Fundamentally Flawed

Thou shalt not kill.

It was told to me to be written in stone, by a father with three Distinguished Flying Crosses and five Air Metals; that’s a lot of killing from above.   I witnessed my father’s anguish over the years.

Thou shalt not kill.

It was told to me by women in black robes who beat me with rulers for silly little childish things.  I  sit now in the belly of a part of that machine, a machine church built on torture, repression, and false ideas about the very “savior” who admonished suffer the children to come unto me. Maybe that is let go and let God? My mother saved me from a life long fate of misplaced loyalties and inculcated half truths. People don’t need to be tortured to solve a problem, just ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation. So torturing children to inculcate them is not “suffering the children,” but more like making the children suffer. Shame on “nuns.”

Thou shalt not have any false gods before me.

Look at the back of a $1.00 bill; a note of current dilemma. The eye of the pyramid, let’s call him pyro-fire, is only one of the old four gods of the four directions. Today we have a problem, too many people forgot the gift of life on this planet is totally misunderstand-able, and many people think they have the answer–some even believe they have the answer good for everyone, and that brings rigidity of thought, collapse of social order, and disruption akin to Germany and Russia of the 1930’s, ’40’s, ’50’s. The concept that man grew out of apes meant that man was moldable plastic to higher thinking. Unfortunately, only humans were doing the thinking, so reality informs us thinking of humans is always flawed as no one human can know what God knows. A genetic supposition stated that humans can pass learning to one generation ahead through DNA experience. What the theory lacks is an understanding, especially with a low age mother birth, that the passable experience ceases with conception. Most conceptions happen to people barely out childhood experience, so the learning curve assumed in Russia, that agriculture could be changed with one generation, created a clusterfrack of adolescent confusions directed by a megalomaniac believing he was capable of running a new humanistic God program. Stalin is dead, we still debate the nature of God.

Honor Thy Father and Mother.

Don’t be a smart ass. Your parents have the rest of the story. Usually when you awaken that your parents knew much more than you thought they did, you’ll be way over the curve line of passable information through DNA and be vibrating in a similar but not perfectly matched consciousness to both your father and mother, and the best way for you to access your DNA information is in quiet meditation on the natural beauty of your imperfect parental pair, and the veracity of your Higher Self Mother-Father Elohim presence tapping you on the top of your head saying, “fear not, I AM here.” Honoring your mother and father earth parents does not mean you actually have to “like” the person, afterall, they have defects of character just like you. Maybe they don’t like you either, but I can tell you from many years of observation, that honoring your parents works for the self fulfillment of me.

The Fundamental Flaw.

If thou hast cast thyself in rituals upon rituals and beliefs upon beliefs, missing the simple connection to I AM, a connection to God that requires no priest, no rabbi, no muftis, no brahman, no master, no yogi; you are born equal. This is the Diest proposition of the United States Constitution. Certainly we are not born equal of talents, but in the realm of God, we are born into the equal equation of Divine Grace.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, love thine enemy.

God is not responsible for Fukushima meltdown, we are. We silly humans always get in trouble using “shortcuts.” Our science is flawed because scientists cling to their own ideas whether or not they are provable or not. Science as a replacement for religion has failed and will always fail, because it becomes just like religion, high priests and all. Nowadays, unpopular science is swept under the censor’s rug as effectively as the old church’s repression. Tap your forehead Dr. Dr., not much light in there.

So where does the flaw lead?

Anders Behring Breivik.

How much more plain can it be? Thou shalt not kill. Is this really all about killing in Gaza? Does this sound like some bazaar form of human sacrifice to you? It does to me. And who really wants to face up to the fact that at sometime, unacted upon, we too have had thoughts about fixing problems in ungodly ways? Ignore Fukushima, it will go away–when we’re all dead. But wait! There’s more.

I am a scion of tribal thought that says make the world safe for the Seventh Generation to come. What have we done as a collection of egotistical consumers of crapola for me me me! We didn’t solve anything, in Norway or elsewhere, by converting religions, because all religions are supposed to be paths to find God within your conscious sphere as well as outside in the Creation. Debate peak oil as we will, who would consider something like conservation? Not the people I saw in their huge boats, fancy tin wagons, and motors motors motors turning the horizonal sky of Eastern Massachusetts a smutty brown haze. I want to believe in a justice that cleans the air while not starving the powerless. The God words also say we must take care of our poorer brethren.  Christian, Jew, Muslim, or a plethora of good God religions, only to be consciously shadowed by Dark Lord creationers of a god designed for their personal gratification.

The strategy of Breivik.

Vin Diesel will play the part I would think. Is there a meme in Breivik that says grieve it? On one of the news internet sites is a picture of a camp circle which has a pyramid tent in the center, a fire circle laid out with sticks that look like a Baphomet head. I’ve discussed these seemingly symbolic photos with Henry Makow of Canada, an internet researcher with some opinions I eschew.  Is this the result of a planned human sacrifice? Was somebody framing a Baphomet head in the unburnt sticks on purpose? Did the photographer purposfull include the pyramid tent? All these “things” are symbols of the “Illuminati.”  Let us consider that the “Illuminati” corporate fundamentalists are putting human DNA into animals and food plants. You will be unknowingly forced to eat GMO cannibalized food.

The split personality of humans at this time is due to a conflict of theory, one that we came from outside this ecosystem as Space People hybrids, the other is we advanced up the consciousness ladder from ape-hood. How it is working itself out is some humans believe they are Divine (space people hybrids, chosen people) while the rest of us, in their view, are bad children needing the ruler slap. Behind the scenes are the manipulators as spoken of by American President and Naturally Born Citizen, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I believe we have to course back through history to find another of such mettle, Andrew Jackson, and before that Thomas Jefferson, or if your fancy is $100.00 bills, Ben Franklyn. Eevn though a few of them belonged to “secret societies,” they did not conspire toward the Dark Side.  All human processes are fundamentally flawed. Order out of chaos is not possible with unknown attractor points.

A good example of an attractor point is like the World Future Society’s 1980’s call that by now there would be no American Indian Tribes left. Ask Russell Means, an Indian, and he’ll tell you we’re all on the reservation now. They were wrong about that, and a lot of other things. Why? Fundamental Flaw!

Hockey stick global warming–drops off–fundamental flaw in the program, and a huge gap in cosmology that is now being reconfigured to harmonize with what science has come upon searching for the theory of a Big Bang. How convenient; shall we worry that those who like Big Bangs are running our nuclear plants? They were designed back when Stalin was killing Ukrainians. And they are all slowly fracking from within.

9/11 official story, fundamentally flawed, they forget to pull building seven before the BBC and US news venue reported it. How fundamentally flawed is it for a society to disconnect from a picture of a building standing as the camera guy noticed it,  when the reporter was claiming it had already collapsed. The reporter was taped turning around, seeing the building outside the window, and being speechless as it then, miscued, demonstrates perfected controlled demolition. Do you think you’ll ever see that again? Of course not, it will be erased from your memory along with lots of other things and you will participate freely by inculcation via media to forget everything uncomfortable and the Fatal Flaw. You will be assimilated, you will be part of the BORG.

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