Withem or Aginem

Ever since G. W. Bush said you’re either with us or against us, I have been contemplating who the them and us is. I got a kind of a handle on We, The People, and know that it often has something of an adversarial relationship to the “THEM the elite,” by what measure; and the “poor,” also measure dimension dependent.

First I looked at  the bottom line. Easy enough, if you are womanly you’re most likely poor, underfed, overworked, worried about child birth and rape, possibly beaten up and maimed. So for the “few” women who might be “elite,” it was clear, being womanly is against THEM.

Second, the age old struggle between industriousness and agriculturalists. Descartes really did NOT think humans machines; he believed in a Divine Spark. So, being an agriculturist-permaculturist, I deduced that I was not one of THEM.

With religion it is simple. Either, Thou Shalt Not Kill means something or there is no good or evil. Since only people who work at Seven Eleven really know for sure, and they are not THEM, I must defer to old fashioned words like Good and Evil. Good makes you feel good. Evil makes you feel yucky, rebelliously ecstatic, powerfully cruel and in complete denial, and as criminology has shown, you want to be caught and punished ala Dostoevsky style. I like Good and Not Killing, so I’m now definately over the THEM_US line.

I am told by historians and anthropologists that American Indians had a reverse relation with wealth in that those who gave away the most, get the most in return, and are the wealthiest of all. Usually this comes to capitalists weighted down with the ghost of Christmas past. But being evil at root, they make sure their giving benefits their view of things. That’s not charity and neither is it letting go. So when I give a bum a twenty, it’s his business if he eats or drinks it. Who am I to say, ‘Buddy, you’re either with me or against me.’ Cowboys. Brains of cows in human bodies I am not, so I’m definately not one of THEM.

I was a General of Contracts until somebody changed the game behind the scenes in 2007. How do I know it was a game? I knew a fellow contractor in California who moved over here from Ireland to milk the American money machine. He asked me how I was doing in early 2008 and I was slightly candid. He remarked, ‘Well you can’t win if you’re not in the game.” My uneasy feelings that something had changed for all time and that THEY, the elite, the moneychurners who don’t care if your retirement is there or not just as long as they get their commission winning and loosing, were actually having G. W. Bush warn us that our hopes and dreams will forever be robbed out from under us by paper hangers. And everytime I look for contract work, the homeowners are so poor they can’t fix things, let alone make their dreams come true. Somebody else sold their and my work in a derivative; betting we’d fail. When I found out people were betting against my business, who were financing the business, who controlled the flow and value thereof and they weren’t my government, I knew the game was over and a new game with new rules had made me into an aginem.

So here I am, a yin, unemployed elder, have no stocks, no bonds, no IRAs. I got a few clothes and a pop gun for squirrels if hunger threatens, a hoe for my beans a la Thoreau. A hoe for agriculturism and localism, axe and hatchet to heat with wood-ism and I feast on yogurt and organic beets like a relic from Dr. Zhivago. I must be that which THEY call OTHER because every time I come for work  they say I’m not a fit-ism, an over-qualified bit of pessimism. I can plan but don’t have the politician’s hand, I can preneur, but don’t have the angel’s gold, I’m not a slave, I can’t be sold, my ancestors knew how to resist unto death, and when it was time to hit the road. If I’m not with you, I’m out of town.

The Pretentious Elite I have learned, want only two choices, and one is already what they want, and you will simply be made to think you wanted that choice, when there might have been a third choice best for all. Now they rule with money, but eventually some things cannot be bought, and common sense of Solomon must enter Jerusalem again. As  Kahuna Peter once said, who shall save the baby Jerusalem from the two mothers Judah and Islam? Shall it be cut and die, or is it time to accept the Good Way?

I have appealed to my inner wisdom to direct me in proper thought in this matter. I find that I cannot be against us, we, the people of the world. No, I cannot be against us.  So what does that mean? David Ickes says there are Lizards behind the Queen? The ancient of ancient stories of stories is that there is a time of harvest of souls upon us. Some people say not everyone has a soul. Are aliens the ones G. W. was referring to with us? He wanted to be a dictator. I’m sorry America was too asleep to be concerned about it. Besides, the deal looked good. Nuke their ass and take the gas — as it was seen with a mushroom cloud on a tee shirt circa 1992.

Let’s take to the streets; and DANCE! Let’s dance the dance of Love and Thou Shalt Not Kill; yes, I guess I’m not withem but aginem. Those monied elite are so cute, too, in their little boy way in the world. Just if they weren’t so deadly in their hubris and greed.

That’s how you can tell. Some people still need to grow up and get real, even though they have white hair and nice blue suits. It is cheaper to buy the oil than it is to steal it. Amerikka ((c)-Jim Kirwin) somebody stole your credit card and is out there running amok. It’s time to put an end to this Identity Theft, I am not Amerikkan, this is not America.

This is a Miami Vice hangover going on.

Keep heart though, the best they can do is Limbaugh and Beck. Both need to be given a literacy test. And Palin? Poor Alaskan, first time in the real world and they are cutting her to shreds. Do you need anymore proof they are running a script behind scenes which says, confuse them with Palin, a nowhere nobody who quit her job on the people who asked for her attention first.

Throw those televisions out the window, or if you have to, at least include some foreign movies from time to time. I know I’m not with them when people first try to tell me all the problems of the world, as per the nightly news, and shun my work at digging deeper under the lies upon lies. Truth and Falsity rule the us-them game. If you know the truth, you’re with them, that’s for sure, because liars who tell lies often enough begin to know their own lies as truth. Are any of the Grand Liars writing a book like, you know, I was wrong, it might not have been a good idea to invade Iraq the way we did. Nope. No WMD, no truth. I’m definitely with them here, I disavow any desire to ever use, see used, or remotely participate in the use of WMD’s and derivatives thereto. Somehow I don’t think they really mean no WMD, just nobody else in the sandbox kind of thing.

I need to go eat, so I’ll leave you with this, you’re either with the spark of life or against it, thus The Holy One said, Thou Shalt Not Kill. This translates to hunters as eat what you kill, so the way I see it, there’s gonna be a whole feast of “crow” coming to those who kill so readily for simpler needs like electric toothbrushes or who gets the nickle on the barrel trade.

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