Diamond Back

Snakes invade, and slither in holes,

The black snake rose, and wound around

the snaky broken hose,

spilling its toxic brew, in snakes of black goo

to stick on your shoe and give you a kind of

snake made flu.

The snake of fire rises to the clouds,

the snake that bit old Prometheus.

The snake that danced with Eve then Adam,

or was it really Adam’s snake

nonetheless ssss, the radionuclide invisible snake

rides clouds

of mud colored sunsets

into the bones of fish,

into the bones of cows,

into the bones of babies young and tortured with snakes of needles

needles needles needles for mumpsss rubellassss measssssllesssss,


Running squalene type snakes on nerve sheaths

and brown stains of mercury timerisol snakes,

snakes of accountants,

making snake money with the diseases

from the falling snake towers

in the major snake metropolis with its snaking highways and slippery

political snakes

assssssssssssuring ussss that no snake of fire will harm us, no snake

of black oil,

will harm us,

snakes of sexual diversions,

snakes of televised perversions,

snakes of liessss liesssss lies to cover the lizard’s ass.

Snakes of greasy hamburgers loaded with snake medicines,

snakes of coin wrappers wrappa no pennies left for the snake papers paper.

Snakes of Silas Mariner fingers counting paper snakes

of green snaky paper

covered with snake symbology in good snake mindful waysssssss.

Snakes of accountants counting the contributions,

snakes of the lobbyists hisssssing their sssself important messsssage.

Do you mind?

The snakes have planted little worms in your head,

they snake steal your mind,

they cause you to be blind,

they block up your ears to hear,

they torture your feelings with snakes of pain,

they make your food into snake food with

bug killers

bug killer DNA snakes buried deep in the hidden occult of your dinner.

They have you with their long snake of promises,

and tantalizing taisties of snaky poison called food,

the snakes cut off the fingers of butchers,

they burn down the barns of the milkers, they destroy the brains

of the cattle and porky pig’s fattal,

snakes teach your children you are bad,

snakes go to Washington,

snakes slept here,

you will never escape the snakes

until you bite off it’s head.

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One Response to Diamond Back

  1. easylifestyles says:

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time sitting down to writing short stories and poems is something I truly enjoy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    A Great Day for Spring – Poem

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