Mythology Interlude #2 Future State

There are death panels,

that is now Truthfully told,

I’m in the prime of my life,

and “they’re saying I’m Old.

For retirement’s game,

I built a business you see,

They promptly took it away from me.

The plan all along,

has been to make age all wrong,

to strangle the savers,

and milk the lowly knavers,

for silver and gold,

and the pick of the wheat.

Check out Old Irish news sheet.

If they’s but leave me alone,

I’d be like old Mr. Eades at his home,

who taught me and my child,

to cultivate Muscodine from the wild.

He was 80 years a working

his IH Cub cultivator forkin,

Independent and Sovergn on his own street.

Now They be so bold,

not only to categorize me as old,

but to attack my healthful personal plan,

with restrictive Overlord Law of the Land.

I can sense the target searching round for me,

S510 NWO 911 it looks around too for thee.

Holy Grannys Consorteum They’ve made the enemy ME!

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One Response to Mythology Interlude #2 Future State

  1. Peter says:

    your on a roll. a story and a punch line. now thatz good reading. works well for computer eyes to follow too. give me more!

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