Walstreet Wall Street Wall Street

Holy Wall Street Bat God!

The many have gone mad.

They’ve dabbled in electronic money,

gone mad, mad, mad with Lucifer compounding,

forget the ethics, we can create,

greed is good, mad, mad, mad,

electronic money! million bits here, million bits there, up the net, down the net, who needs gold,

when you’ve got electronic money!

Holy Electronic Money! Holy Book of Federal Reserve!

Holy fervent emergent electronic money,

(ship the olive oil later)

(send the troops to lock up the oil, and monetize Iraq,

monetize Iran! Syria just a highway to the desert zone,

Holy Zion! Money! Lucre! Power! God? Hahahahahahahaha, yeah right.

punishment, punishment, punishment,

punish the reluctant slave.

Pyramids crumble from poor foundations.

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