Mytholologic of a “Pregnant Philosophy”

Rationality and reality are slippery subjects in these times; a person can have a hard time attempting to find truth through the various intentional and unintentional realities weaving from everywhere near Sirius to the core of the Sun. There is an old and unattended theory about the universe and the solar system, and one arising Phoenix style. One uses factual events to lead to experiments in the laboratory that confirm hypotheses, while the second, my pregnant fallacy (see the blogs on Soros’ philosophy), and just about every time a scientist makes a supposition about the universe with this theory, there is no, and can be no experimental evidence.

If you are concerned about these times in terms of some of the doomsday scenariatta, Nick Herbert, actually a physicist from Stanford University shares with us that “our world sets limits on how far pools of potentia are permitted to spread. (pg. 159 Elemental Mind, 1993)” I think that is like saying if you visit Las Vegas enough you’ll eventually beat the house, but don’t count on it. Herbert had to write a book to try and explain quantum fantasy without reconciling the two above mentioned philosophies. The first philosophy as written by Gerald L. Schroeder in his book “The Science of God,” begins with this expertism; “I urge the scientifically disinclined reader to suffer through or skip over the bit of mathematics that follows and continue on to the day-by-day comparison of science with Genesis 1.”

Here’s how he continues:

The million-million-factor difference between our local perception of time and Genesis cosmic time is an average for the six days of creation. As discussed, it derives from the approximate million-millionfold stretching of light waves as the universe expanded. (footnote 1-30) My use of the term light wave includes all energies of electromagnetic radiation (microwaves, X rays, gamma rays, etc.) and not merely the narrow range of wave frequencies and wavelengths visible as light.* (Asterisk comment– The exception to the direct relationship between the stretching of space and the stretching (lengthening) of light waves were during phase transitions or matter-antimatter annihilation, such as electron-positron annihilation. The energy released by these events momentarily raised the temperature of the universe. Higher temperature corresponds to higher radiation energy, which in turn relates to shorter wavelength and higher wave frequency for the radiant energy.) pg. 61 1997″

     Mr. Schroeder may have changed his mind by now, but news out of NASA indicates desperation to continue in the proof of a Big Bang by any means, especially as that is what nuclear cosmologists envision,  I will get to the new evidence shortly and point out here how the quote above has no way to be proven or dis-proven so must remain as any religious belief event linked to Genesis as any such scientific pontification must be. There are no “proofs” offered in his words, and his following paragraph sets him up as the expert to tell you exactly how the Six Days of Genesis fit with the fossil record, using time distortion elements that also can never be proven. I’ll let Schroeder continue:

The universe is filled in all directions with radiation that is, in essence, the echo of the big bang. It forms a background “noise” unrelated to any particular location and is the only radiation that has been present since the big bang. Termed the cosmic background radiation (CBR), it is uniquely characterized as the temperature of a black body that would emit the same radiation pattern. The higher the temperature of the body, the higher the frequency of the radiation. For simplicity, it is customary to refer to the CBR frequencies that fill the universe as the corresponding black body temperature of the universe. That temperature today is 2.73 degrees Kelvin (approximately minus 270 degrees Celsius). It is, in a sense, the temperature of the black of space. Ibid pg. 61″

     Another work needs examination to continue this discussion.  “The Electric Universe,” by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott, tells us:

The discoveries of the space age have come so rapidly that it is easy to forget how recently they altered our vision of the heavens. In 1950, prior to the space age but centuries after Newton, the term ‘magnetosphere’ had not yet entered the lexicon of astronomy. Astronomers never anticipated the intricacy of magnetic fields surrounding the Sun, or the great webs of magnetic fields now recognized in deep space. But today one fact is beyond dispute: the more we have learned about objects in space, the more magnetic fields have risen to prominance.

Magnetic fields arise from electric currents. How, then, have astrophysicists preserved their gravitational models in the face of electricity’s obvious presence throughout the universe? They generally responded by imagining mysterious ‘dynamos,’ situated conveniently out of sight, inside celestial bodies. Or they simply confess that “the origin of the magnetism is not yet fully understood.” However generated, the magnetic fields are magically trapped in ‘superconducting’ plasma that occurs nowhere in space.

Though our summary here may seem harsh, it is in fact an accurate statement of the situation. A failure of reasoning has occured within astronomy, and the consequences grow more severe each year. (pg. 38 2007)

     Mr. Schroeder’s cosmos relies on CBR as “the clock of the cosmos.” This is how he arrived at his compressible time to fit fossils, Genesis, and the big bang together into a cosmology, preaching it authoritatively on the threshold of a complete paradigm change.  He says CBR is the “directly measurable coordinate along the line of sight [into space] is not time, but redshift, (Ibid pg. 61 ). Thornhill and Talbott bring us up to speed in the new cosmology paradigm being researched by admonishing us that:

The present state of the Big Bang cosmology highlights an urgent need for a return to common sense in the face of unreality in the sciences. Direct observation and experiment must take precedence over thought experiments and purely mathematical adventures. It is too easy to introduce new theoretical assumptions after each discovery to explain away uncomfortable data.

When things become oddly coincidental or improbable, that is a good reason to reconsider theoretical assumptions, no matter how far-reaching the implications. This was, of course, the point made by Arp. “The evidence that many objects previously believed to be at great distances are actually much closer confronts us with the most drastic possible revision of current concepts,” he wrote (footnoted, Talbott and Thornhill page 16.”

     The Big Bang rests upon a pregnant fallacy that has an effect on markets, intellectual comprehension, and social cohesion. Once the fallacy breaks down, shall we say Fukushima, or a space shuttle ostensibly being hit by a big blue lightening bolt because NASA didn’t understand “The Electric Universe,” real money invested in pregnant fallacies disappears quick.  All our current electronics are sitting waiting for a magnetosphere pulse to wipe it out; the only way most people think that could happen is by nuclear bomb. Not only do we live in a magnetosphere of the Earth, we also live within a spinning heliosphere of electromagnetic  gyroscopic electro-bubbles all dancing with the Sun. The Earth, planets, and Sun are spinning electric motors being charged from the outside.

     Now this will really get interesting once you put together Maurice Cotterell’s solar ionization correlations, also mixed with his work on the Mayan Lid of Palenque; Mayanologists have translated that Hunab Ku (Elohim) sends the message through the Sun from the center of the universe, and that it comes right on in us. Thornhill and Talbott’s book gives us much evidence that the electricity of the galaxy is driving the spinning of our Sun, its solar sunspot cycles, and the ride of our planet through time and space.  Schroeder comes around to the disclaimer, “The overwhelming weight of evidence tells us something exotic certainly happened to produce the variety of life as we know it on our planet. As to what that was, the jury is still out. p.g 39 1997” Cosmonauts were found to have cardiac arrest because of heliosphere electromagnetic, and in our farm community many of us have almost identical  similar body problems correlated with the new solar flares. Elohim talking to us through our bones I suspect.

     Schroeder brings in religion with Genesis, so I will add some “Occult Geometry” by A. S. Raleigh,”Everywhere in the universe we find the presence of the positive electric and magnetic forces. 1932, as reprinted by DeVorss 1997, pg. 26 1994″

Raliegh has another point for us to consider when we compare the stone headed attitude of holders of a pregnant fallacy in the face of evidential reiterations:

Truth and the scientific method are absolutely irreconcilable. Our scientist so long as he follows the idea of physical causation and searches to discover truth, so long as he runs after truth instead of inviting truth to come to him, must ever be thrown off the track pg. 32 1994.”

Raliegh also wrote that “the inductive method of research is absolutely incapable of bringing us into a realization of absolute truth, Ibid pgs. 31-32.” That sounds very much like what Thornhill and Talbott are pointing out when they write, “Their response was to invent another invisible influence on matter. They chose ‘dark energy,’ a concept devoid of physicality and akin to ‘gravity that repels.’ pg. 24 2007 These two football teams of deep space research are arguing about a foundational differentiation of one built with bricks and the other with paper fold-ups of bricks thought to be in existence. These are the derivatives of scientific haggling. If we fall into the inductive trap, we will be saying this cosmological argument represents the split between all reality and supposition. Something akin to this is going on in the money market pits, the behind the scenes shadow government versus the Constitutional government, all kinds of inductive could be inferred, but what we have just come through very lightly and only on the surface,  does point out one of Mr. Soros’ concepts of a pregnant fallacy on a very large global scale.

     The root cause in science is the splitting of the tree where upon one side we have science for pay and profit, whomever your donors are, you march to their tunes, or scientists with integrity who suffer ostrazation and sometimes incarceration simply for their ideas and experiments. Perhaps like Mr. Free Energy for the world  Nikolia Tesla, you could be murdered in the streets, or make a deal with someone who only wants the profits such as nuclear “safe and green” power. Green because soon you and your kids will glow green.

     How about some self reflection. If you are a tobacco smoker, guess who made it an all day event, White People. That’s right, Non-organic creepy colonial white people. If something is sacred and a little is needed for a prayer, why not smoke all day long and keep the prayer going. Suppositions are easy to strike, and if you strike with the authority of Schroeder, many innocent minds will believe in a falsehood untested by the science claiming the authority. We have become such a lazy society we pool up in sports team mentality over Global Warming until all that Arctic and Antarctic water begins to cool the temperate zone, then we simply rename the game like a gravitationist who can’t explain the power of electricity so we get the Dark Network. We believe nuclear power is safe and turn a blind eye to Fukushima because it might just mean we have to turn down the lights and I might have to write fewer blogs. We cheer for catastrophe because it might just break the ever unendurable impatience residual from greed and gluttony. We hope planets will cruise by so we can justify service-to-others as a way to be saved by “aliens,” because those old tired angels and demons just won’t do anymore in this exotic place of once upon a time exotic events.

     No, not truth, we are tired of truth, we want all the lies that can be fed us. We want to be so crammed full of American Idol, credit cards, a world waiting to serve our every over abundantly carnal appetites. Too many people? Frosty, you die first, okay? Not enough resources, have you seen some of the new yachts? No one wants to face that the Sun itself may do us in like any number of previous extinction events, if we survive our nuclear powered fryalater New World Order Pacific Plan. Perhaps the New World Order of George HW Bush and Henry Kissenger is one of the most pregnant falacies, it being built on Plato’s Republic, which was written over 3000 years ago or something like that. Vine Deloria wrote a book “Red Earth, White Lies,” which presents documented evidence of events possibly related to a pole shift. A small point here, about how I recently attempted to get one of the Planet X people to look at Deloria, was dismissed, and so what evidence he has wasn’t needed for their pregnant fallacy. Without useless eaters the New World Orderists must manufacture them, so the pregnant fallacy attacked all the useful producers. And the new dark grid in the sky has a funny way of looking like an excuse for chemtrails. How do we find truth is so many lies?

     Fruits, fruits I tell you. Know them by their fruits. Back within the early part of these blogs, I wrote one about Barnwell’s work on “Revelations,” showing how it all related to astrology. Revelations has nothing to do with an imagined “rapture” but a rapeture of the remnant left behind is talked about with glee by the Rapturists; a cruel vindictive resentment of religion. Maurice Cotterell has documented compelling evidence of “Sun Kings,” who knew the super science of the Sun in his term. The Mayan Sun Kings said they got their messages from Hunab Ku in the center of the universe. We are a part of this system of planets, moons, comets, Sun, stars, like fish are part of the ocean, we cannot see half of what is truth around us. The more we attempt to control the natural system, the more it bites back, and possibly might just prove Herbert, our quantum physicist, wrong, that there are no limits to possibility of breakdown when human pregnant fallacy sets to demanding the world is flat and that is that.

     What are we left with?

Peace be with you — may my Peace arise and be fulfilled within you!”

The preceeding pages show that this peace is first of all eukrasia (harmony, literally “good mixture,” “good proportions”), or, more precisely, balance … those who are balanced and at peace in body, soul, and spirit … this peace is the Father who in Spirit engenders the Son in us … it is an unconditional peace that no one and nothing can take from us (Jn 14:27)

“I leave you my peace, I give you my peace, I do not give it to you as the world gives it.”

(Pgs. 66-67 “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” Jean-Yves Leloup, translator from Coptic, Joseph Rowe to English; Rochester VT 2002

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