New Myth

In preparation for this  latest in my mythological studies, I have reviewed our current Zeitgeist. I believe the word applies as times creep ever so backward toward the Nazi ideal of the perfect corporate state run by international bankers and financial brokers to rotate through the world, people punishing recession and chemically selective eugenics. Somebody needs to wake up those old men at the helm. They will face their own White Throne judgement for sure. The balance of those of us left alive after they finish their playing around with reckless abandon in oil fields, weather modification, vaccination modification, and remote war won’t be what they expect. One must keep a firm hold on the head of a poisonous snake. A population as large as America’s 300 million far outweigh the small elite that think they own everything because they found ways to accumulate fiat money and suppose it real.  One item of the old myth is that a person is best who deals fairly with his/her/their neighbor. Love thy neighbor as thyself as it goes. That seems part of the dieing myth. Now we suspicion about our neighbor and seek to keep AK-47’s to protect our precious individuality and big screens of couch potatoism. The screen that is big is not the whole world.

     Cosmology is rapidly condensing around a grand theory of an electric universe, see Thunderbolts of the Gods, the movie for a background. The electric universe appears bipolar, cathode/anode, however in the flux of plasma magnetics comes into play. The planet we are on spins like a gyroscope free floating in space, with a sun and moon also free floating yet somehow attached to us and each other in a cosmic dance without any strings. Do you really think the planet is hanging on a rod like a Keplar model, or following a track of apogee and perigee like a 1960’s school book elipse? neither is it flat to an ecliptic but wanders up and down like a Shumann Wave. And with the sheer enormity of eternity and the plasmic flow we ride through the grand universe, it is not at all hard to imagine smoke ring expansions like Itzhak Bentov’s dimensions within dimensions of mirrored fractal universes. In a new piece on their website, the Thunderbolts of the Gods team have a link to a new short video I sent out to my private list about a week ago. That video has an example of a cathode plasma burning a clay disc and comparing the results to a four mile escarped mound on Mars the size of Arizona. The truth is in the observation; cosmology changed for all time.

     The next formation of myth change is developing around the nature of human psychic connection across all social constructs. The heart chakra field and the Higher Selves dual nature concept with a seven part human demension–as per explained in the kAhuna psychology–fit nicely with an electromagnetic  fluctuating and pulsing universe. Get some study material and seek your own revelations. Follow that with sun spot cycles, civilization cycles, weather cycles, and the common myopeatic Fruedian egotist and materialistic handmaiden dissolve in the post modern construct de-constructed by the beginning of the Age of Myrth (c). Myrth is what we contemplate when we find that as smart as the kAhuna thought they were, they still crashed their civilizations by over comsuming resources.

[Michael] Persinger realized that living things are attuned not only to each other, but also to the Earth and its continually shifting magnetic energies. This remarkable revelation, built upon the discoveries of Franz Halberg, would convince me that careful timing to coincide with these energies might be vital for an effective intention. (pg. 100, McTaggart, “The Intention Experiment,” 2007, Simon and Schuster NY NY

     The Age of Myrth is the continued seeming sleepiness of the American public to the greater problems in government corruption and monetary mismanagement, like we could ever truly elect anything more than a humourous set of clowns; were it not so deadly in its tasered, justifiable homicide, Presidential license to killism. I don’t believe the American public is asleep; I believe they are simply like — hey! Come on! Do you Wall Street and Bankster Bunch think you can go on like this forever? There is that thing about the best laid plans of mice and men you know. What with priests, rabbis, freemasons, and just about any kind of “holy man” you can speak of has a contingent of pedofiles and probably wants to work for TSA. If the Pikean Freemasons really believe they will control what comes after a Third World War, they’ve been drinking too much diet drinks with aspartame. Just when someone rises from the ashes to say, “Okay, follow me.” somebody else will quietly walk up behind and decapitate the snake. When Einstein said he didn’t know how we’d fight the Third World War, but we would fight the fourth with sticks and stones, he didn’t even know about Peak Oil, Matt Simmons, BP, the poisoned Gulf, and toxic chemical rains. Capitalism is dead, as is socialism and communism before it. It’s a simple proposition. There is no more capital, we need another Earth. Everyone knows when there is nothing, there is nothing to manage or profit by. Even communists need profit to grow their state control. The managers who would be bosses of a One World Government and a New World Order have spent the very capital they needed to make the thing come about. It’s like this, the profits are visible in the Pacific Garbage Patch. Young Rothschild sailed a plastiki out there as an envirostunt to help defer your eyes from the fact that it is his family by namesake that has profited most by those little bottle caps killing ocean going birds. It’s a part of the old dying myth that an elite knows best how to run the whole world. Al Gore can yank your emotional chain for the love of Earth and God, but he also inspires further research which ended in him profiting from carbon trading and living in a mansion al la waste. Not made from waste, but a grand waste maker. Bill Gates lives in one of those ostentatious stacks of  entropy. You can bet he doesn’t have an underwater mortgaged bungaloo (I know the cabinet maker), but I’m sure he has more than one underground bungaloo; what’s he afraid of with “his” seed bank. Somebody aught to communicate to him they weren’t his seeds to begin with, he stole them from the Commons. It appears the materialist elite wish to preach ethics while ignoring the subject for their own acts.

     The best you and I can do is create new myth and tell new stories that eventually will pass on to a subculture as the stories and actions of the 1950’s and 60’s beat generation laid foundation for the hippies, Timothy Leary, and Ram Dass. It’s not the people’s fault mind control junkies slamdunked the Rainbow Revolution for their own gain. Unlike then, myrth cannot be found in Marin these days, they take themselves too seriously. Have you noticed California has the biggest real estate problem of all? Nevada may have more homes percentage wise under water, but California is a much bigger area, and even though it’s regions don’t top Las Vegas, there’s not a whole lot more to Nevada and a whole long state of California with millions more homes. The nature of housing is being rewritten. I am convinced the bubble was pumped up then burst specifically to crash out some of the most independent people America had left, the small business home builder/remodeller; the one-off designer; the cabinet sales representative. Just as oil pollution is killing off the remainder of the fishing independents in the Gulf of Mexico, steering natural disaster relief, like excluding the funds from Haiti, but not returning the donations has become simply another way to intentionally hurt small dollar people. Look out ye elitees, little people get big in a hurry and sometimes the agent provacateur is left like the Hanged Man tarot card as a message.

     As the old mythos dies away like cholera seeping across the Gulf to immune damaged residents, a prediction I made that has come very close to reality with ground one Haiti cholera in Florida now, we will see heartache and pain, growth is like that. Making a new social myth is difficult as the growing is with a focus toward responsible actions sent forward seven generations. Isn’t it wiser to give the residents of the landscape the kind of cosmological tools to understand how to live within our means and times on this cosmic dustspeck of gyroscopically spinning plasmic char? We are merely a fleck of polluted chaff in God’s great stew. We must live with respect toward our tenuous gifted consciousness. Live for the purpose of naturally selecting and breeding–eugenically if you will–with all its inherent suprises bound to come from so much mutagenic poisions we have willy nilly spread about. Now we are establishing an enduring mythology again, the replacement for the one that was deconstructed in post modernity. When people who read the Bible forget that the 23rd Psalm is a prayer to the big time god Saturn, they have lost their root and myth and might as well be blowing around Bhagdad with Lillith.

     My research indicates we are in the thick of the process of a new mythology, with a spiritual twist to scientificism. Something is about to be awakened that will give us what Stephen McFadden in his book about the Rainbow Warriors has labelled a leaderless future where everyone knows what to do instinctively with their gifts. Now wouldn’t that be refreshing today in lieu of overlordly control by wise guy banksters and Wall Street snake oil salesmen joking they do God’s work? There’ s going to be a lot of suprised Christians and Jews when Jesus doesn’t come back the way they want him to. The Age of Myrth is particulate of I tried to tell you. What else can an internet writer do in the face of “censurship” of the net? One must find the passion for myrth before you swallow the whole pharmacy of feel good pills and still don’t feel anything but an urge to revist Columbine. Just don’t go bowling!

     In the latest pictures of Dick Cheney, you can see the kind of entropy I expect will strip the banksters and Wall Streeters, with their London counterparts, of the mentality and spunk it would take to actually pull off a one world government. He’s old, tired, looks ready to drop. That’s the old myth, old and ready to drop. Isn’t it better to lead as a story teller for a new myth than as a participant in long range remote shelling for the old men’s dieing myth of White Supremacy?

     Who in the past has written these stories of new myth? Usually it is the Gays, Lesbians, Transgendered people, like the Navajo creation myths depicting Turqoise Boy and White Shell Girl, outcasts until it comes time to save the people. Even Ianna is saved from the underworld with the help of a self sacrificing transgender. Aphrodite (planet Venus) switched gender to seduce homosexual Hermes (planet Mercury)*. These are key stories to show how the other of humanity mirror to the precious heterosexual egotism, is needed for our consciousness when times are confusing the mythos of heterosexual self perceptions.

     Will we get a Planet X, or interdemensional travellers coming by to help us? Will the Mississippi River bridges unzip like a pair of jeans on a jiggly fat belly as Nancy says the Zetas say? Ezekial knew something about fiery chariots, did he not? Will we have a tomorrow? Denial says yes, there will be a tomorrow especially now that Ekhart Tolle has projected into the future and made a be here now calendar for next year. Denial can’t stop the random turning of the flesh eating mill of death which awaits close by for any opportunity of misjudgement or laxity. Therefore, in these times when myths are forged anew, be ever vigilant and right descerning. Share your bread with the less fortunate and remind them to be patient and stick with it, times are a changing very rapidly now.

*In alchemy, the symbol for the perfected Great Work is the hermaphrodite — literally the god Hermes and the goddess Aphrodite blended in one person. Leonardo [DaVinci] was fascinated with hermaphrodites, even going so far as to cover sheet after sheet of his sketchpad with drawings of them–some pornographic. And recent work on the world’s most famous portrait–the enigmatically smirking Mona Lisa – has shown persuasively that ‘she’ was none other than Leonardo himself. (pg 114, Picknett and Prince, “The Templar Revelation,” Simon and Schuster 1997, NY NY


     Follow up; I am at work with photographs of humble sacred structures. However the Dell monitor switch has died and I can’t use my own computer just yet so photos will have to wait.

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