Know Them By Their Fruits

“At my foundation, the Open Society Institute, we have made it our business to protect the public interest against encroachments of private interests. (Soros, Central European University Lecture Four: Capitalism Versus Open Society, page 93 NY 2010)

Coming back to Soros and the uncertainty of this time of ours, we will serve the “public interest” best with old fashioned cognitive abilities. The statement above must be balanced against the realities. Mr. Soros calls certain things Hard Truths, but comes only unto death as one hard truth, leaving any other discussion of what a hard truth is. I will clarify issues for him easily. “The amorality of market values has penetrated into areas where it does not properly belong. (Soros, Ibid 2010 p. 84) Contrast these two statements about a situation in Nevada where Soros’ capitalism and Chinese state capitalism intend to buy up farms, change the designation of the land and manipulate their way to water extraction. The reason the Chinese need water is their state capitalism in a very short time has literally made poison out of almost every drop of water in China, and now the Japanese are ruining the rest. Contrast those comments with Soros’ alledged involvement with Monsanto; where the manipulative function of genetic modification is on its way to destroying the human food commons.

BlackRock Trust Company, which is associated with billionaire George Soros, seems to be the 2nd top owner of shares in General Moly.  BlackRock Trust is also the 5th top owner of shares in agricultural company Monsanto.

Interestingly, BlackRock Trust’s parent company, BlackRock, Inc., is the world’s biggest money manager (and a fund related to George Soros) and has acquired stakes in the Far East Energy Corp., a Houston company that’s raising cash to develop natural-gas properties in China.

The manipulative function has been adopted over the cognitive function in agriculture as surely as it has been extended in everything else. The cognitive function was working just fine before the short cut profiteers got a God idea, or perhaps genetically modified organisms are a pregnant fallacy, pregnant with the birth of the Four Horsemen. The cognitive function comes into agriculture as genetically engineered organisms, trial and error hybrids like butter and sugar corn can be made without danger to the commons and to the consuming public.

Because we can doesn’t mean we should.

Understanding reality is the cognitive function. That is why the cognitive function ought to take precedence over and guide the manipulative function. Ignoring an objective reality that cannot be fully understood leads to the postmodern fallacy. (Soros 2010 p.66)

In the case of Monsanto, all manipulative forces have been applied, political, social, judicial, criminal, to inflict the genetically modified organisms on us all, whether we wanted it or not. This being in direct conflict with Soros’ comment at the beginning of this page, is a fruit of a disingenuous philosopher, a phony who wants nothing more than to manipulate you into thinking he wants an Open Society while funding whatever it is that they do with profits from Grand Manipulators.  Just my discussion here can attract hostile actions bent on manipulation function. There is nothing open about farmers being forced into subservience to a multinational corporation that is nothing more than a dangerous egotistical manipulator with all its manipulation suits.

Bringing back one of Mr. Soros’ core ideas, that “in situations that have thinking participants, the participants’ view of the world is always partial and distorted. ( Soros 2010 p. 10 Lecture One:)” A sufficient body of evidence is now shaping up that genetically modified food may be responsible for lower cognitive functioning, and that the elite, knowing this, are intentionally using GMO’s in a process of re-serfication. My cognitive function demands to see more evidence on this, but the very agencies that should be protecting the people are protecting the manipulators for short term gains and payoffs. Now as far as those of us with capacity to think, and I will be first to admit there is a huge and growing population that does not know how to think at all, if our questions and concerns are trampled under dogmatic market fundamentalism, or as Naomi Klein calls it “Disaster Capitalism,” a cancerous growth in economics coming from Milton Freedman, it matters little if we speak truth to power if power has no ears to hear. As far as Mr. Soros’ comment as a point of philosophy, I think Don Miguel Ruiz, in “The Four Agreements,” said it first. Mr. Soros makes a cognitive mistake. He says, “In natural phenomena, thinking plays no causal role and serves only a cognitive function. (Soros 2010, p.17)” His thinking produced his books, his lectures at CEU, his actions in hedge funds, all causal actions are proceeded by thought, whether valid or invalid. While we need to be careful in cross discipline comparisons, quantum physics does play a role in biology whether the biologists want to recognize it or not. The cognitive function never sleeps, neither does the intuitive function, something Mr. Soros defines away with his religiosity of Hard Truths (Jehovah?). George, there are soft truths, too, like placing your weary head on your wife’s chest.

Observer created reality is the moniker for the create reality manipulators. The problem with observer created reality is that the subjective aspect may be able to be denied, but only up to the point where your brand new BMW runs smack into a concrete wall at 80 mph while you were observing yourself as able to walk through walls. When a capitalist looks into an iron pit and capitalizes the mining thereof, nothing will stop the process until all the iron is gone, no matter how frivolous the uses of the iron were put. Then, when we get down the road, and in between some organic processes might have allowed saving iron for the future, the pit will be empty, the tailings will be in the commons, the pollution will be in the commons, and the bones of the exploited won’t even be ground for good phosphorous fertilizer.

Mr. Soros tells us a rich man feels more secure in his profits than spending his wealth. Isn’t this another example of cognitive failure? It is the very circulation of wealth through the natural resource commons that makes profits for the rich, not shuffling papers and electronic signals across tables and telephone wires and towers. What we are witnessing at this time is the poker table of last hand. Once the winner takes all, there will be no place else to win, and usually these high powered types go into self destructive behavior when they can no longer win. A second form of behavior is like unto what we can cognitively develop from Mr. Soros telling us he wants to support an open society while investing in closed societies like China and Monsanto.

Soros says China was so well behaved for the Olympics that a Grand Spectacle was demonstrated. How about that well behaved society–the most polluting in the world. They have to enlist the guy who knows his manipulation function to manipulate the water out from under the general public of America. Seems like a resentment factor to me. One thing is absolutely clear, the manipulation is going to proceed apace until all ability to attempt the cognitive function is completely absent. Baudrilliard wrote about the mindset in “Simularcra, Simularcrum.”

Devolution toward a world catastrophic extinction event appears to be in the process. Subtle and not so subtle forms of natural hard truths are working their way through the global process. The Sun is responsible for the global warming, there is no tax that will fix the “problem.” When the Vikings settled Greenland they didn’t have much ice to worry about, but the cold did come back. A hard truth is working its way through the solar sciences right now as a new form of previously unknown type of energy is coming from the sun and changing the rate at which carbon 14 degrades to nitrogen 14. Since we are the carbon planet (666), placing a tax on “carbon” is placing a tax on “life.” The manipulative function calls it a CO2 Tax, but doesn’t tell you CO2 from you is candy to your trees and shrubs. Got garden? Go breathe with your plants. The Hard Truth is they know you are there. Such Spiritual evidence is always ignored by the manipulators.

Open society can prevail only when people can speak truth to power. It needs the rule of law that guarantees freedom of speech and press, freedom of association and assembly, and other rights and freedoms. They empower citizens to defend themselves against the abuse of power. … The freedom of the individual must be made compatible with the public interest and the freedom of other individuals. (Soros 2010 Lecture Three, p 70)

In a hard truth world, there is one sure way to provide the back-up power to speak truth to power and that is the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Mr. Soros says, “and to make use of the judicial branch for such defense.(Ibid p 70)” Clarity of cognition alerts us that the courts, too, have become manipulators of reality.

One more point for tonight. Mr. Soros maintains that a single individual making market decisions is ineffective in changing the markets. I disagree. When Rosa Parks decided she was paying the same as all the other bus riders, she chose to sit up front. This disrupted the whole economy of the United States and set the Grand Manipulators directly on the people in COINTELPRO. A very few men at the top of financial chicanery (I almost said wizardry but thought better of it — wouldn’t want to depreciated wizards that way) were able to screw up the markets that removed my profits beyond my ability to keep up with the slight of hand. My records show I was operating in the spirit of  “the public interest,” in a way that was responsible and well within ethical business practices, not at all in the cowboy economics of pre-crash Californication. I even had the crazy idea of accumulating a down payment for a property purchase in the old New England kind of economic scotch.  I was too small to save so don’t have any sympathy for any of those liars who were “to big to fail.” See how the piggies go to slaughter? Your cognition is manipulated simply by saying to big to fail, because they did fail, they failed magnificently and completely, there is no amount of quantitative easing that can stop the freight train of funny money accounts. All that is left is manipulation.

Oilmen are manipulating gas out of rocks by destroying the water; Nukeranians manipulating energy out of dangerous radioactive substances that are millions of times over kill energy wise.  But I have ears that hear, and eyes the see, so I can tell you the Sun will have the last word. The Sun will demonstrate what real power and Hard truths are all about, and you can find out all about that by reading Maurice Cotterell, author discovering Hard Truths.

But the global financial system that emerged was fundamentally unstable because it was built on the false premise that financial markets can be safely left to their own devices. That is why it broke down, and that is why it cannot be put back together again. ( Soros2010, p. 106)

Here we are, we were manipulated in our businesses  by agents at the Federal Reserve, a private for profit organization, typical of the agency and agency problem Soros also covers in Lecture Five. That they all come out of a similar experience of education from the New York-Washington hegemony, substance can be gleaned of the sting. I was conned, on top of which it was backed by other people who were being conned, and like any victim of a crime, I believe that though I was too small to save, I ought to be compensated for the lost income of reasonable projection had not the manipulators driven the “contracts” into occult illegality. At every turn, cognition function is denied, no discussion is possible, the threat is being labeled a terrorist enemy of the state, so how can I believe a rich man who says people need to speak truth to power while his funds of creation are manipulating with the best of them?

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