The Myopia of Science

Before the 9, which is my name for Japine,

when it moveth 8 feet westerly shrine,

a young man with party ball mirrors,

and one of those dishes the TV companies leave behind,

roasted an iron bar to vapor

on the You Tube theater,

and the Japanese with General Electric?;

can’t watch a tokyo cartoon,

where everything explodes,

and Godzilla comes a glow,

with dust from some nukeliar show.

Hello, Kitty!

Where are the Robotics? Where are the fancy radiation disassembly number fives?

We can bomb wedding parties in Pakistan with model airplanes run by barely out of teen video machine experts. Where are the helicopters like bugs that scavenge the metal reactors, lift out each rod and contain, just like little bomb disposal robots or killer US army surveillance gear. Given all the flap about the dangers, WHERE ARE THE ROBOTICS!

You MIT GRADS, fuck it man. You failed. You don’t have what it takes, wipe your asses with that paper, only put a prayer on it and hang it in Japan for a few days.

NO NUKES back then, NO NUKES now. Come on you UMass commoners, here’s your chance, become heroes of robotics, develop the radiation proof building knibbler and I’ll get the sustainable ag people to develop a radioactive eating and neutralizing mycelium —  but wait — that’s right, there’s a mycelium that does exist.

The nuke disaster is for all the earth, and those idiots who have not made substantial progress either in nuclear waste management or in power generation. Why hasn’t there been a serious robotics effort at places like nuke plants such that for that part of the plant ought to be fully modern and able to be taken apart by robot and contained. DUH!  Why not? Oh yes, that’s right, it’s the war. We don’t contemplate airplanes that can be remotely flown as weapons until we destroy something a few times with ours. Oh yeah, and some guy in California wanted to spray paint a house in place like with a big printer. Where is it? Cover those rods with glass paste. Maybe they need some of that thermate from 911 to burn those rods into the molten core quick. About as good science as is roaming around in wool suits these days.

We, Humans, one world government?; Doubt it could ever come to pass. So why don’t we try and fix a few of the more glaring mistakes of the 20th century, like archaic nuclear plants. We can probably make village size steam plants from the “you-tube” demonstrated solar torch, with a whole lot fewer mirrors and a bit of geometry. Oops! Slap that face, Robin. You’re letting out secrets again. Forget thinking about geometrics, takes too much right brain Mind.

But it is nearer the end of time than ever.

Maybe, one never knows about these things. Remember Brother Churchward calculated the last great world war at 3500 AD.

True. Can we believe that stuff?

Could the Earth withstand 1500 years of Neoplatonic revivalism? Not on your raft’s float, Chucky’s spawn, there is no going back. Evolution is a one way trip. Those that think they are controlling a “dumb-down” are preparing the Soldiers of Mind, something brain doesn’t understand. You know how I showed you the ancient tales spread across the shards?

Yes, Holy One.

Sports update, Jupiter is at Bat, Saturn is on second. Little Shortstop Earth in her peppercorn dress, is getting wrinkled magnetically between the Pitcher the Sun and the Two Gods, the One who is the High Priest, and the other who is the Chairman of the board, Oh Holy Ones, poor Mother protests manhandling but those two giant’s can’t hear a little Leah lying on the Jabba Hut. Mother  feeling the heat. Moon ducks between the flux, coming close to Mother for strength and our prayers sent up; ready to umpire the Big Guys. Take a break for the Hemi and kill the competition.

Oh breathe, sweet breathe, I am grateful for your clear oxygen and the Zephyrs you dance me through. I am Grateful Brother Sun for you new rays burning away my dross of ages old and refreshing my fields with intent on my gilded path, Aumakua, thy will–make me an instrument thereof.

Why does science have one eye? Because it’s a beast. It’s a huge Ego Beast, just talk to some of the scienTists.

The worshippers put their religious symbol on US money; that’s a no-no, I want a Christian Dollar. The Pyramid with the eye is simply a religious symbol, like other symbols, it is subject to separation of church and state. Jefferson is on the $2 bill. He was the state. Good Job and Thank You Thomas. You have no idea how the royalists have screwed things up. And all for the science of money.

Robin’s Theory of Global Warming


The infancy and rising enthusiasm of computer science to solve our problems brought projections of warming trends that appeared very disturbing. Scientists looked for causes and saw a rise in CO2 and methane, blamed man’s activities as the culprit. The blame was prefigured on other resource depletion calculations, which like Hubbard’s Peak in 1973, and the end of high grade Minnesota ore, gay impetus to the panic global warming emotion. In such haste, previous developments leading humanity to other discoveries were being suppressed behind the academic exclusionary wall. The philosophy of psychology catalogs similar myopic tendencies through all systems that have taken root regardless if the supposition is correct. An example would be Galileo and the Roman Catholic Church.  Further support is offered by the story of Joan of Arc and the Church, which was the science of One Eye at the time, in that today methods are taught to openly welcome the inner voice as in Silva Mind Control.

The weather prediction computer calculations have since been shown to be in error and a flattening at a new plateau is apparent. What has been missed in the other science of infancy, that of the electric, or more precisely electromagnetic universe, also suggest a reason for global warming and changes. The North pole of the planet has water, while the South pole has land. I find this significant in respect to my grade school “magnetics” education. The ice caps have been melting while the tropics haven’t met the water expansion predictions. I calculated we would begin to see flooding rains in the Temperates as a result of moving water. Water is magnetic. We will eventually find that a North pole gets the water as per the attraction factor in the electromagnetic universe.

I began to analyze my high school experiment of boiling water from the bottom in a paper cup and never being able to boil it from above. Re-checking my library, all that Hamlet’s Mill and Secret of the Inca stuff  formed a picture of these heavy weight planets, sun, moon, our little solar system in the sky, might actually be experiencing friction on a planetary basis, like the grease was running dry in a differential or your motor car, (maybe it is, and we were supposed to leave the oil there, where it was, the Hopi think so).

Here we are folks, staring into the eye of destruction. The planet is warming, deep down inside, and as Japan with its 8 foot dance to the west demonstrates, the warming globe is heating like a fat bubble in the water. We can keep letting pimples of oil poison our garden, and archaic technology of Prometheus–like now comes the chain on the genitals part — threaten all the cuddly little polar bears and chipmunks while bobbing our heads with our children on the couch of what happens after humans — the Real Life Test. Gawd I hope most of you have the fortitude of the few trans people I’ve come to know. You think women who want cocks is strange, just wait until the next generation when they grow both and cut you men right out of the cycle. You won’t want someone with eight legs anyway, as she might be if her mother ate GMO corn tortillas while the Japanese Cloud flew over. And maybe all this wiggle giggle the planet is doing is just to shake us up and say;

Hey You!

Get off of my shroud.

Class two —

GMO, (Genetical Madness Operational). What ever happened to old fashioned plant breed engineering? About the way of common sense I guess. You GMO guys are another bunch of looser scientists; can’t make a real Green Revolution so you go for the Madoff version. Go home, before that cool Pacific air spilling over Montara makes your hairless heads glow.

There’s been so much nuclear dust blown up into the atmosphere I’m surprised it doesn’t glow like that other ’50’s marvel of science, the glow in the dark watch. Maybe it does and that’s what attracts the aliens. Watch out, Bob Dylan sang, false saints are coming through. With chemtrails, volcanic dust, earthquake dust, tire dust, jet fuel particulate,  wear and tear parts of metal dropping down, Gobi Desert dust, African phosphate keeping the Amazon alive, a whole landing gear in Belchertown, and cosmic rays bouncing off, from light years away the tin can Earth shines our myopic song. With the help of the Great Minds of science  our air is close to unbreathable. Let’s push it a little more, maybe we can get the air to help us get to 500 million like the Guidestones say. I can hear Satanic Brains grinding now, cancers–30% profit, birth defects 70% profit for life! Deaths, hmmm, bags, coffins, safety suits for GMO?Nuke contaminated Baby Boomers (don’t say that too loud, I heard one actually did explode, killing the undertaker’s daugher with One Eye socket.

Dumb asses, they put One Eye in One Pyramid, and use One Big Lie all the time to keep you in the “dark.’ But see, see, see how the light finds the tiniest of cracks. Keep looking, you don’t need to be the smartest man on the street, just the one who knew when it was time to ignore 1980’s claims New Zealand was the best investment haven for the elite.

Corporations are people say the judges, then fine. If I put my plastic over the side the Coast Guard could bust me for pollution. Bust the corporations for their Pacific Trash, their oil patch Disasters, their mining messes, their cancered workers, cut off their heads bury them well executed and if in Illinois, life without commerce.

Let’s raise the glass for the science of the One Eye. Look at their watch, it always says 10:10.

10:10 you say,

No, not me, Cartier’s,

or Nordstrom

and those who pretend with random airs.

A handshake on the news flash cspan

occult master maketh not

on the way to heaven many stairs

A King and I in a land Saipan,

Science Myopia a one eyed plot.

So yes, this is about common sense,

and the myopia of science profits,

poor forgotten prophets,

wool suited covered bets.

Our children will forget us yet,

for the future of a world upset.

Three Strikes! YOU”RE OUT!

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