Sovereignty Resides With The People — Mordecai M Kaplan

Some time before 1937 Mordecai Kaplan wrote a book titled, The Meaning Of God In Modern Jewish Religion. What he wrote back then has exact correlation to social circumstances of today. There are many pages around this medium decrying an “International Jew,” again, as was also chanted in the 1930’s and forms a base prejudice unjustifiable by religiosity.

There is this guy blogging across the cyber room who calls himself the Dog Poet, and he writes from a perspective of being a human in the know. He says a mighty reckoning is coming, one which will set the Jewish Conspiracy–he says is a New World Order–back in its place, whatever that means. In my opinion he needs to study, not just read, but study history. For as many “slave traders” as David Duke claims were Jewish, there were as many abolitionists and the key to understanding why is in Rabbi Kaplan’s book.  The Dog Poet’s salvation is a down the road expectation common in Christianity, and marks itself as the priests of Amun, the very Egypt the followers of one God, YHWH, Aton, and there is some Ancient Egyptian evidence about Akhenaten. Kaplan writes:

Religion owes a genuine debt to those who have called attention to the danger in our day of drugging the human with the opiate of other-worldliness. The efect of such an opiate at the present time is to keep us from the attainment of salvation on earth. This is equally true whether we think in terms of personal salvation or of social salvation. (pg 55, Kaplan 1937/1962)

He states on the preceding page:

There can  be no personal salvation so long as injustice and strife exist in the social order; there can be no social salvation so long as the greed for gain and the lust for domination are permitted to inhibit the hunger for human fellowship and sympathy in the hearts of men. (pg. 54)

To those who wish to “blame the Jew,” you need as much or more awakening from God as anyone else on this singular planet. We are sliding into a “New Age,” simply because our astrology is marking the passage of the Piscean age into the metaphor of the Aquarian age where all the things Rabbi Kaplan tells us about as a vision of Utopia, blind us from our duty to be creative in the face of evil. And to what we experience today, his writing is absolutely pertinent to each of us and our various societies.

Just recently, a exposure of Michael Moore’s vacation home was used as a blinder for the Occupy Wall Street movement. An inference was made that because he has made of himself a wealthy man, that he is compromised in his ability to join the “revolution.”

Here’s what Rabbi Kaplan has to tell us:

Class-consciousness always assumes that the status quo is satisfactory to the possessing classes and unsatisfactory only to the dispossessed. This is far from being universally true. People lose their appetite for food when hungry faces watch them at their meals. A class that finds its life dependent on the exploitation of others is frequently haunted by a sense of insecurity, as though they lived on the side of a volcano that is in danger of eruption. Particularly the more far-seeing and imaginative often look forward to a change in the social order which would leave them with less prestige but with more security, freedom and social communion. The history of revolutions would show that they are usually projected by individuals of the upper classes rather than by those who are to benefit most by the revolution, since the latter commonly have faith in the promised emancipation, “by reason of impatience of spirit and hard labor.” Moses who liberated the Hebrews from Pharaoh’s yoke was himself reared in the house of Pharaoh. (pg. 127)

It’s not about Jews, nor Catholics, nor Fundamentalists of any stripe. What is today boiling in the human pot, fueled by Fukufunny money, danced after in lust of False God Human as God Blankfein’s doing “God’s Work,” the theme of the times is the loss of personal salvation through the misinterpretation of the godhead.

The conditions of our own day cry for such reconstruction. Our economic order has been well-summed up as one in which “they who reap harvests have to stand in the bread line; they who build houses have no roof over their heads; they who sew expensive clothes have to go about in rags.” The progressive concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, the increasing proletarianization and impoverishment of the middle classes, the increasing helplessness of the workers, these are actualities which are rendering the world unlivable. That millions of persons should be subject to the fear of the morrow and the consequent disintegration of personality at a time when plants for the abundant production of necessary goods and commodities are lying idle is criminally stupid. This need not be. In such a situation the vision of the justice and tranquillity which could prevail, if men only knew how to live, should give us no rest. (pg. 124 Ibid)

I know, Mr. Dog Poet, and David Duke, that you both believe there are good Jews and evil Jews. To which I will affirm, there are good musicians and evil musicians, and plenty who need more practice. There are good Catholics and evil Catholics; YHWH, Elohim be Holy, knows evil exists and asks you to rise with your creative powers and walk forth to create good. Rabbi Kaplan admonishes us of the same concept throughout his work, and he also shares with us that this is for all humanity–there is no goyem, unclean, unworthy, no, there is only human being working to make themselves as their creator has formed, each of us a unique individual, each of us part of the 100%, and we’re screwing things up faster than ever, faster than the times Rabbi Kaplan writes about. The Federal Reserve Bank existed in the 30’s and exists now, as an institution it is benign until it is taken by evil men.

I believe Bernie Madoff sought his salvation by admitting his crime, possibly martyring himself against the god of greed, and perhaps expecting his act to unzip the house of cards which is the illegal, unethical, unscrupulous activities of those people Rabbi Kaplan would have us apply our creative force through our conscious contact with YHWH, Elohim be Holy, and so, here we are, debating whether or not we are addicted to power over others in deference to our power within and in harmony Elohim.

Mr, Dead Man Musing, keep studing the WORD! You too, Henry.

Let’s stop the blame game and find the perps.


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