Mythology and Our Future #2

My father used to tell me night time stories. I was born with a penetrating facination with the story of the Phoenix. I made him read and re-read that story as much or more than any. The passion and emotion of the story shows up when Russell Means and Daniel Day Lewis are standing on the bald top mountain in the Last Of The Mohegans. there are four bald top mountains in my journys. From there I can see back and forward, left and right.  Back a couple of pages I set up the name Aumakua for Mother-father parent spirit, our higher selves, and our ancestral clans. I was given covert training by both my parents and my maternal grandparents. It fit well with the Hawaiian. The Aumakua is that which leads the Middle/Low Selves when the Middle Self has lost all direction. Sorcerors project their desired fantasies and use –for lack of a better word–diabolical force to encode a belief in others that subverts the other’s freedom of choice robbing free will. It is much more civil to settle person to person in harmonious co-creation. I do not fear debts as long as my character remains true to working out the solution. Part of the huge problem being created in this our time is who really owes who what, and how much is swindle kindle cash and remains the value truth thereof. Jubilee year 2012, I’ll tell you why. The architecture speaking in this web page , affirms my memory of the Phoenix very well, thus the money system has to powderize to silt worldwide before a true world government can be established. And it will be where gold shines until wheat is needed, and paper will be hard to find, electronic blips untrustworthy for sure.

This is what I have to share. I share my humble wisdom prayer based on years of research into the works on specific trails of researched attention,  through Bible, Qua’an, billions of words of new old age bullshit; through Steiner, Long, Cotterel, Sullivan, and onward library Goddess lead me to my Wisdom searching — Barnwell — those listed in my pages, and I can testify to the ritual simpleness of following liturgy and not asking spiritual questions, get along and go along, as the search is so much more energy expended. In my myth of Now is the aspect that as part of the human family, my learning and wisdom was actually part of the Commons, until the success of the Mechantile Mind. The Bateson Point of the Merchantile Mind came about the time my grandfather filtered back all of his wealth to the feeders of his mill. It is in the word mill I found synchronicity when I discovered, read, and studied “Hamlet’s Mill.” A vast array of stone images in the world depict the mill of the Precession of the Equinox, which is a scheduled and repeated event every 26,000 years a full circle. We are old age new age going from the mill- the tilt and jelly roll bowl jello wobble of the planet I’ll cite in a few–into “Aquarius.” Which means the sunrise will come at a specified location within the 1/12th circle of the zodiac sky. The event has different names in different cultures, but that many cultures were taught and knew the measure the Tall Blonds taught to Enoch, is well proven outside colonial history books. I make comment from time to time that the mill grinds all bones to dust over time, oily slime. The future of our religious seeking will become humble again, but it will never become a one world religion, never again, the Advance has happened in this Tube Tourus Mandlebrot Harmony. God/Goddess batteries of the ether have been vibrated and mana drawn through fear. The Goddes have their own aspects of personal trial and demand for responsibility. The Goddes always exist on the starry realm, in a place of vibration we cannot see, but sometimes are selected to peer into, listen from, or interact with great force. The price is always there. And the calculations are written in the starry wheel of the sky with Mars, and Venus, and Mercury flying by. Great Saturn have a measured return as Jupiter harmonizes with it like a find tuned piano. Here we need to look at Leonora Leet’s words from the same source as in the first part.

It is just this capacity for both spatial and temporal measure that is made the prerequisite and test of Isreal’s readiness for entrance into a divine covenant, and the training of this capacity is presented in terms of a substance with the significant name of manna , pronounced “mahn.” The Isrealites are individually required to gather exactly one omer of manna for five days, two omers on the sixth day in preparation for the Sabbath, and none on the seventh; in God’s words, “the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or no” (Exod. 16:4). That the ability to measure substance and time, here made a prerequisite for the observance of a freely made covenant, should be defined in the terms of the word manna suggests some etymological association with the Sanskrit word manas, which has, among others, the meaning of “man” and “measuring,” rather than the Egyptian ma nu, meaning “what is it?”, as previously thought.For as in the Sanskrit manas, the Hebrew man or manna relates to higher human nature to the capacity for measuring or counting. p. 130-131, Leet, 1999

First of all, if you are Union inclinded, note how labor was bought off with time and a half for Saturday work. It should have been double time, man, and triple time on the Sabbath, one for the family, one for the God, and one for the Satan for working on the Sabbath. Ms. Leet nicely ties together Enoch, the Tall Blond sailors of the Atlantic Ocean, their arrival and corruption in Egypt, their migrations across lower Asia, out into the Pacific, up through Japan and the Aleutians, over to Washington State where skelital remains were found, and most especially carrying the linguistic codes to mana, manna, life force energy by any name. The code runs deep. Would you expect anything less of complication from our current operatives in cultural Materialism? Then alas, the Hebrew entwines more completely with the Northern Europeans through an Egyptian connection. Check out this site’s architecture, I’ll put a link below, too. By the time I finish part 4 of this dissertaion of WordPress, I promise to put up some “Illuminati Architecture” photos of my own to illuminate how much this relates to current myth and religion. They’ll be pictures of a much more humble origin. What I will show will have a better chance getting through the Eye of the Needle. That site has a useful discussion of the Phoenix I love so well. The Phoenix story is about the change of the sun in the wobble, equinoxes and solstices. You will witness a corrupted version. It has to do with both crosses on the Episcopal Religion’s St. Andrew’s Shield, which has a shadow story hinted at by Shakespeare and Hamlet of numbers and measure, the cyclical return of Saturn, the vibratory nature of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. All are included in the magical numbers behind all the religions left by Babel (Babalonia). I was born a geometress of the Phoenix, that’s for sure. It had to wait until 10th grade geometry class to be recognized by a teacher. Up to that point I was just a squirmy queer kid just one of the giiiiirrrrrllllllsssss. Then came senior year and advanced Chemistry  earned a seat did I. Once one can visualize a carbon chain based on 6-6-6, through geometric otherworldlyness of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen,and trace, the dance of organic chemistry is slime on the stage. The gift makes seeing the fabric of symbols and memes for what they truly are and not what the someone of others who seeks to control with power over have believed they have designed those symbols and memes to be. You can look at their symbols, see them for subliminal messages the someone of others wants you to believe has meaning for you, and you can freely defer to guidance from your Aumakua and simply be curious about myths of powerful rings and councils of 9, which are based on primitive stories from the Norwegian/Scotish connection with rings or the whole world’s myths of the 9 Pleiades about right over head on the Northern Hemi’ right now. The Master calculators know these things and you may, too. Guessing by the percentages I’ve been seeing about social effects, at 1/3rd, those that can understand the necessary “meaning of man and measure,” weight a fairness into future actions by their calm experience initiated through the study and comprehension of Scared Numbers. We know the power of One as equal to and as powerfully as those who would convince us they are the power of One. We are riding the Bifurcation Point, the modernity failure of Industrialism, versus the organic sustainable involvement future of scientific pastoralism. America simply made an error by letting Meyer Lansky’s calculators into the bankster business.

 On the Euro side you have the Old Desperate Royals, the New Modernity Industrialists operating for the One World Government, Religion, Hegemony, Entertainment, Entrainment Corporatocracy. The African delemma hurry up and wake up before the White Man’s World steals all our wealth, coupled with the Tong and Military Song of China the hungry, can we make a deal? We have rich fertile ground to make a new myth.

As we contemplate the nature of time and space, what it means when we say 2012 or 9/11, let us remember that the ability to reach higher level thought does not immediately advance us to superiority, for many can be brought to the table with constructive Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In my latter day university study, I focussed on making sound, picture, commentary, and content into a multilayered NLP video piece and ethnographed responses. Like the Federal Government of years past, that data was never digitised, and when my California business collapsed, a crutch for old men who soon will crumble themselves, I lost those papers to a recycler’s yard. The system did not allow me to gather five for five and two for one as olden and laid by measure for the sum. Theft from the person against Divine Order is a deliberate destroyer of feeling for myth. And as studied under NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), feeling for many is the way to complete learning experience, not just visual as readers, or through music, chant, and sound for audios. Some people need to hold the snakes. One guy on a YouTube got tasered twice in a gas station lot, fought his way to his feet proclaiming being owned by Jesus and ran away to the gaze of astonished officers. Of course they weren’t too bright–or could have been real bright–I could see how close this whole thing happened to the gasoline pumps. Pull out taser, kaboom! Two toasted cops and one perp/suspect fried for the homeless and gone in sixty seconds. That’s a woefull transfer from time into space. It’s the Chariot card in your favorite tarot, pulling you to and fro, like Tommy Lee Jones in Ron Howard’s “Missing,” “Which ever one I feed.”

People inside a culture won’t see the conspiracies the same way as people outside of the culture see them. The conspiracies inform our future myth. Right now there seems like a growing desperation for the alternative speach of the internet to warn of a false flag event based on the Phoenix Imperative. That means there is a calculation evident and as was shown at 9/11, someone focussed on the search for the event could stumble upon the evidence of warning like there was all through the media before 9/11. I picked up a new Nordstrom’s catalog (North Storm) at a client’s house a few days back. All through the front the watches were set at the ubiquitous set time, except for the final page of watches displayed, which either tellingly to time, or time of event to come, switched the angle configuration to a completely new and reversed span. It is either one of a coded message to people who use Nordstrom’s catalog to send messages to others, an artist’s individual creativity without any prior knowledge why watches are always set that way, or three, a deliberate in your face mocking of those who respond to the image of a watch with a Venus Spread placed upright, over time. Could this be nancy’s Zeta Talk Pole Shift?

The best construction of future myth is to instill Now, into people, the feeling driven desire to make monumental healing progress in the Now for the Seventh generation to come. That’s not going to work in a selfish realm of short sightedness attempting to round up all privilege and property. The dream of interplanetory exploration dies with humanocide. A large group of people dream of that future. No elite royal, crime boss, or bankster can move levers and make a world they want because they are always organizationally behind the Gaia Dynamic and since research has been allowed to evaporate into the ether, we must wait for the karmic waves to return from evil killing of the Indios, the people. What proof we have informs the dissertaion with an insistence that humans can destroy and tear down, but they can never increase again beyond what remains now of past destructions. That is to say, we have ALL been burned by the flame of atomic war already.

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4 Responses to Mythology and Our Future #2

  1. Hey, anybody else out there with helpful advice on how to easily learn to play the piano?

  2. Peter says:

    Listening, reading, viewing, thinking, feeling, loving, hating and commenting on your personal gnosis dialectic reads like a radio tuned to all channels at once. To comment on comments I would have to be inside your head. A place I don’t want to spend alot of time as by head is already tuned to so many channels makes me in a word, disfuncitional. Yes, we are all burned already. And? The myth of peace is the hope of the chronically angry, or is that the opposite. My dyslexic mind knows both in its frustrated state of non action. Like myself, who attempts to create a peace initiative by waring with peace groups. Stuck in the polarity without clarity of Singularity. The church has its contributing place as do the Jews. As a whole interconnected planet consciousness, to deride is to condemn and separate and shirk ones personal responsibility in co-creating its presents mythic conditions. How do we come together in a non polar state when it is the play of this Bead Game. What is the answer, Guru? die earthing scum? We are the children of the Annunaki so how can we expect different as its the condition our condition is in. A cult of the self by the self for self interest. Community is slavery serving the biggest ego. Clearly a fallen state, expect nothing less, my dear Jewess. Make peace, not a chance, we are defined by war and its many faces. Dough gnow what else to say as my words have no value or meaning, just words, in the vacuum between zero and one. As no one cares about anything but their own in this fallen separation from gnowing the Creators love as anything but an intellectualized state. I think therefore I AM present. My heart is breaking, is broken. I fear I failed in my mission and lessons. Have a nice day! The train is coming don’t need no baggage just get on board…

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