Mythology Interlude

so … Alex Jones was right,
 it will be automobile rail cars.
I saw it on Dr. Zhivago last night.
they had livestock cars sitting around.
They’re on the move on the City of New Orleans
Monday morning BP Special Line.
They’re coming out of Mississippi
Can’t drink their water or wine.
Holyokians ripped Meg twice
creeping round her house in
the middle of the night.
Can’t drink their water or wine.
Heavy trains darkness reigns no crossroads toot
makes one wonder what frieght is on the en route.
Been rabbit still so long a waitin
hanging on with spiritual supplication,
stripped of novelty fun or work to run
long time now nothing new has begun
I reach for the Glorified Son
Zhivago’s mountains and golden sun.
Praying on the carpet or under blankets and frame,
We all a hopin God’s really driving this train,
I know by the root of my service this flesh
will closer depart the frame, keeping soul and spirit all the same.
Here comes the rain he sang prophecy
for any and all who could deeper see.
A third of the Oceans a vial was open,
burn that book exorcise it from scopin.
The ancients talked with language of sky
four directions from between your eye.
So North and South were God’s First command,
now for Babel Word all bloody the sand.
East and West, rod of Saturn Return,
The scolding of John not about out there ruin.
Singers know tune, rhythm, and swoon,
writers sometimes can’t simply under stoon.
To bubble back to Father/Mother Elohim God
Jesus said our Low Self by Middle’s command,
in prayer believe, feeling and before you it will stand.
sailors like me prefer a mast before which to stand.
The Sister Earth shakes her dogged coat,
poppin oil wells, mountains, seacoasts, and knoggen.
to fear the future is to disbelieve in The One
the rattling of the Core has begun, exit is the message, Son!
Zhivago had two trains, one going, another collecting power,
by the time I finished it last night it was 2 a morning hour.
This train is bound for glory ohe yes this train.
This train don’t carry no octipii ohe yes this train.
These rough hewn stones should keep you thinking
these stones
the civil war rough hewn stone has long begun
these stones
the Hopi gave us a command central plan stone
plan stone
we buzzed right by waving good bye white stones
white stones
here comes the rain again, falling on my memory,
white stones, whote stones.
Huricane has more power than we can know Dead Indian Stones
Dead Indian Stones.
Peace Stone Train, getting on the Peace Stone Train,
Peace Stone Has begun, get on the Peace Stone Train
my savior rowed Lake Ontario in a Stone Canoe
Stone Canoe
Peacemaker Peacemaker women cry at home
Stone Canoe Stone Canoe.
Bury my bones in the corn hills
keep me from the toxic swills
let me Oh Lady scratch at your hills,
and make sure I find substitutes for my pills.
Robin Marie has written.
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