No End In Sight (Part Two)

Taking a further look at Derrick Jensen’s “Endgame” philosophy, that we must return to the stone age to be sustainable, goes in the face of the wilderness God as portrayed in my last post as being able to provide for Israel in the wilderness what Egypt did in its slavery within the land. Those who see the world as unmanageable in a civilized fashion are in more places than Brueggemann  envisions. The lesson of the wilderness where the sojourner is nourished fits many aspects of our denial about situations we have made for ourselves–like Israel made by choosing to be land full in Egypt. We can correlate this attitude to the current situation of the mortgage business in America, where Americans are tied to a house with lot always vulnerable to the “King.” Those that walked away from this “bargain,” piss off those who stay behind, so we can look at Israel and Egypt from the metaphorical aspect and “see” the “antisemitism” formed in the same way American land slaves discriminate against those who left their slavery behind and headed out into the “wilderness. ” God’s bargain is a promise to sustain us while in the wilderness as long as we believe and acknowledge the gift of bread in the morning and meat in the evening. God’s promise  is fulfilled for an alcoholic who chooses to leave behind the “land” of drink for the wilderness of recovery, or anytime we are departing from a known abusive and/or unmanageable  situation into an unknown but seemingly dangerous wilderness of recovery and sojourning, that it is our faith for the reward down the road provided by God that will sustain us.


Israel is not abandoned in wilderness. But it has no glory to manage or administer. It has only goodness, covenantial generosity, expressed as water, quail, manna. These are always powerfully given to transform the wilderness, but always given at the time of extreme precariousness when Israel knows itself “prey,” totally vulnerable. They are always given in response to cry, but always given with his inscrutable hiddenness. (page 42 Brueggemann, 1977)

This principle is behind the Zeitgeist book and movie, “The Secret.” If choosing the wilderness was an easy task, no one would be able to sell ancient Hermetic knowledge such as “The Secret,” a program of positive expectation. Where I find fault with “The Secret,” philosophy is that God clearly shows us that to meekly follow His wilderness plan is all we need to gain our reward of  the promise. There is work, in other words, to the anticipation of the Law of Attraction. Brueggemann is clear in his explanation that attempting to manage the manna and meat cannot be done as it comes today and is gone by tomorrow, is only meant to be bread and meat for today and Israel needs to pay heed, take from God that which God provides for the day, no more, no less, everyone gets what they need and onward through the wilderness. The 40 year march was a learning period–a conditioning period–to forge a true Israel of the former slaves to material Egypt. Brueggemann also points out that once the choice is made, looking forward in the wilderness shows God faced in clouds, with pillars–how Masonic– and reveals that the destruction of Egypt is also the Power God has to guide the path. As those who walked away from mortgages today are witnessing, the destruction of Egypt–in this metaphorical connection to the mortgage market– is coming fast upon the whole market. God does have the power, will use the power, and if I fail to walk forward in the wilderness toward the goal my God has given me, I will fall by the wayside and be left for the destruction of Egypt.


… his wilderness presence is always enough on which to survive, but not too much. Like manna, he can be graciously received but not stored or presumed upon. Like manna, it is given out of fidelity but never fully seen and controlled.

So Derrick Jensen in his belief that modern religions have divorced man from the land are not exactly true. Man has divorced themselves from the land and Elohim.  God expects us to have faith in sustenance in the wilderness, so religion itself answers the question to our problem of mismanagement of the land. Soil depletion, water destruction and pollution, radionuclide pollution, all these markers from the metaphorical Egypt are capable of being mitigated by God, IF we have the faith in the end result, which is to believe in the sustenance of God and not land per se.

Directing your attention to ring number three, I offer this observation by Carlo Suares, in his work “The Cipher of Genesis,”


Many tentative explanations have been given of how the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea, of how Mosheh struck water out of a dry rock in Horeb, of the two columns of fire and cloud which rested on the tabernacle. Different meteorological phenomena are supposed to have happened while Mosheh was on a mountain top. Many speeches, laws, regulations, are supposed to have been delivered to the people by a so-called deity.

We will not attempt a description of the historical facts; they are so superbly invented and over-emphasized in the Bible that the whole narrative cannot be taken literally. It is, anyhow irrelevant. Quabala can see through them. (1970/2005 Weiser Books Maine pg. 33).

Today’s internet banter is filled with New World Order, Illuminati, Fascism, Diaspora, both Hebrew and Eire, or South Vietnamese and Chinese, especially old railroad Chinese-Americans, any place you or I chose to see and hear the cacophony of Life today we find that as Suares says,


The Qabala knows that YHWH is not a deity but an immanence which can become alive and active when the two vitalities in us, the container and the contained, fecundate each other.  Historically, those vitalities of Israel came into being when the mistaken expression, material and materializing, of the Temple and of Jerusalem, was destroyed. The Qabala, for the time being, obeyed the Law, and reciprocally the Law held the Qabala in great respect and honour. (2005, pg. 43, Ibid.)

If you jump back a number of blogs in this string, you’ll find my reviews of Gregg Braden’s works.

These authors are asking us to discover the true meaning of the Revelation, Qabala through Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. The immanence is reborn, in us, in fecundate expression. God as light has given us the command of Will to generate Light, direct it to where our best interest lies, the land of promise more than the land of fulfillment, and when we get there, we must not go back to the idolatry we were possessed by before we saw through the eyes of the cipher. There was a book, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff,” I believe. Maurice Cotterel outlines an important principle in “The Supergods;”


If loving purifies the soul then hating must damage the soul and this, within such a framework, must be avoided at all costs. Souls which have reduced their purity (‘voltage’) during their lifetimes must therefore be returned to Earth, upon ‘death,’ for another try. But of course the reduced level of this purity must in the next incarnation attach to a physical body of a damaged or inferior kind (lower voltage). Hence the soul will suffer in the next life for the transgressions, the hate, in the former life. This notion of spiritual redemption fits in well with the notion of karma. These theories of Divine Reconciliation and Iterative Spiritual Redemption compare migration of the soul to that of a raindrop, which is born and perceived as an individual entity. Later it dies, and like raindrops coalesce into streams that become rivers that flow to the oceans, before rising again to fall as raindrops. In the spiritual world the soul energies have a choice either to purify themselves and grow and return to the creative energy or not to purify themselves and be reincarnated for a second try. (1997, pg 157 “The Supergods”)

This warning against the self destructive nature of hating the other need be our most important focus. Criminality run amok in Jerusalem is also written in the Bible. Just like today, “the sons of Israel became even more corrupt than their fathers had been and incurred the wrath of YHWH … the sons of Israel organized themselves into a political state, ‘like all nations,’ and henceforth the name of Israel lost its meaning. (Brueggemann, ps. 38-39)”

For me this means that YHWH, the immanence, removes from me the promise of the Land and instead gives me a death challenge as if wrestling with Elohim all night. I may participate in the hate culture, the death culture, but I am incurring a lower voltage challenge of rebirth until I get Love right. How much more simple can it be. “Jeroboam, king of Israel, re-established the cult of idols. In this manner he wished to show his independence in the face of Judah. In the meanwhile, Jerusalem passed from a king who ‘did well’ to a king who was evil in the eyes of YHWH. (Suares, ps. 39-40)

What can YHWH do? “He brought upon them the king of the Chaldees (II Chron. xxxvi, 17), and Nebuchadnezzar slew all people, young or old; and he brought to Babylon all the treasures of the temple and all the treasures of kings and princes. (Suares, pg. 40)”

YHWH is an immanence, a glow, perhaps, on a ‘burning bush” that is not consumed fits more with a static electrical event such as St. Elmo’s Fire, as many rock climbers know. Heartmath dot com says we have a power that emanates from our heart chakra. We have authors agreeing God or YHWH is an Immanence, electrical, who can communicate when need be, and can wrestle a man in the desert all night if he not die, and he survive, he becomes a ruler of people, or, a measure of a person to emulate.  There is a lnely feeling to knowing God, knowing the immanence of YHWH, simply because when a person knows life this intensely, the person, the ego nature slides away and greater Life is perceived. “Time does not exist in the spirit world, only in the physical. (Cotterel, pg. 159)”

Tolle writes books and sells DVD’s and CD’s for the cultural production of the “Now,” when we’ve had that message for over ten thousand years. How long will it take for silly little boys and girls to get over the fear of Power Over freaks in metaphorical Egypt, the same Egypt the African-American and Aboriginal-Australian slave ran to escape from, entering the White wilderness they were thrust into in America and the stolen land in Australia. The power of hate lodges are self consuming, love being marked for special vibrational power within the immanence of An Sof. There is no evil intent to the true Qabala student. The intent is to comprehend the message of the Creator-Creation for the fulfillment of the personal mission of soul purification. In that timelessness, no amount of physical land will help you. No amount of magic money in the magic money machine will save you. when the immanence of YHWH turns against you believing you are evil, better to have left Egypt, because temples fall, young and old get killed, the Jews get sent packing, and Mao puts the rest of you all in the country hoeing turnips.

If the Christ is reborn to Messiah, then too, do the evil Stalins repeat with bloody altars. If there is no rebirth, and Einstein’s theory of time matches the concept of time not being present in the “spirit world,” which is the suggestion of non-locality, I am alive to self rebirth in the timeless now. Since a simple program says love thy neighbor as thyself is the way to personal redemption from personal hell, no outside terrors need apply, I will be locked in an uncomfortable struggle that Suares points out Mosheh found himself in. My involvement with the immanence I describe as leading me through the wilderness I find myself surrounded by, a civilization self consumed by materialistic greed and positivist imbalance, is the only place I have of refuge from the storm. The Sun is doing electric things, four solar flares heading earthward as I type, perhaps cutting off this electronic machine in a day or two and burying these words in oblivion, yet I have the promise and the assurance from Suares that Qabala with it’s system where each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is older than Judaic religion itself as a concept, as a “term,” and not just a letter like YHWH, but a formula for understanding the message of the Qabalistic Revelation, which is the important step in understanding who all of us are as people before Divine Grace and Cosmic Consciousness, which all are engulfed in a pulse of movement the Hindu call the Dance of Shiva. And behold, the power can make new.

Walk away from Egypt. The Maya walked away from Egypt and are still resisting Egypt in their mountain hills, with their version of Qabala they are fresh in occult practice.


We have not the time to spend in the consideration of antiquated approximations to knowledge. Therefore no mere student of Qabala will ever understand the Qabala from within … he would be trying to see by looking through the wrong end of a telescope. (Suares, pg. 47)

There might be a Gang of the Illuminati, but many of them can’t know the reality of power. I don’t believe in a Jewish Conspiracy, but do believe in a Meyer Lansky contingent. YHWH will give them 70 years in Iran if they are not careful, that’s the way it works sometimes.

Corruption of our soul is epidemic. The messages are everywhere. Pots call Kettles black. A world cleansing is mentioned in certain philosophies, but like most all 2012 type scenarios, like all apocalyptic scenarios, it is the capturing of your soul for lower voltage rebirth that marks the fad of greed, sloth, hardness of heart and hate that permeates that corruption. Beware the immanent. Beware the Logos of the Immanent YHWH, better to be a runner in the wilderness (which Suares writes is a bogus story anyway due to its self admitted numbers), with the promise of a fulfilling future than a slave bound to life stifling slavery in a GMO diet and God of false electricity.

How can the stone age hurt us if we Love as YHWH says? How can the wilderness of resource depletion ruin our sustenance when it has been promised that we will be sustained through the wilderness, and the reinforcement has been that Egypt gets destroyed and if we turn back that way, we get the 70 years out of country and an evaporated generational connection to our Truth. But wait! The message of the Zeitgeist is that the generational connection has been severed effectively without killing the young (yet). Will collective hate lower the overall voltage of life force on earth?

I think that is for another night.


Whenever physical destruction takes place, the purified souls would return to the creator. It thus makes sense to destroy the world periodically because the universal amount of love grows as a consequence. This is the Theory of Divine Reconciliation. ( Cotterel, pg. 157)


And that, is what Jensen says is the detachment of humanity from their source, The God who gives freely from the land.

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