Adeau Preparedness

I am Guilty
of positive thinking,
as I showered and visualized
fungus radiation eating.
Like I’ve see with my very own mind,
from a sense,
and senses,
of TED’s Paul Stamin’s
fungi sense abilities.
Reminded I am of LA in the 50’s and the
case of the missing Plutonium,
and my friends at Acres, USA,
who love better than Uncle Sam today.

I am Guilty
of loving hot water,
and solar,
as I thought of my day’s job,
shoveling cesium dusted horse shit.
Because I love corn,
and mother earth,
and my GODDE who maketh the plan,
for here I am with a sense to re-mediate.
Guilty of positively planning remediation.

I am Guilty of not being
a Radiation.
My beacon is Green, not Red,
Left mind right mind,
Congressional mind,
No mind,
A mind with Tao is empty,
except when in radiation,
poor guilty robin,
mediation by Yin,
sucking you in, luring you to the web.
Organocide, life by organic mediation.

I am Guilty
of suspexcting,
(hhmmmm I like that x there)
that the horse shit has genetically grown corn,
but please no asking,
fertility basking,
dusted with Mercury,
trashed with trickery,
murdered for lucrecity,
topped by Uranusium,
cooked in the Saturnalia,
blessed by a Red Devil,
united with the Blue Demon,
creating ever widening chasms
of doubt. Guilty I’m Not!

Hand fisted to heaven,
Where Are You Benevolent Loving Godde,
Architect of fools,
Architect of Magicians,
Architects of Goddesses,
for without goddesses and Adonis Glowing Gods,
(maybe it was the early visitors radiation suits)
without penis fancy and uterine wonderment,
where would the advertisers and salesmen
get their power over you.
I am Mother-Father, one body made from father-mother,
One Ego of wrestling prowess who dances with Spirit,
and knowing ever with me Mother-Father,
I have Come Unto Thee.

Mother-Father, I have come unto thee,
I got the idea from Jesus you see,
and Krishna agreed,
as Buddha did demonstrate,
while Mohammed took a difficult fate,
one world burning too much too late,
I am not guilty to date.
So off to the Sea of Green,
where Red International and I,
will buck across an untamed land,
mixing humus clay and sand.

Are you guilty,
of putting oil on this land,
of dumping benzene into the air,
of loading the systems until they spill,
of drinking a flouridated chemical swill?
Do you deaden with an alcohol still,
or dream of solar hot water showers,
on a fertile little hill,
dancing in life with the ponies and butterflies,
so wake up, get moving, there isn’t much time,
there’s a whole lot to do, you’re valuable,
your work will be just fine.
Open up with your voice,
tell your neighbor to turn off the lights,
drive touristy slower to have gas alright,
You’ll send less poison over the hill,
my ground will be cleaner, I can pass it on further,
and we can grow for life and not everything to kill.

I am not guilty,
and where will I be?
In the shower with solar dreams,
Clean corn cakes and Vermont Ice Cream.
I can see my children happily parented,
and instruct in them reason,
not to over crowd the pen.
To raise up life with patience and care,
To save precious gifts that take me anywhere,
To help the crippled, the lame and the shamed,
to spur the lazy, the crazy, the bullish and boars,
to partition off what is ours and the rats,
to have a few cats,
to train a loyal dog,
to sit and wonder at a frog.
Mitakuye Oyasin!
You relations to me All.

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