Climate Change

Obviously the term climate change is an oxymoron. It changes all the time. I wake up in the morning it’s 65 degrees, by noon it’s 80. Climate change happens. When the Mississippi flooded this year, I did a simple sunspot cycle research and found correlating data to support the cyclical nature of weather due to sunspot cycle change. I have to be honest, I knew I would, for back in 1971 I was reading about sunspot cycles and cool-wet, cool-dry, warm-wet, warm-dry, weather cycles in preparation to moving to my purchased 80 acres on a grand ridge in Wisconsin. I made a mistake. I had a pole barn on that 80 acres, and I wanted to fill it with feeder pigs. My ex-spouse talked me into milk cows because, “everyone else is doing it.” The way hogs went that year I would have paid off the mortgage in six months, so maybe I wouldn’t have had to feel the 30 below zero and 100 below wind chills of the then weather cycle. My friend Rivkah says those temperatures relaxed.

Anyone who believes there is some kind of guaranteed “normal” weather is a misinformed idiot or perhaps, like I believe about Mr. Bill McKibben, an egotistical know it all.  I do cut Mr. McKibben some slack, he and I agree on many things like biogas, but then there is the big difference. I’m not a big shot flying to Bangladesh or China and then coming home and saying “we” caused the global climate change problem. Upon finishing his book “eaarth” a few minutes ago I am even more convinced of the ssilliness of this global warming thing than I was before. I believe that if human beings are contributing to global warming, it may be much more related to our 98.2 metabolism than burning–as Thom Hartmann says–ancient sunlight.

Mr. McKibben reveals his assumed self importance to the all pervailing “we” (what do you mean “we” white man?), and his privilege of being a high paid instructor at as he professed an elite college, when he writes:

The woman who was running for Congress on the Republican ticket, and who almost won, had said in her campaign announcement some months earlier that she wasn’t sure global warming was real, and that “more research was needed,” the standard dodge. (My emphasis)

No, Bill, your attitude is the standard kill switch of science and rationality when you express a totalitarian attitude as you have all through this book, attempting to get “us” as “we” to feel guilty for your trips to Bangladesh. Gore’s hockey stick took an unexpected turn south with the sunspot cycle change. You won’t hear the global warmists concede anything. They still believe the polar bears are drowning even as the polar bears continue to raid Canadian and Alaskan land fills. Heretics to the global warming line have been dissed, fired, musselled, mangled, and some say murdered. Mr. McKibben agrees we can research on the web, try researching about global warming and given all the new science and research he doesn’t think we need, it is now painfully obvious some greater influence is causing volcanoes to pop off, each one having the capacity to release more carbondioxide in a few minutes than all the fossil fuel burned to date. A few weeks ago my friend from Greenfield MA, Peter Champoux, exclaimed his surprise at the amount released from one of the new Indonesian volcanoes. And no connection can be made to the Haitian earthquake to global warming so therefore, the funds that people like Mr. McKibben want to help others will not be going to Haiti, even though two of our former Presidents helped collect a very good stash–and no one knows where the money went.

How long, people, will we have to put up with this pontification that a few trials of computer science dictate our future existence? Mr. McKibben’s use of we is a guilt tripper’s verbal abuse. He’s the one choping down trees to sell books to tell you how you are supposed to act. Now he may very well be a nice man, with only his short sightedness as his character defect, but for sure I am getting tired of these Johnny Come Lately environmentalists who have their posh university and college jobs, and as he has called himself a communicator, he has opened himself to evaluation the job of communication he is doing. I smell New York elite all over this book; I smell Wall Street money and a story designed to first, scare the living feces digesters out of you, and a second half apologist for those very programs and actions I touched upon in my last post. Biogas is the only viable solution other than fixed assets like windmills or solar panels. Biomas is a ticket to desertification. The forests of New England have just about recovered from being cut off like a lawn for the production of charcoal and wood.

He’s right spot on when he talks about local. He also acknowledges the problem with locals, like the subtle discrimination I received one day by a middle age lady in a town of my namesake, Wardsboro. Her comment reflected her ignorance so I let it slide, and topped her off with a blessing. I’m sure the Vermont Governor’s initiative toward multicultural inclusion will go over big in Wardsboro, especially if they have the same hard headed genes some in my family have exhibited. Our family story is about how a Ward of ours fought at Bennington and Saratoga NY (different people), and how Grandfather Ward whom I never knew, walked over to Troy NY from Rutland area. He married Mary Spillane and resided on the best street in Cohoes NY with five children. All my Wards are self starters, mostly end up in business for themselves, and have been content with being small and living where the suburb meets the farm in later years, perhaps why I find it so hard to live in a city or even a small town. I like it out where the endangered Wood’s Warbler sings.

Here’s an example of how he thinks in elitist terms:

We’re used to thinking of farmers as not quite bright (pg.198)

Thomas Jefferson? George Washington? They didn’t need DEA to interfere with their growing medical, fiber, and novelty inducing “marijuana. Thomas Jefferson authored a much more important document that “eaarth,”‘ used an archival sheep’s hide and a goose quill pen–how Green is that–and many of the proposals that Mr. McKibben expouses to “reduce” carbon are subtle threats to our American democracy, and unnecessary. The statement above is followed with an apology based on decisions made in a day by farmers. McKibben’s stories are cute reminders of the “pornographic” family farm back to the land movement I helped fuel as one of the original 148 subscribers to the Mother Earth News. I was then, and probably still am to some degree, a real pain in the ass activist. I also helped a cadre of activists who wished to see a drop in teen pregnancies at the Dukes County MA high school, to liberate (the way we talked back then) a birth control handbook, appropriate corporate resources, print, collate, and staple into the wee hours, then distribute completely using cell technology before anyone in “power” could stop us. Teen pregnancies did drop for some time after. The act was down and dirty hard work, no sitting “around the college dining hall for long hours and [talking] about the possibilities (pg. 207). I am active, I am a farmer, I am a General Contractor ready and willing to build super insulated, might as well be off the grid housing, from starter houses to trophy houses for the New York elite on the Cape and Islands, or, have the realtors sold all those Stratton units yet? The elite just don’t seem that personally scared by global warming and perhaps that single factor got me out of the Gore Inconvience and  remembering the old solar scientist from the Wisconsin university  television production who calmly answered all the young scientists global warming claims with “The world always heats up just before an ice age. I think the evidence points to a coming ice age.”

Since Mr. McKibben likes the Internet so well, I suggest he look around outside of his myopia. Why are there Mexican workers doing dairy in Vermont? Read Charles Walters “Unforgiven” and do some other research. Oh yes, and to that book “Unforgiven,” there is within it’s pages the real story of how America got out of the Great Depression largely fueled by the metabolism of one persistent man. Never think your value is less than someone else’s even if they say you’re using the “standard dodge. (Ibid)”  Check out in Acres USA how much hassle it has been for Joe Saladin in Virginia to run an ecological farm and you can get a hint of why I was chased off my farm by social policy, a social policy whereby people accepted Big Ag. Throw Descartes a bone! You got the supermarkets you wanted, you’re still in love with them, and thinking goes out the window in the experience of “I’m too small to make a change.” Yes, you like McKibben and his six seniors can also go off on a tangent that is not the real problem. The absolute real problem with our social situation is the garbage. It’s the garbage in the water. It’s the garbage in the air. The sun has to send its light through many industrial gases we have no answer for, and each thing that affects light affects its wave length like a prism shatters out the colors. Carbon! That is the least of our worries, and thank 666 and God (6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons= carbon) that the United States does not now have a carbon tax. And quite frankly, with attitudes like we don’t need any more research, and science by marching consensus of a thousand protestors, or six students and an ill informed communicationist sitting around the cafeteria cooking up schemes of more bad science. Let’s face it. Organic farming is better for health, wealth, and long prosperity. If done with the science of Dr. William Albrecht and others, superior food means healthy thinking. McKibben has a sense of that, how did he go wrong? The “machine” of Agenda 21 only allows one answer of a dialectic to be acceptable. Sustainable is never sustainable because of entropy. At this point there is much misplaced carbon, along with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Trace minerals needed for health have been stripped from the mining operations of soil known as machine agriculture. Environmentalists do usually think they are superior to people like me, former tractor-trailer owners, logger, real estate developer, boat builder, furniture manufacturing business; I never stop working even if there is no income! I went back to the university to get a degree about fifteen years ago. I aced it with a 3.9 average, taking issue with an “environmentalist” over Yankee Rowe didn’t do me any good. Piss off an professor or instructor and they have no sense of humor about a good challenge and “shave” your grades. I have the unfulfilled rightness of my argument as evidence by then Western Mass Electric’s  bankruptcy.

Not only have I done those occupations and businesses I profess, I went back to Greenfield Community College and the University of Massachusetts’ program of University Without Walls, authoring a “Prior Learning Portfolio” of essays that was evaluated as 24 University credits. I proved I was smart. Most supermarket shoppers don’t like smart people, it makes them feel insecure and little, so I have learned to communicate to people on their level, too. The situation is appalling because both television and the computer is causing electrostimulated dumbness. When college professors and instructors teach young minds that theories are facts and science need not investigate any further, they are participating in what many internet writers are calling the New World Order, which is a totalitarian rulership fabricated by a few Euro-elite industrialists all whose businesses are most directly in line with the dumming down. Who needs thinkers? Just educate those children to do as “we” say, don’t question, “is it carbon or geomagnetics?”

Today I came upon a page that listed seven items called “The Rules of Tyranny. Rule #1: Keep Them Afraid People who are easily frightened are easily dominated. ” The first half of McKibben’s book is all about instilling fear of a substance that is flowing out of you constantly. It get’s in you as plants and meat. It comes from the soil and air. A plant takes in carbon dioxide from the air and carbon compounds from the soil. That’s how farmers can get insecticide inside cows. Fear, you must feel it to want to donate to Must we feel fear just because the players of the money game are taking it away from the rest of us? Shall we fear that our Congress people take contributions from the companies clinging to their bigness? Truth is becoming quite clear that global warmists have an agenda along with the Agenda 21–an old and quite useless document at this point–which is driven from their own insecurities about the future. Suck it up, folks. Forget cutting down trees for bad science and get back to work on things we know work, like biogas. The wind farm boondoggle is fizzling because it takes at least five tractor trailers with two to three wide load escort vehicles for each of the tractor trailers just to move them from the eastern midwest where the windmills are fabricated to the hills of Wyoming and Nebraska. All of the activity is subsidized by Uncle Sam, writing checks your grandchildren will have to pay with interest, to the same elite who want your carbon tax now, unless we have an intellectual revolution like Gerald Celente advocates. What we really need about now is a Pacific Garbage Patch splash down of a big meteor that will force 800 million tonnes of sea water and Fukushima waste up over the mountains into Utah like has happened before. That would get our attention span headed in a new direction. A few more snow capped mountains in Vermont might catch the eye, too. And if it does turn cold, all the small people will be in trouble according to McKibben, except for their innate human resilience. Just consider how many poisons we have put in our food and we are still advancing in age, but not necessarily in quality of life.

I want the quality. I don’t care about going to Bangladesh or China, but I do like to drive over to Lake George because the water–even as bad as it has been treated over the years–is the best I have seen from California to Maine. Vermont has some of what I call yellow ponds and lakes; those filled with sediment and bacteria, and the belt for those kinds of water stretches down through Massachusetts into Connecticut. They are a result of the glaciated terrain and man’s dams. The real Vermont water is up out of the Champlain Valley in the mountains where I like to be. What ever happened to acid rain? remember that fear? Oh, yes, that’s right, its changing all the lakes of the mountains in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and the rest. Must be nobody could do anything about it, or could they, with the right science.

Scientists who rest on the theories and bad computer inputs, so they don’t make waves and get their corporate sponsored checks, are little more than the Fool card in a tarot deck. Dissing hard working scientists who seek more proof of any theory is what makes it all “climate religion.”

Rule #5: Blame Everything On The Truth Seekers

Tyrants are generally men who have squelched their own consciences. They have no reservations in using any means at their disposal to wipe out opposition. (Ibid above)

The constant repitition of:

“we’ve raised the temperature enough…”

throughout McKibben’s “eaarth,” alerts those people like farmers that something is amiss. Consider the variables to global warming. There is an orbit, around the sun is not a singularity of repeat performance year after year. A very small amount of fluctuation in our orbital path may make the difference between  a 30 below winter in Wisconsin and a 30 above winter. That 60 degrees is a joke to the universe with its absolutes of many thousands of degrees and near absolute zero. Some scientists have now been able to slow down light, once thought impossible because light speed was supposed to be a hard constant. And then there is the total paradigm kicker, our universe is not like we were taught, so the basic premise of McKibben’s arguments rest on falsity to begin with. This is what I am writing about:

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe”.

David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill
Thunderbolts of the Gods

McKibben’s writing may very well have an unintended effect. I believe the focus of citizen farmers participating in their own food making will circumvent the process of:

Rule #3: Keep Them Desperate

You’ll find in nearly every instance of cultural descent into autocracy, the offending government gained favor after the onset of economic collapse. Make the necessities of root survival an uncertainty, and people without knowledge of self sustainability and without solid core principles will gladly hand over their freedom, even for mere scraps from the tables of the same men who unleashed famine upon them.

In that regard, McKibben inadvertantly, or perhaps subversively, has lain the foundation for the small is better movement I have been working towards against unbelievable resistance for  forty years. When Mr. McKibben was in diapers, I was helping Unitarians raise money door to door for a bus load of Freedom Fighters to go to Alabama. The window dressing was changed, but the effective discrimination keeps the Mexican dairy workers of Vermont hidden in bad housing. Some of those people’s and my ancestors were here when McKibben’s Eurostock came ashore. And never ever forget, they are Mexican Americans. America in three parts, North, Central, and South. Before you get your New World Order Conspiracy panties in a bunch, many people have drawn speculative maps like the supposed North American Union, Sam Houston had a Texas map that went all the way to Canada incorporating California in a new country. That didn’t work out any better than the North American Union will, nor will “global warming” have any future from anthropocentric rantings.

When you come up behind me while driving, I’ll be going slower. I accept the veracity of Peak Oil, and how THAT has effected our economy, and about as rapidly as Hubbard’s Peak for US production in the 70’s. I accept Mike Ruppert’s assessment of the current situation. I don’t have much in common with the “tea party”, but I accept they might have a point. Iam also a scientist, which to me means I must try new things even if what I am doing is working okay, there might be a better way hidden behind my blindspot.

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