O, O, Oh, Ho, O,

I’ve been laden,

by a thorny bush o bound me,

like a crown of thorns,

colored popcorns,

the show is all and all is show,

do they die yes and no,

it depends where the Spirit goes.

One religion binds them all,

they painted many pictures down the hall,

when reaction creates a din and pall,

Americans go shopping at the mall.

Kill em all,

let God sort them out,

an old 1980’s tee shirt

did socially shout.

So the devil in the details,

and the satanist wagging tales,

manufactured explanations fail.

The truth of good,

is action as it should,

to seek momentary privilege amongst the O’s,

means your country comes to blows,

while your life begins to look

more and more

like a cheap painted whore.

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