On The Way To The Myth Factory

There has been no shortage of distractions chiming in the background these days. At times like this I simply go for prayers like “I am grateful I live in peace with daily hot water.” I’m the kind of person who has gratitude for the oilman regardless that I am a stern task master over their hubris. If anything good comes of the televisiochatta, besides Abilify(c) sales, and an awareness that first for the “I toy” gets to pay the big bucks while the later day purchasers get the deals. I have a country dedicated to keeping me from starving at least for now, and since I buy responsibly, any help I get is spent at organic markets in my neighborhood.

Consciousness grabbed me up and tossed me in the flood waters of cosmic baptism. I’m a keen swimmer–my coach got me up to Olympic speeds–and I learned how to swim upside down with my head full of water, holding my breathe an early trainee to a canoe seat and more. Today’s surfacing was in the myth of Myrth. Myrth was in the words of Krishamurti when he decried all religion. The air I took in was astonishment and epiphany, that here I was, a homeless refugee of real estate subterfuge doing research to find the sign posts of the culture and its Memes, blind to the most obvious trick of all time.

Here’s my story of starry and settled sun religion.

Long long ago in a land where smart people survived from a pole shift, ice age and meteor impact; let us say the myth of Atlantis, took their geometric and astrological and astronomic knowledge calculated with a few golden mean proportions of the body, and two sticks, located pole stars and planets and out of perhaps a few thousand people who might have lived back then, a dozen priests worked out what became the root of all the religions and non-religions of the 7 Billion on the planet today; how’s that for a claim– Everyone is worshiping the same god anyway, the fight is over names and what time of day one prays. Convention brought us 12 signs, twelve tribes, twelve disciples. A right angle can be found with a triangle of 3-4-5. 3+4+5=12. Two sticks and you =3. Mother-Father-Child=3.

Along came Plato, wrote a somewhat sarcastic “New Republic,” and smart assed humans with a touch of talents think they are the god-like Guardians of a stupid human race. One thing does appear very relevant, the way we collectively act certainly appears to be stupid activity. I re-occurring phenomenon is having so many babies–the cute little things!– that we can’t feed them all.  Have you ever seen television programming about Easter Island or the Anasazi? When Earth Changes come, new holy men make new religions.

Doesn’t it seem ludicrous to keep mining the soil for nutrients without planning for new inputs of fertility? Can you imagine what drives people to need replaceable methane gas so much that they are willing to pollute the water tables and crack up all our fragile glass like rock over the molten core? What’s more important, clean drinkable water or a few warms nights? The New Republic people may have a keen and manipulated way of making paper look like the real thing; real currency is consumable food and water. Let’s just keep polluting and mining like we always have until it all runs out and even the elite can’t find a clean drop of water anywhere.

I say we let the elite clean up their mess while we watch. We’re as smart as they are and at things they don’t have a clue about, they are really the ones with the problems. You put all the cheese in the world in one big mountain and it will grow very sly and fat rats. A One World Leader becomes the One World Target. Gods who mess up and don’t deliver have short cultural spans. The New Republic people want you to have one World Religion, one World currency, and no ability to save. The elite believe they have the right to control you. Who will control their human hubris?

Those old forgotten priests, bred more priests who subtly changed the message, so soon, the story of four pole stars that define the procession of the Equinox became four gods holding up the corner of the universe; the four parts of the Sphinx; the four quarter signs, Aquarius (Angelic Man), Taurus (The Bull), Scorpio (In Eagle aspect), and Leo. Polaris isn’t the pole star for the whole 27,000 year procession. In that time there is a lot of time to have expanded religious egotism. Another word for what we have resulting today from a wonder of stars and sun and moon, is anarchistic drift. Islam is fractured within, fractured from Judeo-Christos (Moon–Sun), is fractured from Egyptology. Every time there is a tear in the fabric of ecosystems, humans change their religions and those subtle changes advance the egotism of Spiritual Materialism, that is “God why don’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.”

Imagine some people–probably an egalitarian group of adults–out in the moonless night calculating ratios between stars. Then on Moon full nights calculating on the Moon. We have their marks on sticks and bones and rocks. We have their temples built in stone. We have forgotten to look up from a human perspective and only look up from an instrumental perspective now.

We might be better off teaching in the dust with pebbles and sticks and geometric progressions of ratios. Apparently the ancients could do things we haven’t figured out yet. The modern moniker of dumb down people fits expansively across the whole of the human race as our ancestors were smarter at somethings than we are, like stone carving and moving. And of course, that wasn’t done by the farmers, they looked to the oak leaves being the size of a squirrel’s ear to plant the corn. It was sailors who towed the heavy stones into Stonehenge, it was sailors who needed a total picture of the globe so they could go out of sight of land and return home again.

You don’t need much for what is about to come our way. Knowing how to read the universe with a couple of sticks and the Golden Mean of your body will be a most handy skill in the future. The dummer than dirts will think you a Magician. It also helps to “smile on your brother, try to Love one another right now.”

Evil is easy to evaluate. Evil spills blood. Spilled blood through war, through murder, through exploitation, rape, repression. Blood always flows somewhere in the evil accumulation of materiality. Good never bleeds, never bruises, works out and sweats, but with joy, love and purpose.

You want a relationship with god? Go outside at night with a couple of sticks and start checking things out. If you are looking for the next Great Prophet, look across the Milky Way. If you have any wonder left, and your mind has not internally bled itself to blind stupidity, you might stop to measure the hidden aspects of your life, those parts which are good that bring you joy, because no matter what you call God, you are the same energy thereof, easily discovered with two sticks and the Golden Mean of your body. If you think you are a person especially chosen of god, you got that idea from between two sticks from someone who has an interest in making sure you choose that idea for yourself so the ego between the sticks has company. Be alone, with god, a very comfortable religion. Be your own Pope, your own Mullah, be a Rumi dancing on the maple leaf flames of the Peyote Fire.

Divine Burning I am.

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