Construction Update

In Southern Vermont there appears no new housing (that I’ve seen yet), other than small cabins owner built, and very limited remodeling. Mainly small repairs and experienced billing rate is $25-$30 for carpentry up scaling with license like plumbing.

Unemployment among elder contractors is higher as clients drop quality for effectiveness. In my experience they pay more in the end when the faults come through false effectiveness. In San Francisco I learned this has a name–The Fred Effect.

South of Brattleboro toward the Amherst Massachusetts University, properties are moving slowly on about a one to one and one half year turn around and prices are slinking lower.

Some speculators are building one at a time and digging out all remodeling, carpenter unemployment is a “hushed” 30% or more. Plumbers are gouging and some have been using Masonic liaisons to muscle out competition.

I don’t know about the Cape, but Martha’s Vineyard has some cherries to be picked, but then again, work is scarce, and because it is, the day traders don’t pay the boat when they don’t have the margins, so competent workers are in good stead, still, competing with residual Brazilians. The Attorneys for the plaintive and defendant will support property investment even in the face of collapse, to an extent. One business that will be there, though not necessarily profitable is care taking, property and people. Soon it will be apparent to all normal community policemen that they are a target for enslavement with the rest of us. Then they’ll stop beating the heads of locals and join them in making the better solution. Not too many more “You can’t shoot us all,” rallies like at Mission St Station San Francisco will need to happen. Most Americans know they’ve been had and will just simply step back and get out of the way of falling stages. Would you work 1000′ feet in the air everyday? Near airports?

My best evaluation of the situation in Northwestern MA is that those with jobs are willingly helping the rest of us get by (beyond food stamps et al). I suspect the same is happening across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern New York in rural communities. Some tents are evident. I know a stone mason who will be effectively out of the trade due to over three years of no clients. It is obvious as it was before in other shifts, that some rich wizzes of the paper shuffling trade have staked out their survival farms and are taking on jobs with Bob Villa tapes and Home Depot books; one couple doing a fantastic job of a remodel if I do say so. It’s hard to compete with “deferred cost” labor. Perhaps some kind of “In-Kind” contract?

I volunteer with neo-family, and farm for subsistence. I volunteer in elder care, being a friend to an 82 year old man who was/is a friend to me. I work every day. Some for subsistence, some for my friend’s benefit, and also perform a security function giving peace of mind to his extended family. Nonsense like that only those who are employed are getting interviewed doesn’t scare an old business operative like me, neither does any of the events of probability that might or might not come from random and assorted prophecies. I love to compete with fools, and sometimes a real gem can show forth from someone hanging out at home. I remember one aggressive insurance salesman came out of disability and semi-retirement when I worked for NASE Nat. Ass. Self Employed– who ate through all the leads and made it hard to catch up.

Insurance was discovered to not be my thing, though the sales lessons were top notch.

It’s raining today meaning we’re getting a whole new Fukking. The Earth is humming and ringing from the Solar Coronal Mass Ejections, proving Thunderbolts of The Gods electric universe. Maybe mad dog cops and stock brokers and London Youth are all frying under the microwave power of the Sun down in the vortex. Maybe we’re supposed to get the Code and know that the Son of God, is the Sun of Hunab Ku, which when it comes back, microwaves the clean and the unclean still. Since I never trusted the Priests et al, I studied. I went to see “Fiddler On The Roof” early in life and when Ytebbe says he would study the books all day I said to myself at 21, I could study a little each day. Too bad the powers that be missed the part about Revelations being a guide to adopting a personal strategy of uniting with a Higher Principle, Higher Selves world, you can check my blog about it or read Barnwell’s “Meditations On The Apocalypse.” Barnwell is a Christian Mystic. His evaluation is uncontrovertable when taken as a whole, yet when understood, each part is holographic when understood in Astrological terms.

On a further note about Jensen and his call to shut it down to the stone age so salmon can bring their fertility back up the forested slopes, he’s right, however I have been given a vision of repair functions (Tikkun Olam) that will leave the place better for the Seventh Generation to come, but we are going to have to turn down the lights and move toward Tesla power. And we are going to have to make the repair of the land the focus of the cost of living. Bankers fear not, this system has been tried before–you know it, and you know it works–the repair function will be profitable in ways we little understood when we saw salmon wealth covering The Pacific Wilderness.

Stone age first in housing. Solar passive stone construction, super insulation with biogas and silicon sand is possible in smaller more local applications, leave the straw to the field and sift the silt for silicon, sparingly and when our housing is techno-stone, we can balance with the invention of items of repair. All critters live somewhere, our rabbits this year are a Chinese Plot. But here come the foxes.

Of course, as a constructor, I turn to stone and sand because I know there are no more buffalo hides for teepees and yurts. Plywood is an effective way of sharing a tree, but for the glue …

I liked Farley Mowat’s book “Farfarers” because of my connections to the Alban side of England-Scot-Irish rock coast people. I liked it because he described the super hides of ancient walrus, and my imagination infected with the Earth Changes and it continues, it didn’t stop with the manufacture of coin. I am awake that the bark is gone for longhouses and canoes, because of greed and misuse, and if I had a lazy future I would be a canal boat owner shipping Vermont food down the river, town by town, and bringing back “salmon fertility.”

The reason farmed salmon doesn’t stack up is no micro-nutrients from the sea, lazy grain fed fatty meat fish soaked in polluted waters, and soon to be mutating your body’s code of reading the food it eats for its DNA, GMO salmony baloney. If we don’t die soon, we can repair the world. Remember when General Electric brought you the good things of life? General Electric Fuku’ed you. The difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys, but men and boys toys cost everyone in the end so make the first step and smash your television, do in your video games, and learn to be happy sitting in a screened in porch–I’m pretty sure screen won’t destroy the world–especially made from renewable hemp–hate your abuser? Give his TV to a thief or looter.

A good old movie is “Solient Green.”

Amazing isn’t it? We’ve known for a whole decade Modernity’s reductionism leads swiftly to Easter Island destituteness, and yet, we’re still hooked on trying to be the one on the top of the pyramid, last man standing, judging our neighbor for all our faults. Damn Iraqi’s, they won’t just give us the oil with Saddam in control. Fukking Gadaffi, same thing. France regrets the profits lost from Gulf Murder Two. Who is France? Maybe you thought our rivers were dirty. Don’t bath in Paris Rivers!

In America every person’s a Queen or King, expecting someone else to take care of their shit. Oh yes, we have to wipe ourselves, but only with the best blessed pines of a whole region. The shit flows down a tube, the food comes in the conveyor, screens irradiate our iris and spleen. We have High Expectations of Being Served–especially Fundamentalist Religionists who believe God is coaching their side exclusively and will do unto you what they think should be done unto you. Oops! I shouldn’t say “we,” because all I’ve ever asked is “how can I be of service,” so working for a broke friend who is looking in the mirror at a melanoma where his third eye is, as I wrote about above, is certainly “working.” Fuku’ed are the Facists, too. The same radiation falling on me falls on the children of Amherst College and Smith. I figure I’ll know when they go into their bunkers and the campus becomes quiet that time is up.

Time does seem to have expired for my abilities of carpentry, masonry, and fixing vehicles. My injuries ( the deferred part of labor) are mounting, twice during a crawl under automatic transmission service, I dislocated my shoulder twice. Then one of my friend’s tenants has small fingers so Kirsten became the Hero of the Day on the last bolt up by the catalytic converter. I’ve experienced diminishment of my forearms and shoulders this farming season, with a heavy Dewalt drill being a big problem. So I’m grateful to be a step ahead of disablement and pecking the pebbles for an income. When those campus are empty–like now– I think of Baudrilliard’s “Simularcra, Simularcrum.”
Can this really be the end?

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