To Market to market to buy a fat pig

I was granted the privilege of some fine work in the last week. It was three sets of windows to trim, and an upside down chair rail so the board pattern paneling on the upper walls and ceiling would look like a boat. My son takes care of the property and built the house a few years ago under the wing of a local contractor. Son of mine has moved up the contracting ladder and supplemented his lifestyle with care taking positions.

The house belonged to one of the banking elite we hear so much about in the news. Knowing people who qualify, and being exposed to people like my son’s client, I often see that they really do not match the negative portrayals sometimes crafted of an evil banking elite. My grandfather hated bankers, but my father often pointed out how much he depended on them to run his silk spinning business and in reality my grandfather hated paying the service fees because he would rather use the money for gambling at Saratoga NY,  good drink, good food, and every two years a two year old Cadillac. When he was on his relative death bed–his last prostate surgery–he threw it out to me that “I have been a millionaire a couple of times.” I wondered, was I supposed to take that as a directive from the family top? As a result, I have spent some of my life looking closely at how money works and how markets function. While taking a break at the house on the Vineyard I noticed a small book by George Soros called “The Collapse of 2008,” etc.

George Soros as a name–and I suppose as a picture–has crossed these screens I write upon under many guises. In one view, he was an evil Illuminati money controller intent on enslaving the population of lessees. Claims like that invoke me to research. So when I saw the book and how small it was I thought I might be able to finish it before the job was done. That didn’t happen. I’m a person with a strong work ethic so don’t lay around doing breaks and reading when there is money to be made. I’m very clear money isn’t everything, but in my case, the $240 1990’s priced window trim job was always there waiting.  Having been raised to be grateful that one has earned the privilege of property, I am respectful of others property most especially when I am working on it.

Houses inform me about the people who own them. All six of my houses along the way have been a reflection of the conditions and processes in my life. When I expand that to my various families’ houses, the correlation goes even deeper.  As I read Mr. Soros’ philosophy I realized how very similar our views of human uncertainty principles we were. He was dealing with billions of dollars and billions of people, where I was dealing with $100,000’s of houses and a hand and a half of people, to come to very similar conclusions about the uncertainty of actions and reactions I believe Mr. Soros is coining the word reflexivity to describe unknowable phenomenon of decision.

The human uncertainty principle is much more specific and stringent than the subjective skepticism that pervades Cartesian philosophy. It gives us objective reasons to believe that our perceptions and expectations are–or at least may be–wrong.(pg.19 2010 George Soros, “The Soros Lectures”)

What I read is Mr. Soros’ dissertation on the blending of modern quantum based physics with market activity. In the “Crash of 2008” book–I was lucky to find an updated version to finish it–he leads us through his short autobiography and biographical stories of his father. It’s like looking at a person’s house and knowing them. I operate on the investigation of wave theory, that all that is, is intersections of consciousness waves permeating the universe, that is why there are things like Greg Braden’s “God Code” (see earlier blogs). Mr. Soros mentions David Hume on brain function which opens my wave theory to probability. Evidence keeps me searching further.

Brain science is advancing along with heart chakra research. The folks out in San Anselmo or thereabouts, the Institute of Noetic Science can lead you to all the evidence you will need to convince yourself that we are not only cruising way beyond Mr. Soros’ suspicions of human uncertainty. We live connected to each other on a psychic bonded level through the heart chakra in such a way that if the heart detects an incoming event of threat or danger, it sends an impulse to the brain to wake it up. The Institute (IONS), can lead you to the research that determined the heart can send panic messages to the brain sometimes up to three seconds before the event, or taken with other psychic phenomenon, sometimes days in advance like when a person knows they shouldn’t get on that plane or train. Mr. Soros’ son says he gets back spasms. That fits with wave theory; he is intersecting a wave of threat, the second chakra arch-typical description involves the nature of human survival. What we have in the view of a chakra system is something tied to the natural body, and while humanity has discovered many great things about the mechanics of markets and bodies, we are still struggling with spiritual purpose and soulful expression. Who can fault Oppenheimer for admitting that like Vishnu, he had become death. Intent is the force behind waves.

Intent is behind Mr. Soros’ desire to be known as a philosopher. So much talk about markets, what are they? Market is an abstraction similar to society. We talk in abstractions while our thinking adopts one of two patterns. One pattern of thinking, and I suspect the most predominant in schooling, is linear thinking. This splits Mr. Soros’ cognitive function. The second mode of thinking is holographic thinking. In my research, neither can be learned if one is had by the other. Linear thinkers have the end of the world where your ship falls off into oblivion. The holographic thinkers see the complete package of the noosphere, the internally sensed distillation. Intent for a linear thinker is driven at a goal with sometimes harsh consequences when the ship falls off the edge. Holographic thinkers are the ones who wander around until they find Hispaniola and Aztecs awaiting their god. Those guys found the most profitable way to make money in the very same similar way the industrial world is doing so now; they steal it from “the natives.”

I mentioned above I have read things negative about Mr. Soros and his Open Society Foundation. I am ready to accept Mr. Soros on his words and say from my perspective he is a man, no more, no less, who has experienced hazard and repression. He beileves in the freedoms Americans are supposed to enjoy, and intends open accepting society where we live by the Rule of Law. In these days of cowboy economics and smoke filled room payoff sessions, the Rule of Law would be very refreshing indeed. However, as Naomi Klein points out in her writings, Milton Freedman’s economics can only be inflicted by military destruction.

Let’s split cognitive function into subcognitive function. Though the brain filters sensory impulse, it does not fully erase any phenomenon. Under hypnosis individuals often exhibit near total recall when asked to focus on specifics. I believe that the waves that make up our subcognitive function inform us of many things in nature we do not readily understand at this time. When I was making my decision to spend the few dollars on the Soros books, I notice a new book by Lynne McTaggert I believe will help Mr. Soros fill out his philosophy, for he is on the right track. He is captured within his generation’s world view feedback loop and it will be hard for him and many of his third Saturn return age to comprehend, and very many of those in the first Saturn return are currently furious about the elders and elite for trashing their world and depleting their prospects and dreams. I concur! I’d like to read an analysis by Mr. Soros using his philosophy to describe why it is we cannot act with respect toward our nest. It won’t be enough to have an Open Society if there is no place in the world safe for habitation due to chemicals, biologicals,  radioactive nuclicides, and converting everything into a weapon of war. The Big Bubble is the War Bubble going on now. In this aspect, the philosophy of reflexivity and uncertainty lead us like cattle to slaughter and absolutely no one has any idea how to stop it.

So here comes nature and true uncertainty. We are not struggling at the threshold of an open or closed society, we are standing in the holographic Thunderdome of astromagnetic re-alignments. Today I read of a new, previously unknown form of energy coming from deep within the Sun. It is changing the rate of carbon 14 decay, which means it is changing atoms within your very body.  The uncertainty of this natural phenomenon is whether this will be beneficial to life as we know it or harmful. When holographic thinkers fall into denial, it is as if they have gone below the horizon, have broached to abyss where the linear thinkers send their ships and fear to voyage there. The solutions to our current deleminum is going to come through the minds of the holographic thinkers  as subcognitive reality.

In my understanding of Mr. Soros’ reflexivity, I envision War reflexivity as Robert Oppenheimer convincing himself of the Einstein equation, E=mc2, which I often say has its opposite in 2mc=E, or photosynthesis as every equation that goes one way must also pulse back the other, that being the nature of waves.  In this I believe there is correlation to reflexivity because a wave function is not a flat plane linear phenomenon. All waves are dimensional. A simple visit to the beach will demonstrate that the diagram of the waves coming to the beach only maps one side, one slice through, much like an index in a securities market is a slice through a package of papers. I hope Mr. Soros has time to read Isaac Bentov’s “Stalking The Wild Pendulum” and his wife’s edit of his “Cosmic Comic Book.”

In situations that have thinking participants, the participant’s view of the world is always partial and distorted. … Distorted views can influence the situation to which they relate because false views lead to inappropriate actions. … Treating drug addicts as criminals creates criminal behavior. (pg.10 2010 Ibid)

Let us take the concept of The Powers That Be, and slice it up with a few scalpels and see if we can get some red out of it. What we are now experiencing is many overlays of manipulative function. An example to think about is the so called novelist Ayn Rand and her “Fountainhead” book that is supposed to inform of the proper philosophy of self-interest as the motivating force. We can say that our politicians are hands out for a fist full of a few thousands of dollars and are ready and willing to accept the deaths of millions to keep their self-privilege feed back loop. How many of the investments of the Open Society Foundation are dripping with peripheral blood? Discovery can be very difficult, however, when profits are involved, when intent is to exploit and ruin countries in order to create, to manipulate situations to need expensive repair, informs the lie of the self driven individual being best for the whole. The Powers That Be suffer from a fear of their own inadequacy, so it is projected upon others in the manipulative way by making criminals, debasing education, spreading pollution to help advance cancers and resultant profits, ignoring the need to advance our sciences beyond the mid twentieth century–which I can guarantee you will Not be accomplished by self serving individuality. Can you imagine any more silly of a clown than Donald Trump? I’m sorry folks, just because you can figure out how to manipulate paper to grab privilege from the people who support you, doesn’t mean you’re going to be allowed to keep it, or for that matter, will you be able to escape our common coming attractions, all based in a reality that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your Lamborghini or your Martha’s Vineyard summer get away. There is no exit from this angry world and solar system we are bumping through. To consider with the Powers That Be, easy enough to identify, they are the ones who don’t want to give up their nuclear plants and bombs. Our President even suggested CO2 was more harmful than radiation.  This is clear evidence of at least two possibilities, our President, really, doesn’t know the dangers of breathing in plutonium, or the manipulative function has become so locked in its self reflecting loop. On page 89 of “The Soros Lectures” Mr. Soros writes, “There is a way to deal with the ethical issue.” Yes there is, and for the Powers That Be, that issue is paramount in this collapsing of paradigms. The ethical issue is inherent in Fukushima Diachi. It is inherent in Chernobyl, Building Seven–which all good fellows know the little piggies who are the true perps will do their walk soon enough because as the Sun cooketh, there is a Power Greater than the Elite, set to improve or remove offendi from the scene, and it is completely locked in, diagrammed in the ethereal, begun and prepared with the Luciferian actions like blowing off nuclear devices in the Van Allen Belt just to see what it would do. It only takes a puff from a spacecraft jet to reposition an orbiting satellite, imagine what a blow  from a nuke might do say, fifty years, sixty years, down the road. When one person knows a deal is a con, then robbed participant ethically have recourse to justified compensation. From my viewpoint of the Crash of 2008, it is clear deals were struck knowing they were cons. When I lost because there was no way for me to over ride the con, I at least was prepared with the knowledge of how to avoid the deeper destruction of the con. Madoff is the tip of the iceberg of the con. Using a flawed invented philosophy guaranteed to create ethical problems between people for the sake of profits, the Ayn Randians have conned us all. The Wisconsin revolt is the first meat thrown to the children, it won’t change a thing because the depth of the current wave of unethical behavior crosses all the way through every aspect of society. What will be the grand undoing of the con, the Big Lie, and the War on Common Sense, won’t be human generated, even if HAARP is causing the Earthquakes, storms, and tsunamis. It is going to come like a shadow in the night through unexpected effects of disturbing attractor points of a well functioning system able to support our humanity. We are not at the door of an Open or Closed Society, but the threshold of no society and a fulfillment beyond the expectations of the authors written in stone at the Georgia Guidestones hill.

Nature is about to rebound, the balance up, to cleanse our ways and possibly our DNA. perhaps we missed the point that the dinosaurs became our birds lizards and snakes. We have missed that the globe has expanded in the past redistributing land and water, so massive and rapid changes can and do come. The manipulative function has been over done, people have become aware, and even those of slower cognitive function are beginning to say “Hey! Wait a minute!” Repression back to some former imagined order is never possible due to the effect of entropy, the bleeding of energy and matter into oblivion of the cold, still, lifeless, sequestering of the universe. A normal curve is a pile of data, not a line. The depth becomes invisible like the air wave tucked into the water wave is never considered nor thought much of until one day, one witnesses horse tails rising from the crest. The aspect of wave piles is their fluctuation of life so that everything breathes, and since it breathes, everything is subject to entropy;  watch how fast this galaxy eats its own. Ah ha! But there in lies the rub, your cognitive function won’t save you, and your subcognitive functions just might. The Twelve Step programs have a saying, let go and let God.

No longer do I give credit to those who would defame Mr. Soros as trying to be a grand manipulator towards a repressive close society. I witness someone whose talent became realized in the work that he has done, his life justified to his philosophy, so even if you only think you are gleaning his money mind, I can assure you the waters go much deeper. Mr. Soros’ philosophies are well worth a few coffee breaks and late night blogs.

Our view of the world is deeply rooted in an intellectual tradition that either ignores the manipulative function or treats it as subservient to the cognitive function. (pg. 55, Soros, 2010 Ibid)

The intellectual tradition is past, we have entered the revolution. Gerald Celente calls it the Intellectual Revolution. I say no, this won’t be an intellectual revolution.This is going to be a Spiritual Revolution the likes of which we have never seen. We haveno idea what is coming for a good reason, even the manipulators are going to be blind sided by the shadow that will come in the night from the subcognitive function totally unable to be manipulated. Many ghosts of the shadow are now working within on everyone. You little human, feel that cosmic power.

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