Mythology and Our Future #1

American District: New England; Vermont; the ether, here I am again making squiggly pictures of words. Those that need most to read and participate in expanded myth exploration here now in this time, will neither read nor hear what is the growing myth of a people who forgot their gift. Such incidence has happened before in myth, as the Popul Vu of the Mayan witnesses and Semetically focused biblical mythology focuses on the fall. I have mentioned the book Hamlet’s Mill in past blogs, and have been studying it ever since. I’ve given up on collecting books, and keep around those I wish to use to build my dissertation upon the WordPress stage no matter how few actually read these words. Our use of computers is a crumbly mess without any cohesive mythological future. Eventually when we get back to the times all we need are some horses and our minds, a canal boat vacation and some fresh local foods grown organically, despite Codex Alimentarus and Senate Bill 510, past the error of Gates and Monsanto and the elite’s idiocy of destroying 6 Billion and illusion of enslaving most of the rest, we will recognize the true fabric of our rich cultural differences in explaining the same story. I have endeavored to show fragments of the past myths forming the now for our and my benefit of organizing the attention to intention of what I want for my future and yours.

I will help you. I will co-create, but we must be given a chance. That was the change we expected with the Top Deck Cabin Porter, obviously serving someone in the “rooms.” We looked for change, and quite realistically, I sent an email to one of my positive bright spots in California who follows the garble of a channelled program, I think with a woman who has hiccups, the content of the email was the Who’s song, “Don’t Get Fooled Again.” See me feel me touch me heal me. Now we must co-create in a haze of oil, benzene, and Corexit [yourexit?]. Tough it up, sisters. If the Iroquois Women can have faith in having children with the pollution they have been exposed to, we the people are a long way from being wiped out. We have a lot of work to do and normal capital will be denied us. The Nazi idea of a One World Government has been kept alive in boardrooms, country clubs, societies, and idealism with all its fatal flaws. New World Order means New World, not old crappy crotchety old men who lust after their Lower Self Youthful Dreams of Power over the dumbasses. We the people possess Beethoven’s Mother! We the people are Elvis Presley’s Mother. We the people have dirty cops and good cops, diabolical Freemasons and pristine pure Freemasons. Then we have Henry Makow, a so-called alternative yellow journalist in my book. Henry picks on the Freemasons. Then Henry picks on the Jews. On another site, I found research about a second form of Judaism, I wasn’t surprised. I’d say there a a lot more than two, and they have about the same amount of internal squabbles and sinners as all the religions. This second group was known as the Khazar, what looks like a split happening because of the Greeks, but also, there is firm evidence that the split happened when Enoch went North to New Grange, got shown how to do a clock, and ever since watches are photographed at 10:0? {ha-ha} , and that the people of the Khazar are those on the backside of the last serious asteroid slap down. Like hitting a puddle with a rock, a fast-moving asteroid would remove all water from the Mediteranian Sea. What a ride! You can get good visuals and predictions at the Zetas.

So when Henry Makow invaded Kabbalah, Cabala, Qabalah, I went looking back through my mythological and religious bookworks, some people see a Gandalf type when looking at me, and I found something right away. This comes from “The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah Recovering the Key to Hebraic Sacred Science.” Leonora Leet writes of Ezekiel’s vision.

The essential meaning of Ezekiel’s vision, then, is that the son of man, the human son of God, is he who has achieved the mystical capacity to see the divine nature of his own higher self. This understanding became part of the later kabbalistic tradition that at the highest level of mystical ascent the face one sees on the Throne will be one’s own. p.36 1999 VT Leet

In this I hear the message of Jesus, to look for the Higher Self, or as my blogs have explained, all the way around the world the Hawaiian Higher Selves. The psychology of the individual tied together through interweaving Higher Selves spins around the prehistoric, pre-patriarchal religion, driven by astrological myth designed to be imparting space/time substance to help us understand our place in the cosmos so we could be prepared for re-accurance of long cycle events. Our scientific dictatorship now running neck and neck with strained religion, founders in a sea of uncertainty principle as everything our myths of science were based upon, and gave us the modernity spawning the One World Order Nazis. It is like a Shia-Sunni schism, a Semite-Kazarian schism, a connection of philosophy and unity driven by cultural and tribal greed way past what I cal a Bateson Point. Bateson was a systems analyst. He was a brilliant man with what I have heard was a complete lack of ability to keep house, wherein I identified immediately. The Bateson Point for that dream was when the League of Nations collapsed. Self organized globalism began in the Sixties when activists were expanding into a new religion morphing Gnostic Christ with Mother Earth, and we did face to face circles of finding our faces on the Throne.

Probably one of the reasons I write is that my mother enforced a family mythohistory that Sir Conan Doyle was one of our Aumakua {Hawaiian Higher Selves and Ancestors}.

As for the banking “crisis,” so made by the generators in the plans since 1913, I can see how a trail might lead from Karzai to Wall Street as a natural selection kind of tribal thing. I can understand a Euro-American world King Rothschild, maybe even that wise ass David sailing a plastic boat through the plastic, leaving it all behind, now that his family and the minions in America have maximized their profits. In a world of rapid acceleration — see Terrance McKenna — those that would climb to power, Hermes says pay heed of those you climb upon, else the seething pile will engulf thee. The picture of Chinese Communism in America worked about the time the messages were being generated with Janet Jackson music videos, messages of uniformed males led by her pleasure suited similar cloth outfit. At that time fear kept them from cracking the whip and making it so. It would have actually been a great time but the Bateson Point has been passed a long time ago. We are looking over the shiny hood of a New Chevrolet, one closer to my visions than theirs.

A second Bateson Point was passed when the Government dismissed computerizing old records. Once upon a time, there was a solid box of paper of statistical science on almost every subject. With the rapid expansion of new information coming in, budgets tight for a while now, tax revolts being successful in some local venue, most of that old evidence and research is being burned instead of Qur’an. Learn the New science, it’s an electric universe, the micro may indeed prove to resemble the macro. There is this old God named Mars, and blood sacrifice seems to be the worship, be it Aztec, Israeli, English, or Afghani. Now that people have died over book burning, my idea that burning books is bad is witnessed. We rest right now at a Bifurcation Point. We must use the global myth of old to instruct the Now of Order. Before I leave Henry Makow and Leonora Leet for now, I give debate space to Leonora in argument that this Bifurcation Point is actually more about Self Worth of the Individual than we can possibly imagine with our postmodernity minds. It is the Truth of Feminism. It is the Truth of where our New Now Myth needs to begin to form.

The three divine renamings of Genesis imply two things. In the first case of Abraham and Sarah, the implication is that spiritual rebirth is an equal possibility for both men and women, that the collective divine son identified in Exodus with the Community of Israel is androgynous. In the case of the two males so renamed, the implication is of two different methods of achieving such rebirth. For Abraham, this is the method of the substitute animal sacrifice as he came to understand it in his final testing; for Jacob, it is the method of such true prayer as reveals a total abnegation of the lower or animal ego. These are also the two methods of human transformation with which the priesthood was originally identified. p.52 1999 Leet

First important concept for the future is to get to a place where we as individuals recognize and value women for their potential to ascend into Higher Selves living, or what Nancy at Zeta Talk calls Service to Others, as I have written of before, herein. “Spiritual rebirth is an equal possibility for both men and women.” Henry Makow also seems to project a certain misogyny, I’m not quit got my finger on it yet, but it’s there. Substituting an animal sacrifice is using an alternative method for addressing the Low Self, the subconscious, or ultra conscious mind that cannot speak. By massaging between your genitals and anus, you can “talk” to the Low Self. Religions that eschew masturbation are attempting to inculcate involuntary ascent to Higher Self living. We are at the Bifurcation Point of Respect for the Feminine, not just the fancy suited leather pumped Ladies of FeminIzm. The world’s Sovergn Motherhood is crying out into the silence of the abyss. Meanwhile Corporodaddy, master of planet, tries to figure out a way to sterilize her and keep his own free and clear, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA……

Oh my Daddy. Robert Vincent, a dyed in the silk patriarch if there ever was one, is the other reason I write. He inculcated me to read and let me go on to free choice. He was risen to Middle Self anyway. Actually, when I think about his actions in regard to my maternal grandmother, who needed my father’s red blood cells as she had leukemia, and he gave until he had a hard time standing up, I begin to understand the nature of the Divine Son, the new dawn of hope and salvation. Somewhere in the classic Roman and Latin he learned at a private school he had to walk across the river bridge to get to, was his Catholic insistence over my life. My grandfather was a wealthy man who left a tribe of his own behind, my father being the last one, when my grandfather died early of what was obvious by the evidence related to alcohol, he was still in school. Grandmother Spillane didn’t get out of her chair to go to work, she lived on the nicest street in the Depression in a paid for house.

I’m quit enjoying my remake of the 1960’s Third World American style lifestyle I’ve got going right now, very much began involuntarily as I am from those parts of town where the tile wainscoting shines, so I couldn’t just laze my way through San Francisco, I had to charge at a business license and operations. I bemoan the investors who think there is nothing worthy to invest gold backed honesty for in America. I’ve understood that it is ALL lent money, even the paper bills. So the game is a game of margins, of knowing when to throttle up credit and when to hold back. I had a good handle on it. It felt good, like it did when Bass Creek Construction was my business on Martha’s Vineyard. I worked straight through every recession, though sometimes the pay was mighty skimpy. This time it is different. Now we are at a bifurcation Point in remaking the myth. Fidel Castro is right. His eyes are too old to see,  but his mind has asked the right questions. One World Order isn’t going to work. Fidel doesn’t know anything different other than standing as staunchly as he could on change, just like The Wall Street banksters in their fine limos on the NJT.


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