Letter to a member of The Secret Team

The stars have a funny way of synchronizing things; have you discovered this phenomenon? There is a modern marketing guru named Joe Vitali, who calls himself Mr. Fire. In contrast to his message of “wealth” I have three dollars in my pocket, am living in an old chicken coop with no running water, am 63 years old and was collapsed out of business by crooks in California.

Joe, Mr. Fire, is a voice in the movie “The Secret.” At one point he admonishes that the bad luck you and I experience we attracted to ourselves. He said something like, “I need to be in your face on this.” You don’t need to be in my face, Joe, yes, I attracted AIG’s collapse, I even knew all the mechanics — I was attempting to positively catch some gold off the caravan before it left town.

I’m having the time of my life. I know great long term friends who never let me down — because I don’t let them down, isn’t it wonderful how it works? I don’t think any of them have any money either, but until Geithner and Bernanke, decide whether we’ll buy groceries with $1000 or Amero 0.10, we’re just growing our okra and black beans. In the mean time, there is always Executive Order 11110, you should share that with your readers.

We were so culturally busy with the wonder of the machine, we forgot to fix our power plants, and look, now, what we have attracted. Fukushima … or maybe USkarma? Oh boy Joe, did I ever catch “you’re so negative” for suggesting from about 1964, past 1984, and now out here in the nebula zone we needed to sharpen our nuclear sciences focus. I can be of help because to point out the fools in any generation is the job of the advanced artists, sometimes leaving pictures of Saturn and the Gods on the ceilings of Chapels. It is also supposed to be the meat of newspaper reporting, but appears verbotten now.

I’m having a vision of an art installation at the Burning Man 2011 of the Four Fukushima Nuclear plants fireworks display. Is that devilish thinking? And there will be a health business bonanza on the way from all the radiation sicknesses, I can feel the CEO’s of Big Pharma rubbing their hands together as the spittle drools out the corners of their mouths. . No matter, we’ve got to get busy Joe; you, me, Procter, Abrahams, Ice Road Truckers, and Chicken Soup of Radiation mixed with Corexit Poisoning … we got some very big manifestation to do. You can cook a man’s dinner with microwave radiation, and you can cook his whole neighborhood. I think I’ll ride my ’99 Ford Ranger to ground. And I’m thinking about driving over to the Marlboro College Doctoral Program for ethical business practices. If a space ship came by, I might go, just from knowing what’s left here.

And while we were manifesting beautiful shiny gas guzzling cars after having been warned America’s gas tank was empty, we let a bunch of reckless profiteers loose in the sanctuary of life. Oh boy, Joe, I believe Momma Nature said “Don’t Fool With Mother Nature.” Manifesting is great but wow, whomever those fools are creating all those huge mistakes, or acts of war in a way we have no facility to comprehend, especially as we all have been trained by bells and glitters. Why waste any more time on death tech oil, gas (frack U shima!), coal, and nuclear? All the energy we will ever need comes pouring down with so much power, we could learn to harness the Sun’s nuclear energy in a synthetic photosynthesis. Besides, we are so full of crapola as a species — how many pounds came out of John Wayne when he died? — we could make a substantial amount of methane (natural gas) right from our own shit. Talk about cleansing and getting it right! Are people that lazy? Have they been numbed so deep there is no creativity left?

Yes, I’ll be in their face, they are lazy and numb but not totally lost from it yet. Let’s go to work, catch their negative shit and say, METHANE. Creativity will come back when the power goes out, and at the rate of quakes and shakes it’s being attracted now. Funny jokes by an abuser with an agenda are discussed in the verbal abuse book and are listed as manifesting the abuse intended. Perhaps laughing over Homer Simpson, and joking about Godzilla crushing power plants isn’t such a good public visualization. Mr. Carlin, are you watching?

So, now I see you going on to the Secret Language of Hawaiian. Joe, I was researching that subject on Martha’s Vineyard from my sometimes underwater home and businesses (curse of waterfront living) before you were homeless in Texas. Careful with ancient secrets, Joe, you might unleash Prometheus — oh wait! — that happened in the 1930’s (our sloth of science has attracted its own Chernobyl reward.) Or you might be captured in your haste to know and demonstrate by an evil spirit, Dr. Chiappalone in Australia says that’s all that’s left now. And I know evil spirits stalk those who profess their good, just to test them in their commitments. A guy with a similar name to you told me this, his name was Job.

Joe, I believe we still have time to correct, cure, and attract the proper technology to be good stewards of the Earth. However I do wish to warn you with cautionary principles that “Ho’oponopono” is not a general feel good ritual and always needs a hands on Kahuna present. There are reasons for spiritual hierarchies. Someone has to watch out for the Seventh Generation to come.

And Joe, The movie the Secret, did attract a lesson about arrogance and care to James Ray, in the Stone People’s Lodge, wouldn’t you agree? Best wishes for best conclusions all around, that which is the best solution for everyone.

Think about it again. A car is an antique at 25 years. Most of it’s life will be spent in mothballs. Nuclear power and the scientists who played with it were from 1920’s era. Talk about negative attraction, 3.25 x antiques cars = Indian Point NY, Vernon Yankee VT, Three Mile Island — oh yeah, I was there that 3 mile night, in the cloud, and my second son was born. Fukushima is a Saturn Return event to Three Mile Island. The next one will be a Saturn return of Chernobyl — if we get that far, if we collapse back into denial. We have been content to allow the attraction of this foul wind because we were content before it’s glitter torch. we’re expecting space age advancement riding in a 1924 Ford. Yankee Vernon (et al) is a “prototype.”

Now we come into my time. The material realm is about to be totally redefined. My mission has been given me by the Master of the Truth and the Way. She came in my prayers for guidance and reminded me that sometimes people might treat me like Joan De Arc. She asked, “are you Ready To Serve?”

Yes, I said. Aumakua, guide my steps.

One of Jesse’s serfs and a witness to the fall of Jimmy Swaggart,

You can call me Ms. Earth. That is who ROBIN is.

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