Considering Depth

The web of articles resounding in viewpoint upon our spacetime is mind edgy, however not in the least bit unsurvivable. The purpose of this blog is to add to the viewpoints offered by Chris Hedges here. The entry into this monologue salon critique, shall begin from Hedges lines:

We must embrace, and embrace rapidly, a radical new ethic of simplicity and rigorous protection of our ecosystem—especially the climate—or we will all be holding on to life by our fingertips.

I suppose my friends and I have embraced this crash we have been struggling in, at least happy we are not causing environmental damage, but Hedges, the other day when the chemtrails were dissipating down, I ended up with a metallic taste as long as I was outside. Whoa ho, my friend, we are holding with those tender claws. Can you hear our toenails scraping?

We must rebuild radical socialist movements that demand that the resources of the state and the nation provide for the welfare of all citizens and the heavy hand of state power be employed to prohibit the plunder by the corporate power elite. We must view the corporate capitalists who have seized control of our money, our food, our energy, our education, our press, our health care system and our governance as mortal enemies to be vanquished.

We don’t have time for the inculcation. We have to go with the army we’ve got. We don’t need movements to seize, basic military history, Pochteca, the Generals who lock up the resources.

As for the food thing, and capital thing, your poor uneducated fat children screaming for big macs of adulterated mud bath beef; Chris, can I be Frank, no, just Robin; I have a cynicism about latter day saints of the natural food crusade because that society that sucked up good minds into a devil machine of corporate greed now eats GM salmon with their New York Bagel. If it isn’t direct, it’s all through the water system. Pogo was a prophet and we walk facing the desert to live in booths, as I am.

This, while being economically true, is very misleading; “Food prices have risen 61 percent globally ”

Indeed. But we who farmed this summer are broke. The socialists will just come screw it up. Local, I say. The best way I can share my ideas with Africans wanting water is to share my experience of getting water here with a VW, no tire, block, rope, pipe hammer. If they stand around hopeless and helpless, what can another old boss do?

And I say in fiesty resistance to corruption and greedocracy, that I advocate the world’s people unite together in neighborhoods to support “Adequate food, clean water and basic security” [so that they will not be as] “are already beyond the reach of perhaps half the world’s population. ” Now Chris Hedges, I’m ready to go to work here and now to improve, as I am a constructionist designer, inventor, and survivor attempting to carry my load of tent and cookery, tools and trade, with out benefit of enough camels, so believe me, I know when I see some fat guy Prince of somewhere flaunting his ill gotten oil royalty rip offs from Them The People, but wait, there’s more.

Unfixable. Survivable, yes. Chris Hedges, after all your version of this madness we call civilization you did what I have spent a better part of my training doing, hit the nail on the head: “As long as we remain afraid nothing will change.” Chris, you did not seem afraid as you made your case. It is quite elegant, and I’ve been up and down this wall of hanging on by my little pigglies until I get nose bleeds. Somehow I scramble.  I’ve got news for the UN types, even if they drive out in the country looking for booty around here, they’re going to bring a lot more here than we have and Mooncussers are famous.

Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman, two of the major architects for unregulated capitalism, should never have been taken seriously.

Yes, those evil spawn of Chicago Chicago Chicago. Those Ayn Rand especialenatos, who deserve to have butt crack washers. Have you seen the movie Atlas Shrugged #1? Yeah, he did it all alone, adultery and all. How come the wives have to stay home from the party, can’t they go to a different room(s) in the club? Oh, yes, I’m supposed to be serious about the environment. Well, I am, but I did warn you I am somewhat cynical.

Faith in the marketplace replaces for many faith in an omnipresent God. And those who dissent—from Ralph Nader to Noam Chomsky—are banished as heretics.

I love it when the conversation comes around to Akee! God, Allah, Allaha, Alak, Elohim, One, Unity, Source, Creator, Creation.Your two misquoted error is in the word Prophets! Mr. Nader, Mr. Chomsky, patriotic American Prophets.

The aim of the corporate state is not to feed, clothe or house the masses, but to shift all economic, social and political power and wealth into the hands of the tiny corporate elite. It is to create a world where the heads of corporations make $900,000 an hour and four-job families struggle to survive.

Pitchforks! Barricades! Out in the streets with the fine silverware! And I would advise, that in times and times and times again, in cycles grand and small, we respect the art and hate the idea, or, better yet, as we could find in Mordecai Kaplan, quoted in other pages here, that a people have turned away from God, Allah, Allaha, Elohim, Akee. We can read the scriptures of our times, we who cling to our beastly lusts, and also, we can see the correclation, painfully for scientists, of statistically correct correlations to Ages, Astrology like in Pisces, Ares, Taurus, Aquarius. Only to be met with the Great Mystery which looks more and more like it is really a He/She and He is Electric and She is Magnetic, and you and I are a mix of both so Elohim can speak with us.

Kaplan supports us Chris. He would agree that a society “that is defined exclusively by naked self-interest,” is a doomed world ripe for greater acts of evil yet to come. I especially like this next quote:

The tens of millions of impoverished Americans, whose lives and struggles rarely make it onto television, are invisible. So are most of the world’s billions of poor, crowded into fetid slums. We do not see those who die from drinking contaminated water or being unable to afford medical care. We do not see those being foreclosed from their homes. We do not see the children who go to bed hungry. We busy ourselves with the absurd. We invest our emotional life in reality shows that celebrate excess, hedonism and wealth. We are tempted by the opulent life enjoyed by the American oligarchy, 1 percent of whom control more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

Chris, can’t we find someone to make a pack of playing cards with 52 health tips, or 74, or whatever number won’t offend a culture but might harmonize, that in simple language will explain washing hands with sand and water is better than raw manure? Or are we assuming that because people get sick it is accidental and everyone was washing as best they could. Something as simple as a bottle of soap may go lacking in a local environment because of the corporatos sucking up all the oils and fats. World! Throw your shoes in the machine, lets get income equity now. Think income, not expenses. We’ll all loose our grip trying to chase expenses, create, give a truck of palm oil to the people and blame it on Amerikan soldiers, That would be a good Ace of Spades card, don’t you think?

The celebrities and reality television stars whose foibles we know intimately live indolent, self-centered lives in sprawling mansions or exclusive Manhattan apartments. They parade their sculpted and surgically enhanced bodies before us in designer clothes. They devote their lives to self-promotion and personal advancement, consumption, parties and the making of money. They celebrate the cult of the self.

Oh yes they do, but some are artists at heart. Now this day I read about Lady Gaga leaving a tub of red fluid in a hotel room. Half the staff thought it was blood for a sacrifice to ward off the devil (she travels with a psychic bodyguard). The other half thought it was die from some costume thing, but it was not blood, so the bloodies had to give way to red fluids. I think she binged on beets because she found out how great and protective they are and peed in the shower. Yes they do celebrate Narcissium Luciferian glamore in the cut glass antique.

Now in your summation, Chris, you lay out some lines I want to comment on directly.

1. The propagandists for globalism are the natural outgrowth of this image-based and culturally illiterate world.

R1; Chris! This was a culturally richer world, but I assure you, to paraphrase B. Dylan, whatever you think you want you better grab it fast, it is still culturally rich and many of “we” elders stand ready to help this fast food society when they want to listen. I suggest Eric Sloane books. Also, Derrick Jensen points out even your work is propaganda.

2. They speak about economic and political theory in empty clichés.

R2; It’s our fault. Let’s pin them down Let’s make them talk in terms of fiat and agriculturally supported supported local investments. Look to North Dakota. I’m a constructionista, Contractor General–a leadership with a much longer boot camp than the military, and just as personality changing–under the Freemasons of Marthas Vineyard that is… I’m ready! Let’s make local organic farms and barricades to keep out the security forces hired by Monsanto the gollum. Couldn’t they simply make money just as well making engineered seed instead of genetically modified? Does anyone know there are open pollinated engineered Zea Mays species that match or beat funny gene corn if grown on honest organic soil? Well, Chris, since a half a dozen people read this column a week, in different places, so this may never be read by anyone, I’m not going to change many minds tonight about the benefit of actually becoming sacredly involved with our planet and cosmos again, especially now that we are learning one big cosmic spark and we can be  hanging on to a piece of a planet.

God said don’t worry. He said He would be in the Deep Dark. Next time you see a picture of a Black Hole or a Sunspot (Sun-Son Sonspot?), remember the Deep Dark and where is Shekinah? In the Magnet, in the Heart Chakra, we win, they lose, who wouldn’t want to be part of an economy of life?

3. They cater to our subliminal and irrational desires.

R3; Hahahahaha! Whose they White Man? I know about some irrational desires, but they didn’t seem so irrational when I was experiencing them. trouble with Atonement is that it comes.

4. They select a few facts and isolated data and use them to dismiss historical, economic, political and cultural realities.

R4; Lest we forget Divide and Conquer, might as well start a school teaching Machiavelli, but we don’t have time, nor the trees, nor the kindles, nor the Iphoneys, noen of it for everyone so the problem by the elite is don’t try, kill the excess. Certainly those cards I talked about need to convince that if they can’t grow their food they’re gonna die, so they might as well join those working for life and leave the death merchants downtown.

5. They tell us what we want to believe about ourselves.

R5; Oh, maybe they do for you. I’m secure in my personality building. You can read about that in Kaplan’s works, too. When I was finishing my latter day degree plan which included a sandwich of harsh pain and recovery from trades damaged superior work performance akin to pro football–I know this world of competition–I was granted an opportunity to heal and study. The healing part has been very successful, more manage the problem than do anything medical. I haven’t had a Tylenol in 7 years, nor any of them. I believe I’m winning and “they” are hopelessly lost. God whispers in winter chicks born in a wood pile with only momma’s heat.

They assure us that we are exceptional as individuals and as a nation. [ We are! They are not!]

They champion our ignorance as knowledge. [Pass it on. Speak up. The message is your days are numbered, organize the teens to survive anything.]

They tell us that there is no reason to investigate other ways of organizing and governing our society. [Too late. Too many of us have already passed it on. The swell is there, they are running scared. And Elder rennegade Freemason would be my guess, Mr. Paul is addressing the people but who is listening, even if we don’t agree with the whole platform.]

Our way of life is the best. Capitalism has made us great. [ I read today, the Middle Class is dead. Long Live The Middle Class. Greed Vultures tear at the heart of the very beast they had tamed and docile because they have run out of jingle and are SCARED!]

They peddle the self-delusional dream of inevitable human progress. [ What does this mean? I think the statement is dilluted and unenviable.]

They assure us we will be saved by science, technology and rationality and that humanity is moving inexorably forward. [ Oh where oh where can Fukushima be, It took my baby away from me, I gotta be a good slave you see, for I’ve got to go to heaven where my baby be. And folks, that’s not all, if you come to the Gulf of Mexico in the next thirty years, you’ll get a free coating of sun-shield grown from the GM mushrooms we use to make your biodegradable kayaks. Ride my seesaw, forward, spiraling into space time, non-local events, hard objects, unstable gravitational magnetic, forward without any regard for the shit trail of waste and corruption, not to mention socialist revolutionary and capitalistic war blood baths.

Forward worked when the Euros trampled over the American Indians. I guess the impulse is still alive, they couldn’t allow Qaddafi’s Atonement, no no no, no Atonement for the poor, sinners, hard working, punish them all.

Chris Hedges, we are in global catastrophe, not heading toward it. Will you argue with a million dead Iraqis and the soldiers like this?


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