Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church (Part Three)

What if Suares (part two, one blog back) is correct that the Bible has been completely mistranslated in an upside down fashion? What if what he claims to be the Qabalic answer to the creation is correct and all religions based on the misinterpretation of Genesis as currently championed by the three major religions of the book, Judism, Christianism, and Islam are working from a flawed understanding? Suares’ “The Cipher of Genesis” was completed in the 1960’s and as he states that people take the easy answers out of fear over the work it takes to decode and understand the memes of ancient Hebrew letters, we have yet another incident of what I have written about before–lazy science ruining everything.

The fact (which one can verify for oneself) is that the copyists, priests, rabbis, and theologians have systematically discarded every statement in the Bible that destroys man’s sense of security in a steady continuity of existence. But the Bible is a Revelation only in so far as it includes death in life, thereby disrupting every psychological certainty. Vested authority throughout the ages, however, has reversed and betrayed this biblical message of life-including-death and has promised existence-after-death, which is not the same thing at all. Death is actually here, as a vital aspect of our everyday life, at every moment. When we come to see that we are constantly waging a battle (psychologically) for the continuity of our existence against the life-death within us, and when we come to learn (from the Book of Genesis) that that combat must cease by our becoming that very life-death, a disruption occurs in our thought process and in our psychical armour, which liberates us into life. And this is precisely the thing, the life-stimulating thing, that we are afraid of. (1970, ps. 125-126)

The issue of life-death meets indigenous culture in the concept of keeping the earth’s life alive for the Seventh Generation to come. The individual soul in many American Indian cosmologies retreats back across the Milky Way to reunite with the Great Spirit by many names; the union of the soul with the ocean of soul material. Both Carlo Suares and American Indian cosmology seem to agree on the true nature of the Divine Immanence. And if we take the concept of wilderness as the place of incomplete understanding of things, it is easy to transpose Jensen’s call to revert to a stone age existence as a necessity element of fixing our misunderstood religiosity.

If we wish to read a text prepared for adults, we should abandon the mistranslations that have been current for so long.

Two questions arise: why is this story always read “upside down”, and why does this version enjoy such great popularity? The answer springs from a profound psychological truth. The story, in its veritable nature, is frightening. But how can one be afraid of it if one has not understood it?  The answer is that the psyche knows unconsciously that the story is dangerously upsetting. It creates a religious taboo to protect itself. The teaching that results from this translation is that mankind must remain in an infantile state and obey those who speak in the name of a “father” located in heaven. The dogma of original sin as disobedience is maintained to prevent disconcerting discoveries concerning that deity. … The truth is that this story is a magical snare where fear sees birth as sin, freedom as disobedience, nobleness as ruin. It is not the serpent who is the tempter. The deceiver is the so-called God, YHWH, and the deceived is the reader. Does this appear ridiculous? The scandal is the world-wide picture of a good old father seated in the heavens, benignly observing us. (Suares 1970, pg. 120)

Can we say that all hierarchies of the present Zeitgeist are formulating their own gods; be it Global Warming–original sin–man and carbon; George Soros philosophizing greed; Politicians breaking the Constitutional Contract; Radical Rabbis, Imman, and Priest Pulpit Preachers; all fitting the New World Order of Big Brother-Big Father over control for their benefit and your death in life.

We are apparently trying to settle down into a prehuman sub-species. One thing is sure: we are not Adam, neither are we Eesh and Esha. We are rejecting the Revelation. Our righteousness and religiosity are hypocrisy. This is one choice, the easy one. In that choice, men will go on debasing womanhood. strip-teasing then for the purpose of sexual gratification,  denying them equality, exploiting them or subjugating them, and imposing an exclusively male government on the world. Reciprocally, by devious means, women will take their revenge by exploiting man’s ambitions and vanity. And they will grab. This state of affairs is pre- or rather sub-human.

The other choice means breaking with all this because one sees that it is already obsolete. One must then reject all the psychological conditioning which is forced upon us by society, by tradition, by a projection from the past. Such a choice is not easy. It is difficult to understand, let alone to live. Yet only this choice can transmute the Revelation of the Bible into living reality. (Suares 1970 pg.118)

Explained it is: Henry Makow’s misogynist invectives of his Esha Plan; Paul Drockton clinging to a false god preaching from a void; Derrick Jensen being correct, we must exit and retrieve our Spirit from the wilderness, from the stone age, not from our “technological perfection.” This also points out the failure of Gerald L. Schroeder’s “The Science of God,” because he bases his story on the mistranslated story of childish fairy tale. Carlo Suares points out Qabala is more ancient than Judism itself, and carried forward by the sheer power of Aleph on its own. We now teeter ourselves on the brink of this incomplete story, this bastardization of spirituality from antiquity arising from human self interest in overall stupidity, because it is the lazy route, the path of masculine childish incompleteness in denial of the feminine. The Big Lie is compounded by the Big Ignorance. Go ahead, shut your minds off and fall into original sin with the rest of the proselytized videoits. I am that I am ecstatic in the Revelation.

The internet is filled with false prophets. Now we must contend with sophisticated messages about space people as “Big Father” telepathically inculcating us with the “new religion,” which is, due to the continued falling of man and the woman under him, attempting to exist with less fire than those of the generations past. The Zeitgeist tells us in the memes about sloth, greed, callousness, torture, all manners of twisted enslavement–rabbis involved selling body parts and prostitutes for sex slavery, politicians taking greed favors selling their Higher Principles of dust, religious leaders who would run away in the face of Elohim and die a wrestling, will the streets be filled with the blood of the argument of to whom does the blood belong, the earth or YHWH?

Blood red is dead blood incapable of Adama, white blood is aggressive to a fault in the body damaged by modernity; the psychology of science is tainted with its own flouride and SUI drugs. All the marks and brands of the beast are laid upon the body physical as it walks this day, no further need of a chip is necessary, it’s only one more machine away and your identity will be cataloged in a everlasting life machine, then you can be squashed like a bug. Who brings you a Lizard message–David Ickes, who’s rants are more close to Aleph than compound interest. Who says she has been made high priestess but Nancy of the Zeta talkers? Perpetrator Rabbi in the news can’t talk against another Jew, who lives by the old story, the misinterpreted laws, by Suares’s Qabala view. A Pope, Bishops, Black Robes, too, all created story for controlling you.

Jensen’s wilderness of the Stone Age looks mighty comfortable sometimes. Might I repose after hoeing and feel the Aleph  in Bayt. Ah, yes, to be out here on the edge of this thing called culture, religion, government, society, economy, to be rejected like a prophet in the dust of earth, in need of more feminine fire aside me like the snake rising Kundalini wise in Esha who wasn’t wrong in eating fruit (ovum), form the two trees (ovaries), and ejecting Adam (giving birth) from paradise–the warm stasis of safe mother’s womb, Eden. And now, ladies you know why he likes to hang out in ‘e den; in front of  a big screen, so he can feel the power over invade his sub-human comprehension, if You my lady, are free.

Tell him to get his own beer, and if he attacks, learn Akido. You are Lady Fire, not misfire.

Back to Carlo Suares (I wish I could figure out the accent` in WP),  “We want the psychological security of a protecting deity, whereas we can become as gods, knowing good and evil (Gen. III, 5), just as the serpent said.” We lust after something which is a mistranslation. Suares points out it happened to “Rabbi Yhshwh … Jesus,”  Suares relates how “not even his disciples understood that sacred language. (Suares 1970, pg 125)

Jensen has discovered an aspect of that sacred language that Braden  evaluates and as I reported on a few blogs back. The sacred language is evident in DNA. Salmon DNA was found all through the forest ecosystems in western United States by recent studies. Imagine the language message about life, about the Aleph to Yod, of the stone age time immediately prior to the mistranslations of the sacred language? We arrogantly assume we are smarter because of our monkey inspired tasks we make for ourselves than our ancestors riding around in skin covered boats. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, El Salvadore, Columbia, Wounded Knee, we can see, in sacred language do confirm we don’t know when to stop; once blood lust beggars our facilities and reduces us to a Lion the comes up from the bush, we don’t know when to stop. We will kill and consume until we have destroyed to prove we are right, we are sinners unrepentant, when the original message was of the beauty and Aleph of Birth in the Bayt with our baggage heading to Yod.

To be, as my teachers once told me, a Guardian of the Word, one must study to the depths of being with the clearest connection the beggared understanding in a timeless space better than a spaceless time but either or and always I am.

Israel has no wrestling match with Elohim and may loose the title with no understanding, neither will the Christ come from without but from with Aleph.

The New World Order has won, it has completed its task, religion will break down to one magnificent leader,  but YHWH working through Aleph affords the Tree of Life to Bring Forth Adam, no other life is necessary except by fear, than the stone age and the bounty which is there. In the sacred language was written the nutritional needs of ancients by earth’s blood until fear of power over was brought from outside, and food now comes bereft of sacred language, death embodied in tractor-trailers from places unclean; electronic hums and invisible waves of cosmic death; waters once holy and clean now covered in deathly sheen, even unto un-coded messages — know them by their fruits — wherein the code will also reveal, for subhuman sheep, ye seekers of your own reptilian, the way of death promise melts when it is a Good Day To Die!

Derrick Jensen, he tells us to grow up. Carolyn Baker, says she can help us do that psychologically. David Ickes, tries to grab your little Lizard brain and shake you awake to the nature of the story, he’s a kick ball salesman for sure. Henry Makow has a father god, and momma in the kitchen laundering his shorts. So does Paul Drockton, and Alex? Alex Jones? Who’s the Qabalist on your team? Can’t you just hear them all scream, New World Order wet dreams. When the foundation story is crumbled, in the God that would have pyramidically assembled,  dumps Nimrod in the tumble, the Eye of Horus gone asunder, when Egypt was finally disassembled, Ra man wake up in the morning, pick a fish and bean from the garden, know peace through superior science, know to “come up out of the world,” of glitter, Babylon, ye have fallen, then your weenies won’t for pussy seek, but deeper intimacy with Esha you will seek. Politicians in the Hen House, Gold a glitter in the banks. All the people starved and tortured, Egyptians in Chariots or Abrams Tanks.

zant zant

zant zant


“Yes, I have a call from the United States?”

They took the Bayt.

Carlo Suares: ” In 1940, while still in Egypt, he considered his writing career finished, and turned to painting. He researched the composition of light, which he expressed by using turquoise blue and rose mauve as  the basic colors of his palette. It took him fifteen years of intense work to master his new technique. … in 1945 Suares started to write again,”

and in “The Cipher of Genesis,” he asks us to “Grow Up!”

Aleph is now.

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2 Responses to Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church (Part Three)

  1. The Cipher (Sefar) of Genesis is one of my favorite esoteric texts. I love how Carlos Suares presents qabalistic wisdom and believe his theory about the misintepretation of genesis is a correct one. I also like how you apply his ideas to support your own role as guardian of the word who implores us all to tell our own story and stop letting it be told by others, and particularly the NWO elites.

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