easy to go OOps! another oil disaster. May I remind you that the New World Order eases out of the lips of everyone these days? Excuse me, I forgot the 2/3rds sheeple who when asked go blank. The NWO as it is known, relies on that Freedman economic principle that Iraq Gaza Iran must be destroyed and rebuilt by other tribes. The dummies are the ones who think Depealeted Uranium is harmless.

As Arab Woman writes:

We carry numbers wherever we go, number on our passports, on our ID cards, on our prison bracelets, and even on our dead bodies…the numbers follow us to the cemeteries, we got plenty of them today…all this reconstruction money, we built cemeteries with…well not quite, you stole the money…billions of dollars, so we turned gardens and parks into graveyards…our children play there, amidst the wailing of mothers in perpetual grief…

You are indeed a brave people…a noble, brave people. See, all what you’ve done for us! Your generosity will be recorded in history annals…and you will be used as a historical example, a model of a country and a people of great integrity — just like the New Iraq model Ibid

Arab Woman, no worries. They stole it from the sheeple, too. Only the 2/3rds who baa-baa-believe they are still getting Change with the big Tom — maybe the biggest swindle of all — I’m willing to prophecize America is heading for some Freedman economics of its own real soon now, at least a false flag bigger than 9/11/2001, and they might blame it on you! Or anyone they feel like, is that any different than at any other time or with any other set of nations and peoples? Just because Iraq was there for thousands of years before the Romerican Empire, doesn’t mean my ancestors weren’t enjoying a day by the Hoosatonic River that has been polluted by petro chemicals. My native born soil is contaminated with the blessings of Arabia. I did not do it; I have stood against it. No good comes from commiting evil, we both know that. Follow the money, I reject your overall condemnation of my nation, there are either 20% , or 1/3rd , who have been very brave in standing as witness to the failure you have experienced, a failure of worldly proportions, everyone is guilty except the children. There is more strangeness yet to come.

Arab Woman, do not despair. vomit makes compost and that which falls later is risen. Don’t believe the American Dream, it’s going, going, gone. Las Vegas has 50% unemployed, I am on slow death by Iraqi blood. I am Not Guilty.

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