Is This The End

I seek to cover more ground with Jensen’s ideas and the nature of the Zeitgeist of Collapse. Between the ideas of a New World Order, with a new world religion, and our tried and true religions from the past, and I am not saying anything about religions other than what one of my more favorite authors of the Zeitgeist–which I suppose I should explain to those who might not know means the spirit of the times–says here:


All of the world’s religions describe the creator ‘God,’ as ‘light.’ God could also be compared to electromagnetic energy, a source which manifests as ‘light.’ They also seem to agree that God is love and hence, presumably, more God is more love; which must by definition be ‘more good.’ And we are told that ‘God made man in his own image.’ Man can only ‘grow’ through ‘sacrifice’ — man must sacrifice a piece of himself, a sperm, snd woman must likewise sacrifice an ovum, before they can multiply. Similarly, the apple tree must sacrifice an apple if a new tree is to grow.

The only known mechanism of growth in our universe is therefore, sacrifice.   (The Supergods, Maurice M Cotterell, 1997, pg, 154 Thorsons/Harper Collins)

A few pages back in this progression I discussed the new paradigm of an electromagnetic universe. Mind as a power described by the following quote operates in a brain/chemical environment throughout the body as electricity. We are made in the image, which simply means we are part of this electromagnetic universe in a way that our electromagnetic functioning is like God’s, Elohim, the many pulses.


The student must grasp the idea of Mind separate and apart from Thought. Mind is the Material out of which Thoughts are formed. Mind is universally diffused throughout space in the same way as the ether, Prana and Astral Matter. It is, therefore, a form of Energy and not merely Thought. ( citation to be added)

Very simply, we exist on this electromagnetic ball in a static path about an electromagnetic arc engine of spin, itself caught in an arm of a greater spin, unto the Body of Christ — which I will use Christ as the Greek benediction of “Light”–the body or Throne of God.

Derrick Jensen advocates a return to the stone age of American Indians as a sustainable future. He relies upon the yield of the land, the destruction of the land, and the attitudes of death culture for his view that civilization is bad for all things other than human. While I tend to agree, spiritually we have been given a clue. Sustenance does not come from the land. For this clue I refer to the writing of  Walter Brueggemann in a book titled “The Land Overtures to Biblical Theology, 1982/1977 Fortress Press, Philadelphia.”

Quoting :

Exodus 16

Israel remembers wilderness landlessness as a place of murmur, protest, quarrelsome dissatisfaction. Israel says to its leaders: “Would that we had died by the land of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by the fleshpots and ate bread to the full: for you have brought us out of this wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger” (16:3) The protest is against the freedom-giving leadership of Moses.(footnoted) The contrast is full and sharp. Egypt may have been slavery but it was filled with life-giving resources. Land always is. That is what land is. And wilderness is filled with hunger. Thus the correlation:

Egypt: flesh/bread : fullness

Wilderness : hunger : death. ( page 30)

The drama of the times is about nourishment. With expectations that 750,000 Somalians may die from starvation, the land is failing for one thing, and their slavery to it is bound by sociopolitical barriers not like the wilderness the Israel marched through.


That is the choice Israel had unwittingly made. In heady confidence it had chosen the freedom of deathly wilderness and found itself between oases. Israel did not know what it was choosing. But it could not believe its rightful destiny was to live between oases. The second component is the response to the protest. That is the wonder of the narrative. Even in the forsaken (God-forsaken?) wilderness, Yahweh is there with his answer:

Yahweh: Behold, I will rain bread from heaven. (v.4)

Moses: When the Lord gives you in the evening flesh to eat and in the morning bread to the full …. (v.8)

Yahweh: At twilight you shall eat flesh, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread. (v.12)

… Israel is shown that life-giving resources do not come from the land itself, but from heaven, from the Lord of landlessness. By the use of the same triad to promise exactly what is wanted, Israel is shown that life-giving resources do not come from the land but from Yahweh. Israel is not tied to, dependent upon, or subservient to the land. These resources are given to the landless by the Lord of chaos.

Israel could experience in the wilderness what it thought was only available in Egypt, discovering that in landless ness it could have what it thought only land could give. Imagine that–wanderers in wilderness satiated! Protests answered, bellies filled, needs supplied, cries heard! These are dimensions of Yahweh’s wilderness which surprise the hopeless sojourners. (p. 31 Ibid)

Here we have the promise that if we attempt a reset of culture as the Permaculturists suggest, we can rely upon God to guide us in this new wilderness. We need no New World Order, we simply need the correct world order. The correct world order can be found in the Green Hermetic approach to understanding our place in our home. As the sojourners wondered and found their place in the world, they found their land in the world, the God Yahweh and the other residents of the land always usurped the ownership of the land from one peoples to a next, like Thomas Jefferson purchasing the Louisiana Purchase. There are decedents of the American Indian tribes that lived there and thought the land was theirs until the soldiers came to affect the Pogrom.

Fear is intentionally instilled in people over their ownership of land for the purpose of the profit of Egypt, metaphorically. The New World Order fear to be locked in rootedness upon the land, to be restricted in travel, may be at base the guilt of karma and the way the current western civilization has treated the American Indians and the Chinese have treated the Tibetans. The landless can hold their expectation of sustenance provided by Yahweh  and not from the land itself. In such a reminder as the Israel receives time and again, I wouldn’t invest with long term expectations in the settlements. Yahweh may have other plans. Our personal traumatic stresses mean nothing to God interested only in our having faith in receiving sustenance.

Maybe Jensen’s call to shut it all down is not such a bad idea given it appears to all be crumbling without hope of repair.


A lion has gone up from his thicket,

a destroyer of nations has set out;

he has gone forth from his place

to make your land a waste;

our cities will be ruined without inhabitant.” (4;5-7) (ibid, page 112

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