Grasping At The Meaning

As I mentioned in this blog a few pages back, I am working on photographing sacred structures and architecture in Vermont and surrounding areas. The idea sparked a study that actually began last summer when I was working on Martha’s Vineyard. I went to the Bunch of Grapes bookstore and found a history book, a quite uncommon history book that dealt with what was ostensibly the “Hidden History of the World.'” One concept intrigued me more than any other.

It’s an old concept, that of humanity actually devolving, not evolving. The author claimed we were smarter stronger more effective beings when we built the Pyramids. That would also include by default the pre-Incan society and the magnificent and wonderment of their stone structures. I began to think of my studies of ancient Egyptian religion begun in 1968, and mostly relaxed after encountering the Dogon ethnography of Northern Africa. The next focus came through the works of Phil Callahan, publishing works of radiological study on the round towers of Ireland and the paramagnetic sands of Egypt. PhD Callahan found very useful information for the agriculturalist, but he also inadvertantly verified the old world view that the universe itself has cognitive powers it can instill within us. Of particular interest to him was the nature of the location of the towers, which he suggests forms the constellation of the Great Bear, much like the Cheops Pyramids form the Orion’s Belt. What can be deduced from his study is the persistent nature of a religion hidden from view. Egyptology was considered the basis for Freemasonry by Master Churchward. Churchward said freemasons worship Isis. I see a goodly number of Lodges in my journeys through Vermont. Most of them are simple frame buildings of purposeful design unless they are using another convenient building. Some places like Brattleboro have obviously had their Lodges on Main St. for a long time. In comparison to demonstration of wealth, the Protestant Christians are building the most grand and lavish structures of modern nonsense, an excellent example exists further south in Feeding Hills MA where there is a HUGE Assembly of God or some such cult church.  Nowadays these latter day Christians have been desparaging the followers of Islam with a vengence they must have been mind programmed to do because surely, no Moslem ever did anything to them.  Let’s frame this discussion between the marker of Egypt and Isis and the current situation Of Jesus,Mary the mother, and Mary the wife, Joseph, and the rest of the clan.

When I was first courting my spouse, I had the pleasure of seeing “Fiddler On The Roof,” in big screen, of some magnificence, color during it’s first showings in New York City. I imagine Jesus being someone like Yetye. It sure looks like Jesus was an initiate of some order, and much of what has shown itself in the Roman free versions put in jars before the Roman eviction. It is therefore possible to consider the mechanisms of the Passion as a story akin to Isis Osirius, and so easily confusing it can be made for the common person. Over hundreds of years priests held the scriptures to themselves. The factor that changed everything about the Feudal Dark Ages of Europe (other places were flourishing), was the coming of the Plague. I hope we all know by now that was because the Europeans were a filthy lot and didn’t take baths. Now Europeans have learned to take baths, but can’t seem to do it without destroying the environment.

I think it is darn right dishonest to blame Americans for over consumption. It is the European culture that colonized America that is wasteful and gluttonous. Things like genetically butchered seed plasma, or GMO, are the lazy man’s way to riches, as long as you don’t care about being their experiment, everything is fine. That guy in Utah says that those who believe in Isis are Satan’s spawn. Funny isn’t it? We are being coated with radioactive dust and all a Mormon in Utah can focus on is whether or not national statistics relate to how much God decides to punish your country. Drucker simply begins to deteriorate into simplism.  Just because many men — and I assume Eastern Star women– believe in an experiential Egyptian process of advancement doesn’t mean they are satanic demons out to subdue everyone else. The protestant Christians and the Scientific Jews gave us Atomic Bombs and Atomic Plants. Our problem with religion and variances of tribe in their most primitive forms are still ruling our thought patterns, and probably even more densely than the past for no Pogrom was ever undertaken with nuclear weapons. No, the Judeo-Christian pact made a mass destruction device and wasted no time in using it to educate the world that a New Power was released. The nuclear plants cooking in Fukushima are now suspected of being a weapons facility. Let me warn you from my limited knowledge, a summer of methane and benzene laced with Corexit, and a light dusting of hot dust to go with your radiation screens, magnoflux motors, and solar ions, your immune system is being beaten to an early death, and if your a guy, you’ll loose your dick to estrogenic chemicals in food and drink so you won’t be able to get it up except with Viagra.

Every time I see Brother Nathanial chanting about the world’s problems being because of the Jews, I cringe at the altar of universal Love. We’re way past the old religions. Besides, all of them, none excluded, are laid firmly upon the base of astrology. In the “Fiddler On The Roof,” you can see the astrology on the Temple interior. nine tenths of the people only know astrology as a newspaper novelty. Truth is it is the visual connection of human’s hologram, and as the planets go to and fro, your life rides waves of energy that do correspond to your ruling planets general archtypical description. I’ll be adding more to this topic shortly, and then I will have studied a further modern work regarding this view of astrology as the connective imagery of archtype for all humanity. For Islam, Gabriel, an angel of the moon, informed Mohammed. There was a Master Galilian who taught. There was a family that was broken and the mother and child moved to Lombard France. Why it is so difficult to put this story together is because the egotists of secret societies co-opted the story, and the family themselves obscured the truth so as not to be followed.

“Fiddler On The Roof,” deals with the Russian Pogrom era. In the movie everyone leaves town. In real history it is sloppier than that. Since it is always people involved, one tribe having more blue eyes is sometimes all an excuse our mammal body needs to panic over the “other.”  Yet what happens, in Palestine during the Roman eviction, the Pogroms, and  across all groups, like American Indians and India’s Untouchables, some people hide out and stay behind.  Some people convert, some people intermarry, and some just go, in chains or pulling their Mormon carts. The American Pogroms were the American Indian deceptions. Many times I have heard that Hitler studied the American solution to American Indians, and exercised it upon the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and anyone who appeared to resist in any way. The Romans crushed the Jewish rebellion about 56CE, sent thousands to the mines, to the galleys, and to Spain. As Yetye says, maybe that’s why they always wear their hats. In the modern sense, I was Pogrommed out of California by the money manipulations. Fukushima seems to be set to create a second emptying of California.

Structure and geometry have been my life’s work; Structure in the soil, structure in construction, structure in democracy, structure in waste removal and re-use, structure in personal responsibility and in tikkun olam. The whole nuclear reactor thing is the worst example of science and technology currently on the planet. Russian trucks were built better. It’s sloppy science, definitely devolved from Tesla and Edison. I am amazed when I contemplate the age and danger of Yankee Vernon in Vermont. I can’t believe the minds from Renssalear Polytechic Institute and Massachusetts Institude of Technology are so backward and stupid that the best we can do for our nuclear temples is rickety structures from the 1950’s? So let’s see what’s important here.

Americans don’t know what the funny business is going on. Goodness Gracious Mr. Rumsfeld, The Israelis hate their neighbors and want to nuke Moslems, which of course makes Iran, the old home of Abraham, and the center of Babylon, often confused for the Egyptian religion of the Freemasons, but actually is the forte of what Drockton   and others of the conspiratocracy, call the Satanist Illuminati. My readings showed me an original Illuminati which would have been deeply and actively opposed to the actions being undertaken and allowed to be labelled to them. There are no roots to that original Bavarian group, they collapse and devolute into other secret plans. The book I am reading now discusses the world dissonance that was psychologically created by the revelation that the Earth looped round the Sun and was one of the planets named as Gods doing so. The author calls us to look at psychological factors  of going from a belief system where the Universe informed and communicated with the individual and society, to a lost status as an evolutionary dirt stain, such that we became detached from the planet and made it objectified in our rush to experience our power in creativity. Just such hubris infected the scientific children playing with nuclear matches. We the people let these nuclear near scientists become a religion of electricity, oh my God we won’t have enough without Nukes. Nuclear energy is the very definition of scarcity thinking that allowed us to be lazy long enough we are going to run out of oil, and thus coal, unless huge investments in electric mining equipment is made, and be in the problem solution logic of nuclear power — as it is.

The situation is passed dire. The elite think they are going to depopulate the Earth and start over. The elite is between 60 and 90 years old and don’t give a rat’s ass for your life, thus they have made a myopic mistake. It is your life which makes the exploited world of the elite what it is. Take you away and the metric for being elite shifts dramatically upward, and guess what? Fukushima is leveling the playing field as we speak.

Today there were two 7.5 earthquakes. One in Mexico, one in Japan. The news called them “aftershocks.”  Neat. One magnum 9 earthquake and the sevens are mere ticklers.  Now the Planet X Zeta people will claim it is just beginning. Everybody wants to be in on the Death and Destruction Prediction. I don’t live my life chanting the praises others give me for my work, however I do know my skills and value. I’m out of work. There are small dribbles, but the neighborhood doesn’t have too much funny money to spend. Here I am having been introduced many times in California as a Master Builder and Master Carpenter. I joke that means I still have all my fingers. Mastery involves knowing the measure of things, biblically “spare the rod, spoil the child.” The rod is a length, not a club to beat children. The measure of the Northern Hemisphere is in RADSs. Those that suspect HAARP, should consider the Bushes and the Moonies bought large tracks of land over the purest and largest aquifer in South America in Paraguay. Those attempting to investigate the Joaquin and Boaz disaster of New York, need to consider the nature of the cancers and what might have caused those specific diseases.

Hunter Thompson shot his typewriter. I think effective protest would be to shoot television sets. Then they wouldn’t be able to tease us with partial Pollyanna stories. What could they do if you weren’t afraid? I see people who don’t know what is going on.  They seem no more or less happy than anyone else, just completely stupid to outside their hide events. They are Kirwan’s Consumers who he says do not have the rights of Citizens. To be a citizen, Kirwan claims, one has to be responsible and capable of self governing.

This is the Thunderdancer’s view of our current situation. Citizens of responsiblity, speak up, I didn’t hear you. You say you like these antique (an automobile is an antique at 25 years) nuclear plants and they are safe? Get on the plane, go help the Japanese. Notice, my fellow Citizens, the corporate sponsors who say it’s safe aren’t in Fukushima helping out. No no no, I bet old mr. ceo ge is in his Vivos bunker. The myth that a corporation is a person like any person falls apart when it comes to responsibility. Had I known at three years old that all I had to say to my mother was, “I can’t clean my room now, because if I do, every time you’ll want me to clean my room and I don’t want to open that situation up. Pretty soon every adult will want me to clean up my mess.”

Here’s how Jim Kirwan puts it:

We must remember that the Public’s Health has been a very-public target since 911. And it has always been among the major targets of Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, as well as the Earthquake in Haiti, the Firestorms throughout the Southwestern USA and now the public-health is facing total-obliteration in the USA from the effects of the latest series of attacks upon the global food chain, the global water supply and the global-volume of the air-quality that will entail massive amounts of radiation along with what HAARP has already brought us with the plasma they have produced to undermine the breathability of the air worldwide.
The planet has never before faced anything this evil, this determined to permanently change the entire structure of the world and its people worldwide. The above is the general outline of how we came to be caught in this international-trap that seemingly has no way out for most of us. The current THREAT to shut-down the government on Friday is just their way of trying to force us all to comply, AGAIN, just as they did when they first threatened US with total financial collapse; if we did not BAIL-THEM-OUT! And we all KNOW just how well that worked-out for all the rest of us! This is the end of Part One.
Part Two which follows; is about THE GOOD NEWS which is available to any and all that have the guts and determination to investigate its suggestions further. . .
It’s almost 1 AM this Friday morning. I live in a world with oil wells killing the oceans, gas wells ruining the water aquifers, and a nuclear plant spraying and leaking all the most dangerous radio isotopes. Humanity didn’t learn from Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, tritium water releases all over America; so maybe we do deserve to be cleansed from the planet. There have been a few Professors who have taught that idea to your children at University. Wipe the slate, let evolution retake. Can you think of a more anthropocentric egotistical view of the little brain that can tap into the Collective Subconscious and knows because of geomagnetic and astromagnetic waves that there is a pay day of reconciliation and the universe did not bring us here for this kind of self destructive idiocy, no matter how you label it.
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